21 Cool Multi-Level Deck Ideas and Designs

Most homeowners would agree that few spaces are as perfect for entertaining or relaxing as a fantastic deck. But if you want some wow factor, too, you have to go all out with your deck design. That’s where multi-level deck ideas come into play.

A tiered deck doesn’t just look amazing; it can also help divide the space into several functional areas. If you’re looking for the ideal deck, here are 21 cool split-level deck designs to inspire you.

21 Cool Multi-Level Deck Ideas and Designs

1. Multi-Level Deck with Pergola

With this multi-level deck design, you get three separate spaces to work with. The small raised area beneath the pergola is perfect for a sectional, creating an ideal spot for relaxing. It rests on the main upper deck, which has enough room for dining, barbecuing, and more, all while still having enough area to walk around comfortably.

On the lower deck section, there’s space for even more seating. However, that could also become the perfect spot for a hot tub if you’d like to install one.

2. Multi-Level Leaf Deck

This multi-level option undeniably fits the bill for homeowners who like the idea of a functional but whimsical deck design. Each level is designed to look like a leaf. The edges are slightly curved to give the decks a leaf-like look, and the two-toned decking only amplifies the result.

The space created on each level is also sizeable. There’s plenty of room for seating, dining tables, barbecuing, and more. On the lowest level, you also have a privacy nook for a hot tub, which is a nice addition.

3. Traditional Cedar Tiered Deck

This tiered deck design is a winner for homeowners that prefer something with a more traditional or rustic appearance. It’s a classic multi-level cedar deck, offering plenty of usable space. The covered areas on the top level work well for relaxing or dining. You also have a section covered with a pergola that could serve a similar purpose.

One of the standout features of this option is the upper spot with the bar top, which became the ideal spot for a barbecue. Another intriguing addition is the whole to make room for the well-established tree, ensuring it could thrive even with the deck in place.

4. Classic Split-Level Deck

Here, you have a split-level deck that has a very classic feel. The two-toned approach complements the home, as the white matches the siding while the wood-tone adds a natural touch. Each level is generously sized, creating enough space for dining and relaxing.

An intriguing feature of this deck design is that the upper level is curved. Along with adding some visual appeal, it slightly softens the overall look. Whether you have a traditional or transitional home, the end result of this deck could be an excellent match to your aesthetic.

5. Two-Tiered Ground-Level Deck

This two-tiered design shows exactly how amazing a ground-level deck can look. It has a small upper section that makes it easy for homeowners to use the sliding glass doors into their home. Then, that steps down to a larger ground-level deck, providing room for seating and a dining area.

The built-in bench seat on the corner is a nice addition to this two-tiered ground-level deck. Along with providing more seating, it helps define the space. Plus, since this deck is close to the ground, it lets the homeowners forgo railings, making the deck feel open and inviting.

6. Multi-Level Deck with Stone Cladding

This deck gives you a contemporary design that works well on transitional homes. The upper level is a classic rectangle, providing plenty of room for seating and dining. Then, there’s a lower circular section with stone cladding along part of the side. That creates an ideal barbecue spot while elevating the overall look.

Another intriguing feature of this two-level deck is using two wood tones on the decking. Most of the flooring is a gray wash, while the edges of each section and the steps are a mid-toned brown.

7. Three-Level Traditional Deck

Here, you have an expansive deck that features three distinct levels. The upper space serves as a dining area, while the middle level is dedicated to seating. While the lower level helps transition the deck to the yard, it also has a small nook perfect for a barbecue grill.

Another reason that this deck has a traditional feel is that it features turned spindles. However, if you went with a different railing, you could certainly add some contemporary flair to the design instead, making the base of this design incredibly versatile.

8. High Contrast Split-Level Deck

This split-level deck design catches the eye. Part of the reason is the high contrast design. The edges, stair risers, and railing feature a bright white. The spindles are black, while the flooring is rich, chocolate brown.

The lower deck also feels spacious since it doesn’t require any railing due to its proximity to the ground. However, the upper area is large enough for a barbecue grill and small table, making that space incredibly usable.

9. Multi-Level Deck with Screened Porch

Overall, this multi-level deck has a versatile design. The crisp white coloring and relatively simple railing mean it can have a modern edge, but it’s not so contemporary as to not work on a traditional or transitional home. Each upper level is spacious enough for dining or seating, ensuring the space is usable.

One nice addition to this design is the large screened porch. It provides shelter from the elements and gives homeowners a place to relax outdoors without worrying about bugs.

10. Poolside Multi-Level Deck

Here, you see a large upper deck with plenty of room for seating. The lower deck is smaller but has enough area to support a dining table with seats for at least six people. Plus, that lower section has a built-in outdoor kitchen with a barbecue grill.

On the ground level, decking is also used as the pool surround. This helps keep the look cohesive, and it highlights the bright bool color of the pool, making the space feel very inviting.

11. Three-Story Wood Deck

With this design, the homeowner ensured that every floor of their home had amazing deck spaces. The highest floor has two separate decks, one resembling a floating balcony and the other shading part of the deck on the second story. The second-story deck provides significant space, ensuring the homeowners have enough room to relax.

At the ground level, you have a deck on one side and a covered patio on the other. There’s more than enough room for seating, dining, and grilling.

12. Multi-Tiered Deck with Swings

The design of this deck is traditional, but the use of natural wood also gives it a rustic feel. At the upper level, a nook with a bar top works perfectly for a barbecue grill. On the lower level, a pergola provides shade to a part of the space, and a pair of porch swings make it a great place to relax and chat.

On another lower section, you also have a built-in bench. That creates more seating while still making it easy to walk through the space.

13. Multi-Level Pool and Hot Tub Deck

If you want a multi-tiered deck that also lets you have a pool and hot tub built-in, this deck design could be perfect. The pool is in its own section, allowing the homeowners to incorporate a gate for safety purposes. The hot tub is on the lower level, letting the homeowners enjoy the waterside views while relaxing.

Up top, there’s plenty of room for a barbecue grill and dining table. As a result, this deck is also an excellent area for entertaining or enjoying a meal as a family.

14. Traditional Five-Level Deck

Here, you have a deck with five distinct levels. The highest one holds the barbecue grill, and there’s a step down to another area that features a built-in countertop for finding. Below that is a compact deck that serves as a seating area, and there’s a section even lower with a firepit.

Once you get close to ground level, a part of the deck features a pergola for some shade. Beneath the pergola is a built-in bench, ensuring enough room for gathering or relaxing.

15. Spacious Two-Tiered Deck

This two-tiered deck is a solid choice for anyone who prefers a traditional or transitional look. The upper level has a covered area on one side, making it an excellent spot for enjoying the outdoors while being in the shade. The lower deck is a great option for getting some sun and offers plenty of room for relaxing or entertaining.

The curved edge on the lower deck gives the design a slightly organic feel. The curve also matches the shape of the pool, making the overall look more cohesive.

16. Contemporary Split-Level Deck with Pergola

This deck design has a contemporary feel thanks to the metal railings. It also offers plenty of usable space, with enough room for dining on both levels.

An interesting feature of this deck design is the pergola on the top level. It provides some shade to a small, slightly elevated seating area. There’s enough room beneath for a comfortable sectional, giving the homeowners a great relaxing spot.

17. Split-Level Traditional Deck with Hot Tub

With this deck design, you have two distinct areas. The homeowners choose to set one side up for outdoor dining, and there’s plenty of room for a table for six and a small bistro table. On the other, the homeowners added a privacy fence and a hot tub.

Between the two decks is a slightly lower spot that connects the other two spaces. Bringing the height down ensures the railings don’t obstruct the view from the window.

18. Multi-Level Deck with Faux Pergola

This multi-level design is a solid choice if you’re looking for a petite deck. It features enough room for a grill on the upper tier and a comfortable seating area in the lower section. There’s fencing and some faux pergolas on one side, giving the homeowners plenty of privacy.

Having the outer edge of the deck slightly lower ensures the railings don’t obstruct the homeowners’ view from inside their house. Plus, it divides the deck into distinct spaces, giving each area its purpose.

19. Multi-Tiered Deck with Gazebo

With this deck, the bulk is on a single level, creating enough room for seating and dining. On one end, a gazebo offers shade to the homeowners as they use the small bistro set.

The deck’s lower level helps serve as a transition as the homeowners make their way to the yard. While it could have some seating, leaving it open makes the space more walkable.

20. Traditional Multi-Level Design with Faux Pergola

Here, the homeowners get some privacy on the upper deck thanks to the faux pergola and fencing that shields one side. The upper level also has plenty of room for grilling and dining, making it usable for relaxing or entertaining.

The lower ground-level deck feels open and inviting since it requires no railing. There’s also enough space for a few chairs, making it an excellent spot to relax or chat with friends.

21. Two-Tier Ground-Level Deck with Hot Tub Gazebo

This homeowner makes the most of their space by creating a two-tiered ground-level deck that doesn’t require railing. The curved edges make the design feel modern, and the homeowner incorporated some lighting into the steps for safety.

On the upper deck level, a pergola shades the hot tub. The lower deck has enough room for dining, and the faux pergola helps shade the grilling area.


Ultimately, the multi-level deck ideas and designs above are the perfect way to inspire any homeowner to create their dream outdoor living space. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, there’s an option that will work.

Did you enjoy checking out all of the multi-level decks above? Did a particular design catch your eye? If so, let us know in the comments. Also, if you know someone who needs inspiration for their deck design, please share the article.


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