54 Firewood Storage Shed Plans, Designs and Ideas [+ Bonus]

Nothing says summer like sitting out by a roaring campfire while spending time with friends and family.

But, when it comes time to start a fire, have you ever struggled to get it going? Have you done battle with damp wood that won’t seem to catch?

If so, then you might not be storing your firewood properly. And a firewood shed might be just what you need to alleviate these strains.

Luckily, there are tons of DIY firewood shed plans, designs and ideas that can help you construct the ideal place to store your firewood. Here are some of the best.

1. Firewood Enclosure

If you keep a substantial amount of firewood on-hand, this full-scale firewood enclosure is for you. Not only is it large, but it’s also fairly permanent, featuring a concrete pier foundation and metal roof.

It essentially requires you to construct the shed from scratch, so it isn’t a project for DIY newbies. However, if you aren’t afraid of crosscutting steel roof panels and notching rafters, consider checking it out.

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2. Movable Firewood Shed

Movable firewood shed build

Sometimes, mobility is critical. If you want some flexibility regarding the location of your firewood shed, then this plan is right up your alley. The design features three shipping pallets, with the standard pallet serving as the base.

This creates a foundation that can be picked up with a forklift or tractor, allowing it to be completely portable. By extending the height of one of the side pallets, you can quickly construct a slanted roof. This ensures that water doesn’t collect on the top, helping to keep everything dry.

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3. Outdoor Firewood Storage Shed

How to Build Outdoor Firewood Storage Shed
For construction novices, this outdoor firewood storage shed design upcycles a treated fence panel and two pallets to create an ideal place for keeping your firewood. The pallets serve as the base, keeping the firewood off the ground, while the fencing serves as the sides and back. Otherwise, you only need some 2×4’s and 2×3’s, corrugated roofing, some common tools, and a bit of elbow grease to get this build done.

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4. Log Storage Shelter

vidaXL Garden Shed Log Storage Shelter

If you would rather have everything you need to be sent to your door, this log storage shelter is a great option. It’s made of galvanized steel and is fairly large. Plus, since it has a roof, it could be used for drying firewood or storing seasoned wood, giving you more options.

Additionally, since it is made of steel, it is relatively heavy. This may be ideal for areas where high winds could be an issue. The maintenance requirements are also minimal, so you won’t have to worry about sealing or refinishing to keep it in great shape.

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5. Easy Firewood Shed

Easy DIY Firewood Shed
If you’re a beginner with a tight budget, this easy firewood shed is an ideal option. You only need a handful of basic tools, highly accessible building materials, and a bit of gumption to tackle this project.

There are only eight steps to the entire build, so following along is a breeze. Also, you only need cinder blocks or pavers as a base, making it a solid option for those who don’t want to build a full-on foundation.

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6. DIY Log Store

DIY Log Store
For those who want to make as few cuts as possible, this DIY log store plan might be your best bet. The design focuses on common wood lengths, limiting the amount of time you need to spend using a saw.

However, you do handle the vast majority of the construction (no pallets here!), so be prepared for the project to take a few hours. However, it’s still suitable for beginners, so don’t let the time commitment scare you.

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7. Rustic Firewood Shed

Build a Firewood Shelter
If you want basic firewood shed with rustic styling, this firewood shed plan features beveled cedar lap siding, making it particularly attractive. It’s also a freestanding design, allowing you to move it should the need arise.

Plus, it holds an entire face cord, or rick, or firewood, making it ideal for many homeowners. It does involve purchasing a lot of cedar so that this design can be expensive. However, it’s also a pretty simple build, making it appropriate for novices.

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8. Firewood Storage Shed – PDF

How to Build Firewood Storage Shed
The US Environmental Protection Agency created a handy video for their firewood shed design. With two people, the project can be finished in around five hours, making it a relatively simple project.

Plus, they limit the build to straight cuts, so you won’t need to miter corners or joints. When it’s done, the shed will hold one cord of wood, making it a great size for most homeowner’s needs.

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9. Wood Storage Shed

How to Build Wood Storage Shed
This firewood shed plan features a two-tiered design. You can place larger split logs on the bottom and smaller twigs on the upper shelf, making it easy to keep them separated.

The designer used wood from a neighbor’s old privacy fence for part of the construction, helping her save when it came to materials. However, you can always purchase the wood instead of salvaging it, and it’s still a fairly affordable project.

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10. Backyard Firewood Holder

Backyard Firewood Holder
With a roofline reminiscent of a schoolhouse, this firewood holder is a fairly quick and easy project with a hint of country style. You can also adjust the pitch of the roof, so don’t hesitate to increase it if your area sees a lot of snow.

However, it’s important to note that this project isn’t entirely for beginners, particularly those who aren’t comfortable with angled cuts. The instructions do mention the angles, but you’ll need to mark them out and cut them properly to get a tight fit.

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11. Firewood Rack

How to Build a Firewood Rack
This firewood rack is as pleasing to the eye as it is functional. Plus, it can be fairly mobile, thanks to its compact size and strong design.

While you don’t need a lot of tools to build this firewood rack, some of the recommended tools to make this project more suitable for those with intermediate level skills or above. However, a beginner may still be comfortable with this project, so consider looking it over before you decide.

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12. Woodshed

If you have an existing foundation or aren’t afraid to build one, then this woodshed project is worth exploring. The construction of the shed is fairly simple but doesn’t include a base for the wood to rest on.

This means you’ll either need a foundation with proper drainage to ensure puddles don’t form at the base of the pile. However, if you live in a desert, the design may be ideal for your needs.

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13. DIY Firewood Shed


DIY Firewood Shed
A simple design that uses pallet slats for part of the construction, this firewood shed plan is incredibly easy to build. Its relatively small size means you may be able to construct it alone.

Also, it would be easy to move, though that might necessitate help from a buddy. Additionally, you only need cinder blocks to create a suitable base, though you may need to do a little digging to ensure your shed is level.

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14. Cob Wood Shed

Cob Wood Shed
This firewood storage building involves creating your own clay bricks for the sidewalls of the structure. If you live in an area with clay-rich soil, this could be ideal. Otherwise, you may need to bring in suitable soil.

The design is also fairly large, making it a great option if you need to store multiple cords of wood. However, it also means you may need a friend to assist with construction, especially when setting the beams.

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15. DIY Firewood Storage Shed

DIY Firewood Storage Shed Using Reclaimed Materials
If you need to store a decent amount of split firewood, this DIY option might be just what you need. It’s roughly 8-foot x 4-foot x 4-foot, making it substantial but not gigantic.

Plus, some of the construction is a breeze. Two pallets provide a sturdy base for the piles, and concrete bases raise the structure off the ground. In addition, it shows how much you can do with reclaimed materials, an approach that can help you keep your costs down.

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16. Wood Shed

How To Build A Wood Shed
Capable of storing one cord, this storage unit is ideal for unseasoned firewood that needs time to dry. It can also be built by just one person, so you don’t need a buddy to tackle this project.

However, it might not be a great option for beginners. You are building this firewood shed from the ground up, and there are quite a few cuts. However, novices with the right tools can likely get the project built in just one day.

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17. Drying Shed

Eight-Step Wood Shed Construction
Dry firewood is best when you need to start a fire. This firewood shelter gives your wood has a chance to season, ensuring it will burn properly.

Overall, the construction is pretty simple, but it does require a notable number of cuts. However, you don’t have to miter anything, making it an excellent option for novices. The instructions are also very clear, so you won’t have to guess at any point during construction.

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18. Firewood Shed

Building a Firewood Shed
This is a project for DIY experts. The final storage shed for firewood is attached to your home, so the stakes are higher if you make a mistake. Plus, it requires a bit of genuine construction know-how to follow the instructions.

While this project is more time-consuming, it does allow you to build firewood storage that blends with your home. If you need a storage unit but don’t want it to look like a shed, this is the option for you.

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19. Trash Can & Firewood Storage Unit

Trash Can and Firewood Storage Unit
If you’re going to store seasoned firewood and your outdoor garbage cans, this project is perfect. You get space to house two 20- to 32-gallon containers as well as wood. Plus, doors hide the garbage cans, increasing the visual appeal of your yard.

This is another project that isn’t for beginners. The instructions are complicated and require a decent amount of construction knowledge. But, if you are an experienced DIYer, this combined solution is a great option.

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20. DIY Shed

DIY wood shed
A simple, yet robust, firewood storage solution, this DIY shed is compact and sturdy. It’s a full build, so it takes a little time. But the result is as attractive as it is functional, making it a worthwhile project.

The instructions use the metric system, so make sure you have a tape measure that has millimeters. Otherwise, you’re going to need to do some math to convert the measurement before you begin.

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21. Wood Shed

Weeknd Project Build a Woodshed
Another reasonably large storage shed for firewood, this project also includes some design choices that improve the look. It also features cedar construction, including a shake roof so that it may cost more than other options.

The instructions are basic, so having some knowledge of construction is a must. That will allow you to calculate the proper measurements, as those aren’t available for free. The pictures and drawing do help, but it isn’t comprehensive information, making it unsuitable for beginners.

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22. Wood Shed

How to Build a WoodShed
A simple yet detailed set of firewood shelter plans, this project is suitable for DIYers with some confidence in their construction abilities. There are about eight cuts to contend with, but they are pretty basic. Additionally, you don’t have to miter anything, making it easier.

Based on the height of this shed, having a buddy may be helpful. However, it is possible to handle the project solo if you’re careful and patient.

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23. Low-Cost Firewood Shed

Low-Cost Firewood Shed
If you don’t have access to have a big budget, this budget-friendly storage shed for firewood is an excellent option. It’s also pretty generous in size, coming in near 4-foot by 8-foot.

This project is relatively simple so that most beginners could handle the construction. Plus, it lets you make the most of the reclaimed materials, including pallets. Not only does this simplify the build, but it helps you keep your costs down too.

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24. Cheap Firewood Storage Rack

How to build a cheap firewood storage rack
Using 2×4 lumber and some concrete blocks, you can build this massive firewood storage rack. The size makes it perfect for people who heat their homes with firewood. It gives you plenty of room to dry unseasoned firewood and store your seasoned logs on the second shelf.

Even though it’s a large storage rack, the construction is very simple. You only need a few basic tools, making it a project option for ambitious beginners. Plus, the instructions are easy to follow, so there isn’t much guesswork.

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25. Wood Shed Building

Wood Shed Building
If you need comprehensive instructions, this wood shed building plan is a great choice. It covers everything from leveling the ground to installing piers to creating the frame and roof, ensuring you can manage every step from beginning to end.

There is also a picture with nearly every step, giving you a quick reference as you move through the project. The end result is a straightforward structure, but it does the job.

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26. Pallet Firewood Shed

When you want to simplify the construction, pallets are the way to go. Since they largely remain intact, you can build this substantial firewood storage unit relatively quickly. Plus, you get a significant amount of space, making it easy to store multiple cords of wood.

Due to its size, you’ll likely want a buddy to help with this build. That will make holding up the pallets easier, speeding up your construction timetable. However, it may be manageable for one person, but it will take extra time.

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27. Euro Pallet Log Shed

Euro Pallet Log Shed
Another design that relies on pallets, this log storage building is suitable for beginners. It only requires a few basic tools, and you may even be able to bypass power tools altogether if you aren’t afraid of some hard work.

This pallet log shed does use Euro pallets, which do vary in size from those typically found in the US. However, you can still use the plans with nearly any pallet, though the end size will differ from the example.

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28. DIY Pallet Wood Shed

DIY Pallet Wood Shed
If you can get your hands on enough pallets for free, you can build this shed for practically nothing. Your only investment will be in screws, shingles, 2×4’s, and any tools you don’t have on hand.

When looking for pallets, you do need to make sure that are as close to identical in size as possible. This will help everything align without having to make additional cuts. Otherwise, since the construction process is simple, everyone from beginners to experts can tackle this project.

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29. Firewood Shed from Pallets

Firewood Storage from Pallets
This firewood storage plan predominately relies on pallets. However, there are some metal components, but you may be available to find that as salvage from shipping containers. If you do some searching, you may be able to construct this shed for very little money.

The video shows you every step of the project, making it very easy to follow along. The result is a fairly large, two-tier firewood storage rack, so you might want to get help from a buddy to speed things along.

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30 – 35. Six Simple Firewood Shed Plans and Ideas

Six Firewood Shed Plans and Ideas
If you want to explore a few options, MyOutdoorPlans has you covered. They offer six different designs and ideas for firewood shelters and storage, letting you select one that is right for you.

Here is a list of six of their available plans:

The instructions are simple, and the accompanying drawings are easy to understand, making many of these projects suitable for beginners as well as DIY experts.


36 – 40. Five Wood Storage Plans

Five Wood Storage Plans
Whether you need a place to dry unseasoned firewood or a place to keep kiln dried wood away from the elements, the HowToSpecialist has an option for you. The 3D sketches make it easy to visualize the project in advance, and the instructions are very clear.

Here are five of the plans available on the site:

Most novices would be comfortable taking these projects on, though it may be helpful to have a buddy around during construction.


41. Wood Storage Unit

Wood Storage Unit
With a 4-foot by 12-foot footprint, this firewood storage option allows you to store multiple cords of wood. The design is simple but strong, making it an excellent choice for those who are new to construction but need a robust solution.

The height is approximately 5 feet when done, so you may want help when building the roof. Additionally, it may qualify as a permanent structure depending on where you live so that a permit may be necessary.

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42. Firewood-Storage Shed

Firewood-Storage Shed
This video-based plan includes a full materials list, making it easy to secure the proper building supplies. It is divided into clear sections, with text-based instructions supported by still images.

Due to the delivery method, a degree of construction know-how is helpful. This means beginners might find this option difficult to follow, even with all of the images. However, experienced DIYers should be able to fill in the gaps with their prior knowledge.

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43. Four Cords Storage Building

Four Cords Storage Building
If you need to store a substantial amount of split firewood, this DIY shed might be just what you need. The builder used it to hold a full four cords, far more than many homeowners require.

Overall, the construction process is simple. However, this is a massive project. That means you’ll need to dedicate a substantial amount of time to the build, especially if you are tackling it entirely on your own.

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44. Wood Shed Project

Wood Shed Project
Since this video doesn’t provide explicit instructions, this woodshed build should only be taken on by DIYers with some construction experience. Pictures help guide you through the project, but you’ll need to figure out the measurements on your own.

The end result is a large firewood shelter with open sides and a shingled roof. It even accommodates a sloping yard, making it a great option for anyone without a flat yard.

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45. Firewood Storage Shed

Firewood Storage Shed Build
Another fairly large storage unit, the final structure measures 12 feet by 4 feet at the base. The design is reasonably simple but still attractive. Plus, the metal roof may be an easier option to manage than a plan using shingles.

The narrator of the video also provides helpful details about why they selected the location. You also get a full materials list, ensuring you have all of the information you need to handle the project.

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46. DIY Firewood Shed

DIY Firewood Shed Project
A straightforward design that features an open front and back, this DIY shed is a pretty quick build. However, the instructions are mainly just video of various portions of the shed and a verbal description of the process. This means that beginners may have trouble during the build, as you need to fill in the blanks yourself.

Additionally, this build was completed in a large garage and then moved to its final location. If you don’t have access to heavy equipment, that approach may not be ideal.

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47. Rustic Log Firewood Shed

Rustic Log Firewood Shed
This three-part video series explains how you can build a wood storage shelter out of logs instead of boards. Boards are required to support the structure during construction but are removed at various stages.

The result is fairly unique. The logs help the shed blend in with the natural environment and give the structure character. If you decide to use this plan, consider enlisting help from a friend. Otherwise, some of the steps may be challenging to complete.

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48. Firewood Shed Plans

Firewood Shed Plans
This design is a more permanent structure. You support the posts with concrete, so you may need a building permit, depending on where you live.

The plan is easy to follow, and there are pictures to help you stay on track. However, there aren’t step-by-step instructions, so having some construction experience is helpful. The final building gives you plenty of space to store firewood, including if you need to house more than one cord.

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49. Funky Woodshed

Funky Woodshed
While the drawings are a bit scratchy, this woodshed plan is still easy to follow. Also, there are helpful diagrams for accomplishing specific tasks, like making recesses for posts.

However, the majority of the instructions are written, so you’ll need to visualize most of the steps yourself. This may be intimidating for beginners, but most DIYers with some construction experience should be able to manage. In the end, you get a very large storage unit, making it great for storing large quantities of seasoned or unseasoned firewood.

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50. Firewood Storage Shed

Sectional Firewood Storage Shed
This firewood storage shed is massive, so it’s a great option for homeowners that want to have a lot of room for storing wood. Plus, it’s divided into sections, allowing you to determine which piles are the oldest with a little organization as you fill it up.

The instructions are almost entirely in writing, so you do need some construction know-how if you don’t know what a bird’s mouth cut or other terms mean. However, even beginners could use the plan if they aren’t opposed to some additional research.

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51. Firewood Storage

This multi-tier firewood storage unit allows you to store firewood on two levels. If you have a mix of kiln dried and unseasoned wood, this could be ideal, as you can keep each type separate. Similarly, you can use each compartment to keep the firewood divided by age, so you’ll always know which is the driest.

While this site provides mostly tips for construction, you can discern a lot from the picture.

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52. Large Firewood Shelter

Awesome Firewood Storage Shed
This storage shed for firewood can hold around four cords in its four 4-foot by 4-foot by 8-foot bays. The video shows a time lapse of the entire build and not clear instructions. However, in the description, there is a full materials list and a handful of key dimensions.

If you don’t have any construction experience, this might not be the plan for you. Since you have to figure out portions of each step yourself, understanding the fundamentals could be seen as a necessity.

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53. Firewood Hoop House

Firewood Wood Shed for Under 200
With a final footprint of 6 feet by 16 feet, here’s another giant of a structure. However, this design doesn’t feature much wood construction. Instead, PVC support “hoops” create the majority of the building’s framework. However, the roof covering is a tarp, so you may need to replace the tarp if it becomes damaged.

The instructions are very detailed, making this plan a great option for novices. Plus, each of the materials is well-described, so shopping for the pieces should be relatively easy.

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54. DIY Tool and Woodshed

DIY Tool and Woodshed
A combination tool shed with a wood storage area; this building is as functional as it is attractive. Based on the design, you may need a building permit. Additionally, with the structure’s height, having a buddy to help with the build might be necessary.

The images provide an overview of the construction, but not explicit instructions. Experienced DIYers should be able to handle it even without these details, but beginners might prefer something with a clear step-by-step process.

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55. DIY Rolling Firewood Cart

DIY Rolling Firewood Cart
If you need firewood storage that’s incredibly mobile, this DIY rolling firewood cart is for you. The base has large casters, making it easy to move around. This makes it perfect for relocating wood to a nearby firepit or collecting split wood from your yard and moving it closer to your home.

However, this design doesn’t come with a rough. If you want to keep your firewood dry, you’ll need to store it in an area that protects it from the elements.

Build this cart


56. Firewood Cart

Firewood Cart
Another mobile option, this firewood cart is compact and easy to move. It would be perfect for bringing split logs to a separate firewood storage building, bringing logs to a campfire, or similar activities.

Unique handle designs and large wheels make moving this firewood cart a breeze. But, it does involve some careful cuts to shape the handle and constructing a pivot arm, so this project might not be great for beginners.

Build this cart



If you are looking to store firewood, one of the projects above should be perfect for your needs and skill level. There are a lot of options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to check them all out until you find your perfect solution.

I hope everyone enjoyed the list. If you would like to share your thoughts, please do in the comments below. Also, feel free to share this list with anyone who may be looking for their ideal firewood storage option.


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