27 Potting Shed Ideas, Designs and Free Plans [with Pictures]

Are you considering building a potting shed? Does the unorganisation of garden tools have you looking for easier options? Or do you enjoy browsing the array of clay pots and draping greenery pictured in these masterpieces? Whatever the reason, come with me as we explore my personal favorites of these 27 potting shed ideas and designs. Maybe this will become as delightful of a pastime for you as it has for me.

27 Potting Shed Ideas and Designs

1. The Terracottage

Potting Shed Ideas

The Terracottage inspires adding a splash of color to your garden. With its timely potting shelf and unique door latch, it is sure to command praise from your guests. The clay tile roof is sure to catch attention as well! Put your clay pots and garden rakes in the corner of the 80 sq’ floor space. Hang a couple of those paintings along the walls for the complete artisan feel.

2. The Farmhouse

Potting shed designs

Gaze at the mountains and observe the beautiful sunrise from this potting shed. The creeping vines caress the antique gardening plow and surround the center pivot window. The cupola on top gives it a unique feel combined with the simple plank siding. Observe the yellow window trim color that catches the eye and the light-colored rock work on the cupola.

Cupolas ventilate the shed and allow fresh air to circulate without letting in any harsh weather. This will keep your shed from that awful musty smell they tend to acquire.

3. The Skylight

Unique garden sheds

Skylights save on electricity for lighting. They also let in vast amounts of sunlight to help your little starters that are not quite ready to go outside. By using a platform inside, it will give you plenty of room for plants and storage. Wire potters make installation easy and allow you to move their location whenever you wish. A small vent in the bottom corner and one at the very top creates great air circulation.

4. The Elegant Teahouse

potting sheds images

Isn’t the openness remarkable? This potting shed allows for plenty of storage as well as a place of serenity. Folding doors help to protect tools and plants from the occasional spring storm. The slant roof keeps the roof clean and the many windows provide plenty of light. Grab a mug of tea and relax!

When building your potting shed, use polycarbonate windows. These offer similar energy efficiency to that of glass with the added benefit of diffusing the sun naturally.

5. Rustic Potting Shed

Rustic potting sheds

Feel like you stepped out of the woods to a cabin in the 1920’s? I do! This one is extremely budget-friendly! The 6 pane windows are a smart idea if you find windows are breaking frequently. With 6 instead of 1 per window, it is easier and cheaper to replace the small panes that get broke. Also, the use of plexiglass is a good idea unless you are dependent on the bright sunlight.

6. The Solar Queen

Planting shed

Looking to spice up your old garden shed? Replace part of the roof with solar windows. This creates a new look and added light efficiency. Use asphalt shingles to keep your costs lower.

By attaching a rod to your rafters, you can hang potted plants with the perfect spacing! Paint your old trim a white or light color to freshen up and modernize the look. Be sure to use outdoor, weather-resistant paint!

7. Mom’s Retreat

Gardening sheds

Find a retreat in your own backyard! From the sliding barn door to the hewn log supports, you will never want to leave. And space! A loft can hold the extra roll of landscape fabric and tomato hangers. Tip a wheelbarrow in the corner and hang the garden hoe on the wall.

The sliding door omits the inconvenience of maneuvering around a traditional hinged door. The rockwork is aesthetically pleasing while giving solid support.

8. The Chalet

Potting shed design

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life? With this potting shed your escape is right in your backyard! Smell the freshness of the outdoors and relax, caring for your beautiful plants.

Lanterns look great while giving ample lighting on the entrance and walkway. A cupola made from tin sheeting is durable and able to withstand outdoor elements. Using shingles from the roof on the corners ties in the exterior.

9. Garden Potting Shed

Garden Potting Shed

Old stone slabs lying around? Use them to create a pathway! If you don’t have any lying around, they are easy to find at your local stone place or landscaping store.

Have some plants that need the shade? The roof overhang creates a wonderful shady solace. Add some climbing vines and hedges to create more protection from the heat of the day. An herb garden off of the side makes for easy and convenient access.

10. The Cedar Shake

Cottage garden shed

Why use cedar siding? The wood is naturally resistant to mold, decay, and insects. The aroma is said to help reduce stress. I find the color and grain to be unique and appealing to the eye. Use a protecting stain to add an extra barrier against the elements.

A wood planting box outside the window makes re-planting and watering a breeze! Plus, if the plants are harvestable, a simple reach through the window will provide a reward for your toil.

11. The Greenhouse

Want a greenhouse and a potting shed combined? Look no further! By combining the two, you can grow plants all during the winter and declutter the area. Instead of pots falling over under the tomato starts, you can stack them neatly on a shelf in the potting shed. Get creative by adding decorative metal on top of your roof. The cedar shake and dark gutters give this shed nice accents.

12. The Spacial Abode

Potting shed interiors

Need space? I already feel a sense of peace, looking at this simple shed. Plenty of room for those little starters that aren’t quite ready to plant yet.

Windows that fold out create good airflow. The bench is perfect for plants, workspace or for sitting on to exchange shoes. Eyebolts and p-cord provide a simple solution to hang a light at your desired height. This also makes it easy to adjust for each project.

13. The Simplistic

Build a potting shed

Not into the glamour? This simple build is great for functionality and storage. Pine siding is budget-friendly and, with a good quality protectant coating, will last a long time. Not so big that it takes up valuable space, this potting shed still meets most needs. Save space by building shelves on 2 walls and a set of tool racks on the other long wall.

Raised garden beds are great tools for getting the most use out of the area you have to work with.

14. Grandma’s Cottage

potting sheds pictures

Think milk and cookies! This potting shed brings back the memories of grandma’s! A convenient bench against the side wall lets you relax and appreciate the beauty of your garden. Using colors that accent, your house creates unity.

Store your rototiller and weedeater alongside garden trowels and rakes. Put a small bench under the window and look outside while sorting seeds and starter plants. There is plenty of space to let your imagination take the reins!

15. The Minimalist

Small potting shed

Limited on lot size? This quaint oversized cupboard takes up minimal space! There is still plenty of room to store small garden tools, pots, watering can and other important things. Attach it to the back of your garage or house. This can also bolt onto a sturdy fence. Put a gloss finish on the siding and black hardware to give it a sleek look. Make the shelves removable so you can customize year to year according to your needs.

16. She Shed

wooden potting shed

Make the garden shed “you” with a unique color! Save money by using the same color for the trim, door, siding and window framing. Here, the pink and cedar roof complement each other while the old house door gives a homely feel. A lever handle provides ease in the opening when your arms are laden with plants and rakes. Have a folding table stored inside for a great display set up or extra workspace.

17. The Brick House

glass sheds

Grab a cup of coffee and join me inside this beautiful masterpiece. Using windows for your roof and walls allows as much sun in as possible. This protects seedlings from harsh weather and still gives them plenty of sunlight. Those bright rays help them to have a great start and thrive.

Bricks help keep it cool during the scorching heat and warm in frigid temperatures. They are also are low maintenance and clean up well with a pressure washer.

18. The Diamond

outdoor potting shed

Stunning! Black and medium-toned wood create an elegant feel in this smart storage saver. Turning the building so that it creates a diamond puts a fresh twist on the traditional. Plus the layout has a more spacious vibe.

By making the shed part of the retainer wall, it puts the corner to use and saves on the material. Putting an acid etch on your concrete adds protection and creates a unique looking floor.

19. Urban Greenhouse

potting shed art studio

Party time! Put on some music and have some fun this spring! There is room to dance and sing karaoke into the watering can. Making the entrance to your house or garage into a potting shed can be an absolute blast!

Raised beds inside are ingenious. This way you can have plants all year round without the danger of tipping over pots. Exposed rafters are great places to hang things, including party balloons!

20. Porchside

how to build a potting shed

Do you have a covered porch? This is a great way to put it to use and have everything you need right at your fingertips. Adding skylights helps to save on electricity during the day. Make a handy bench with a screen top to allow proper airflow over the storage of chemicals. A rolling cart helps make the execution of your projects easier. An interior thermometer lets you keep tabs on the growing conditions for whatever you bring in next!

21. The Glass House

Ever feel a little claustrophobic? Not here! This ingenuity is open and gorgeous. Not recommended for areas that get mass amounts of snowfall, this is for you southern birds.

The steel framing is great for stabilizing and creating a long-lasting building. Make sure to add air vents to keep it well ventilated. Otherwise, the glass could burst under high temperatures. A swamp cooler might be a good investment depending on the type of plants you are planning to grow.

22. The Carriage House

Imagine the smell of leather and hay when you walk in the door. At least that is what I do! Fashioned after ideas of an early 1900’s carriage house, it is sure to fit your fancy. Large double doors create an open doorway for bringing in and out those larger items. A weathervane informs you of the direction of the wind and charms the onlooker. The skylight and four side windows help to brighten the interior.

23. The Space Saver

Running low on space to put a shed? This small, open design will still keep everything safe and sound! Wood pegs hold the long-handled tools and small windows add luminescence. Invest in some lightweight, wheeled shelving to keep everything organized and together. This would be a great place to use scraps from a remodel, a new build or a friends project leftovers! Sturdy; wind and rain will not affect this one!

24. The Boutique

Looking for a cozy workshop? “Boutique” is the French word for shop and suitably describes this place! The decorative white shudders correspond with the window and door trim. Having a covered porch is incomparable! It provides shade, cover from the rain and extra room for potted plants.

Rocking chairs on the porch invite you to sit down and smell the flowers. An entire day is easily spent arranging flower baskets and potters. Open space gives ample room to bounce from one project to the next.

25. The Hut

Don’t underestimate this one because of its size! It is very practical and functional. The dual door found on the front is not seen much anymore, though it should be! By keeping the bottom door closed and the top open, you can feel the soft summer breeze without unwanted visitors crawling inside. An air vent on top of the roof creates great air circulation, especially when the top door is open.

26. The Pine Treasure

Love the smell of pine? Use it for the entire interior and the aroma will greet you every time you walk through the door. Try to use the same material on as much of your project as possible. This will save you financially in the long run.

Nails are perfect for hanging up small hand tools. A movable rack makes its placement easy to change. A wire small clay pot hanger is a great item to have that helps conserve space.

27. DIY Potting Shed Plans

DIY potting shed plans
Inspired? I sure am! If you are ready to roll and create your potting shed, here is a design to get you started! Simple, a 10×10 is a great place to begin. This plan has a sliding barn door. Be sure to decide what type of door best fits your needs and adjust your measurements accordingly. If this is your first shed, use easy exterior materials to start with. Asphalt shingles and regular wood or vinyl siding are great examples.


Well, did you have fun? I sure did! Creating these sheds has become a favorite pastime of mine. They can be as simple or as hard as you like and each has its own character.

What were your thoughts on this list? Did you enjoy it? Was there a special potting shed that I missed? Or did one from this list not seem to belong? Let me know in the comments!

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