35 Hot Tub Deck Ideas and Designs [With Pictures]

Nothing is as soothing as a jacuzzi. With the right hot tub deck ideas, you can craft a wonderful space. You’ll be able to rest and relax with ease or enjoy time together with your nearest and dearest.

But what deck with spa option is right for you? Are some jacuzzi deck ideas better than others?

Which approach is best depends on your unique needs. If you want to make sure you choose the right spa deck ideas for your space, here are some worth exploring.

Hot Tub Deck Ideas and Designs

1. Sunken Hot Tub on Multi-Tier Deck

hot tub deck ideas

This hot tub deck idea is all about levels. There’s some seating space on an upper tier, giving those who relax there solid visibility into the yard. You’ll also find a multi-level pergola, creating the ability for some shade.

Just one level lower is a generously sized hot tub. It’s sunken into the deck, making entry and exiting a breeze. Plus, since the jacuzzi is still technically elevated, accessing any of the system parts below is simple.

2. Hot Tub with Overhead Pergola

hot tub ideas

Ideal for larger yards, this design features a massive deck. There’s a ton of room for seating or gathering, making it an excellent entertaining space, overall.

Positioned in the corner of this ample deck, you’ll find a hot tub that offers seating for at least four. Overhead is a nice pergola, ensuring the area can get some shade during different parts of the day.

For easy entry, a step of stairs was built next to the jacuzzi. The planters on each side add some color and refinement to the steps.

3. Jacuzzi Overlooking the Pond

hot tub deck

With this hot tub design, the jacuzzi isn’t necessarily the main attraction. While it is substantial, offering enough room for at least four adults, it’s simply one of many features.

Along with the covered hot tub space, you’ll find a large seating area. Plus, this deck connects to another via a bridge, allowing people to cross over the waterway.

The pond at the end is really a standout feature. It makes the space tranquil, which can be great if you want to use your spa for relaxation.

4. Small Hot Tub Deck

deck with hot tub

This deck was seemingly created solely for the purpose of having a sunken hot tub. Since the spa is nestled into the floor, getting in or out is easy.

However, this deck space doesn’t offer much else. While you may be able to squeeze a chair into the corner, that isn’t the purpose of this minimalist design. Instead, it’s all about the jacuzzi.

The deck design is transitional. The natural wood tones, railing, and flooring could work well with a contemporary or traditional home, making it a flexible choice that could potentially do the trick for any homeowner.

5. Contemporary Relaxation Deck

hot tub decking ideas

This modern deck design is all about relaxation. It doesn’t offer a ton of floor space, so it isn’t ideal for entertaining. However, there’s enough room for a comfortable lounger and even a hammock, making it a great choice for napping away the afternoon.

The spa is one of the deck’s central features. With room for at least four adults, it’s a comfortable size without overrunning the deck. Plus, the trees and bamboo screens create a level of privacy, which many would consider a must.

6. Stone-Wrapped Spa

hot tub on deck

Another contemporary design, this ground level deck with hot tub puts the jacuzzi center stage. Not only is it the most prominent feature, but the stone-wrapped façade causes it to stand out. It can also make the hot tub feel more like a natural element, which is something homeowners may appreciate.

The deck itself is a set of simple platforms, giving just a bit of elevation. Plus, the floating look on the second tier adds a nice twist, essentially ensuring the deck has a modern edge.

7. Round Detached Decks

backyard hot tub ideas

This detached deck is all about curves. It features a multi-level design, with full circles on each end. One side contains a mid-sized seating area. On the outer edge, you’ll even find a bar top, allowing those sitting on the ground level to have a usable surface.

On the other side, you’ll find a jacuzzi. It’s sunken into the deck, ensuring you don’t have to climb over the side to get in. It also features a bar seating area off of the edge, pumping up the entertaining potential just bit more.

8. Simple Hot Tub Surround Deck

hot tubs designs

This deck space was updated to make it the ideal spot for a spa. While the hot tub is technically on the deck’s floor, a surround was added to increase its functionality and comfort.

You could use the stairs to enter the hot tub or take advantage of the surround. Plus, the surround could work as a usable surface, giving anyone lounging a place to set their drink, phone, towel, and more.

9. Contemporary Japanese Soaking Tub Roof Deck

deck designs with hot tub

Instead of a traditional jacuzzi design, this deck features a spa that’s closer to a Japanese soaking tub. It offers higher sides, making it easier to stay submerged while sitting up.

The deck makes accessing this higher tub easier thanks to the steps. While the side is used as a display space, it could also function as a bench, giving this design a bit more versatility.

Overall, this rooftop deck has a contemporary vibe. However, the presence of lap siding also makes it a bit transitional, so it could work with nearly any aesthetic.

10. Sunken Tiled Hot Tub

jacuzzi deck

This hot tub deck is a bit different. Not only is it sunken into the deck, but it is also below ground level.

The stepped design makes getting in and out simple. The use of tiles makes it feel a bit more like a bath or spa than a store-bought jacuzzi unit, which some may appreciate.

Since it is set into the deck, a custom cover was added. This isn’t just a great safety feature, as it also allows the hot tub area to blend in visually when closed. If you don’t want your spa to be the center of attention, it’s a great option.

11. Round Roof Top Hot Tub

outdoor hot tub ideas

Another one of the hot tub deck ideas that features a soaking tub, this rooftop spa makes the most of the view. The top sits at the same level as the railing on the sunken area below, ensuring your view is completely unobstructed.

As for the deck design itself, it’s a very modern approach. There are clean lines and very few adornments. Even the railing is simple, guaranteeing it doesn’t detract from the stellar view.

12. Spa Deck and Patio

hot tubs in decks

This deck design ensures that the hot tub mechanicals remain accessible without having to be exposed. That side of the spa backs up to a cabinet area, allowing everything critical to be easy to reach while streamlining the look.

Plus, the cabinet tops create a usable surface, which is a nice bonus. Otherwise, you’ll find a simple deck and set of stairs, providing ample room for exiting and entering without being obtrusive.

13. Slightly Sunken Japanese Hot Tub

decking hot tubs

With this approach, the features of the Japanese soaking tub are visible. You can see the metal banding and side slats, both of which are great contemporary features.

However, it is slightly sunken into the surrounding deck. This makes it easier to get into and out of the spa, which might be a necessity for some homeowners.

The surrounding foliage creates a sense of tranquility. Plus, it provides users with a bit of privacy, making the space more relaxing.

14. Modern Jacuzzi and Deck

deck designs with hot tub and fire pit

Technically, the hot tub and deck in this design are separate. While the jacuzzi butts up next to the deck, it’s set on a concrete pad below. However, with it’s proximity to the deck and nearby stairs, it creates a simple way to get in and out.

The deck itself is modern. There are no ornate railings. Instead, you find a simple platform and staircases. As a result, the design of the home and surrounding landscape can be the stars of the show.

15. Contemporary Semi-Sunken Jacuzzi Deck

deck designs with hot tub and pergola

Here’s another design where the jacuzzi is only partially sunken. While about half of the hot tub is below deck level, the other half rises above. Thanks to the surround, you can easily enter and exit the hot tub. Plus, you get some usable space, making it an ideal place for drinks and towels.

The rest of the deck maintains a contemporary feel. It’s incredibly simple, ensuring it doesn’t compete with the other design elements on the patio below.

16. Small Deck with Round Spa

hot tub backyard

An approach that might be ideal for a smaller yard, this deck with spa design keeps it simple. The deck itself is an open surface, with only planters off too one side. This makes it ideal for some casual seating among the flowers.

The hot tub isn’t overly large and may be best for only two or three adults at a time. The classic white coloring means it doesn’t take over as a design element, though it stands out enough to be noticeable when walking by, which is a must for safety.

17. Simple Curved Ground Level Spa Deck

deck around hot tub

The deck on the side of this round hot tub is more about form than function. While it does serve as a creative way to hide the hot tub’s cover, which is nestled below the deck’s surface, the hot tub is accessible without it.

What it does offer is a unique visual element thanks to the steel edging and warm wood. Plus, it creates a usable surface along one side of the spa, giving you a place to rest towels, drinks, and more.

18. Stepped Hot Tub Deck

hot tubs landscape ideas

A simple design that makes a big impact, this stepped hot tub surround is a showstopper. It features several tiers instead of stairs, creating a level of visual interest while also increasing accessibility. Plus, one of the steps could function as a usable surface, which is a bonus.

The rest of the deck is contemporary as well. There’s no ornamentation, and, since it’s on the ground level, a railing isn’t necessary. This allows the view of the nearby water and mountains to be unblocked, ensuring the natural beauty of the area is on full display.

19. Traditional Hot Tub Deck

hot tub built into deck

This expansive deck has a more traditional feel. The railings and lattice, all made of cedar, create a classic look while enhancing safety and providing a degree of privacy.

Since the deck is so large, it could easily support a lot of seating. There’s enough room to wander that entertaining here would also be a breeze.

The hot tub itself is more of a side feature. It’s tucked to one side, near the lattice, with a simple staircase to increase accessibility. If you’re looking for an approach that ensures the spa isn’t the central feature, this could definitely be it.

20. Simple Deck-Side Hot Tub

hot tub designs and layouts

Here’s another example of a hot tub being positioned deck side, instead of on top of or into the deck. By creating a raised platform specifically for the jacuzzi, it functions as semi-sunken. This makes getting in and out easier without having to create stairs.

However, this approach also ensures that the deck surface remains spacious. There’s room for seating, outdoor dining, and grilling. Plus, the walkways between the areas are wide open, ensuring this deck is incredibly usable and entertaining ready.

21. Natural Cedar Jacuzzi Deck

deck with hot tub ideas

Cedar is a beautiful material, and this deck puts it on display. All of the surfaces and railings feature cedar, giving the deck a nice glow and attractive color variations.

The spa rests on the larger, lower area, slightly to one side. This keeps the walkway and staircase open while leaving the jacuzzi fully surrounded by decking.

Since the hot tub is slightly sunken, you can get in and out without stairs. Plus, since the spa is set into the deck, you can enter or exit from any side.

22. Modern Multi-Level Spa Deck

spa decking ideas

If you have a larger yard, this multi-level deck could be a great choice. It allows the jacuzzi to be the main focus of the lower level. Along with the hot tub itself, it offers up convenient bench seating for relaxing or setting items like towels.

The upper level is reasonably expansive. There’s enough room for seating and a table. Plus, the staircases between the tiers are nice and wide, ensuring everyone can get around with ease.

23. Curved Deck with Jacuzzi

spa decks

Another multi-tier approach, this deck places the hot tub on the upper level. It’s slightly sunken, making it easier to get in and out. Plus, there’s still room for a bit of seating and a built-in bench on that level, increasing usability.

The lower section offers up enough room for outdoor dining. On the yard-facing edges, the deck is dramatically curved, creating some visual appeal and getting rid of potentially dangerous corners.

24. Minimalist Japanese Spa Deck

spa decks ideas

When it comes to minimalist design, this deck embraces it. It’s a simple rectangle with an unobtrusive railing, causing it to all visually recede and the surrounding landscape to stand out.

In the middle of the deck is a Japanese soaking tub. The natural wood of the spa mostly blends with the surrounding decking, making it feel like a cohesive part of the modern aesthetic.

The hot tub sunken into the deck, with the bottom resting on a concrete pad underneath. This makes the spa incredibly accessible, particularly since it’s deep.

25. Modern Backyard Patio Deck

spa deck ideas

For modern design, this deck hits the mark. The Japanese soaking tub is a simple element, with only the metal banding making it stand out visually from the surrounding decking.

As far as the deck itself, it features clean, crisp lines. The steps taper out slightly, making them interesting and functional. There’s also a spot near the spa that can function as a bench, adding convenience, expanding the space’s potential use.

A concrete planter wall does more than add a level of privacy. It also creates room for plants, bringing some life into the space.

26. Traditional Multi-Tier Deck with Spa

sunken spa patio

This detached deck design ensures that homeowners can make the most of a sloping lot. The upper tier has a ground-level edge, expanding the functional back yard space. From it, there’s a staircase down that reaches the hot tub deck.

With the spa level, the jacuzzi takes center stage. It sits off to one side to create clear walkways, but it remains the overall focal point.

Since the spa is sunken, entry and exiting are simple. Plus, it allows the deck to serve as a surface for drinks, towels, and more.

27. Gray Deck with Red Soaking Tub

backyard spa design

Here, it’s the color choices that really make the hot tub stand out. The deck, which features a beautiful curved staircase, is a medium-toned gray. As a result, the bright red of the soaking tub’s interior really catches the eye.

With where the spa is positioned, it remains functionally unobtrusive. It is off to the side, leaving as much open space for seating or entertaining as possible.

Additionally, since it butts up against the staircase, you have choices for getting in or out. This may be ideal for anyone with mobility concerns, as you can simply select the stair height that feels most comfortable.

28. Combination Pool and Hot Tub Deck

in deck hot tubs

When it comes to outdoor fun, this deck gives you options. First, it’s expansive, making it ideal for lounging or entertaining.

Second, this deck features a large sunken hot tub. It could easily fit four adults, if not more, making it great for gathering or simply stretching out.

However, this deck doesn’t stop there. It also has a sunken pool. The pool’s angled signs add visual interest, too, making it an intriguing feature as well as a functional one.

29. Private Hot Tub Deck

jacuzzi designs

With this hot tub deck, privacy is a priority. Along two sides are high privacy fences. This ensures you can relax without having to worry about the prying eyes of neighbors, which is ideal.

Additionally, the deck itself is functional. It surrounds the spa, making it easy to get in and out. Plus, that creates usable surfaces for drinks, towels, and more.

The other levels create opportunities to do more with the space. Whether you want to lounge or entertain, this deck can be a great area for it.

30. Hot Tub and Fire Pit Deck

jacuzzi deck ideas

If the idea of enjoying a roaring fire while lounging in your hot tub sounds like a dream come true, this is the jacuzzi deck design for you. The spa is nestled in its own section, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct walkways or overly limiting seating area options.

At one end of the hot tub, there’s a lovely gas fire pit. Not only is it visible from the spa, but it also makes the jacuzzi less noticeable. In many ways, the fire pit is the attention grabber, which could be ideal if you don’t want the hot tub to take center stage.

31. Coordinating Spa and Deck

jacuzzi on deck

If you are looking for an approach that allows your hot tub to visually blend with the deck, this could be a perfect choice. The Japanese soaking tub features similarly toned wood to the surrounding deck. As a result, it all meshes together.

While the spa is mostly sunken, it is also next to the stairs to the lower level. This gives you options for getting in and out of the soaker tub.

Plus, since one side of the spa isn’t meant to be used as a walkway, it creates a usable surface. You can set drinks, phones, and towels there without having to worry about them getting stepped on by passersby.

32. Lower-Level Jacuzzi Deck

jacuzzi decks

With this multi-tier design, the jacuzzi is on its own level. Since the hot tub sits lower, the side of the decking above, as well as the staircase, acts as a privacy fence, shielding those who are enjoying a soak.

While the main purpose of this deck area is the hot tub, it still offers up a bit of room for seating. Additionally, it leaves the tier above open for entertaining, outdoor dining, grilling, and more.

33. Traditional Deck and Jacuzzi

jacuzzi built into deck

If you enjoy traditional design, this could be your dream deck. On the far side is a magnificent gazebo, featuring some ornate details and breathtaking lines. The combination of white paint and natural wood bump it up a notch, drawing the eye to various features.

With this, the spa isn’t a focal point. It is sunken into the deck, making sure it doesn’t block the views or steal the show. As a bonus, the railing near the hot tub is clear, so you can enjoy the surrounding landscape from there, too.

34. Simple Hot Tub and Covering

hot tub in deck pictures

This small deck space is specifically designed for a jacuzzi. It offers little in the way of walkways, allowing the sides to work as functional surfaces for items. The covering ensures you can enjoy the spa in essentially all weather and can help keep leaves and debris out of the water.

The overall deck design, due to the post caps, leans traditional. However, with a slight adjustment to the railing, it could work with any aesthetic.

35. Stone-Wrapped Pergola Spa

hot tub deck pictures

Another stone-wrapped design, this hot tub also benefits from a pergola covering. This creates some shade, adds a wood element, and draws the eye to the spa.

As for the hot tub itself, the stone surround makes it feel a bit more natural. Plus, there’s a convenient step that’s also stone-clad, allowing a design feature to be functional, too.

The spa’s position means you get to enjoy views of the fire pit, too. All of this and there’s still room for seating.


If you were looking for outstanding hot tub deck ideas, you should have your fair share to choose from now. Each of the jacuzzi designs above is worth considering. Take a look at what’s available and select the approach that’s best for your space.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about each of the deck with hot tub options above. If you know of any other incredible ideas or want to share your opinion, head to the comments section below. Also, please pass this list onto any family or friends who may need a great option for their yard. They’ll be glad you did.



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