26 Free Pallet Shed, Barn, Cabin and Building Plans & Ideas

If you’re like me, you don’t like to waste anything. So, when I saw that I accumulated a surplus of pallets, I asked myself, what could I use these for?

A quick search of the web and I found a ton of pallet shed plans, designs and ideas. That seemed strange at the time. How can you build a shed from pallets? Is it going to be sturdy enough? Do I have enough pallets to build an entire storage building?

I learned a lot about it and now I want to share it with you.

1 A Rustic Lean-To Pallet Shed

Pallet shed
You will want to start this project by making sure the ground is level. Add paving stones and compact the soil. For the floor of your shed, sand down the boards of the pallets and ensure that they fit together well.

For the outside walls, sand down the pallet boards with a coarse sandpaper. This eliminates the uneven staining on the wood in a lot of cases and it also gives you a rustic look.

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2 A Lean-To with Strength

Pallet shed plans
What I like about this shed design is its ease of construction. You don’t even need to disassemble the pallets to build the frame of the structure.

The end result is gorgeous and secure. The small, high windows allow for natural light, but also does not allow for would-be criminals. The placement of the roof gives necessary ventilation, discouraging mold-causing humidity.

The double doors are helpful for storing large items, such as lawn mowers or wheelbarrows.

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3 Sturdy & Convenient Pallet Shed or Tiny House

Wooden pallet outdoor house
Although the design is small, it makes a perfect gardening hut or child’s playhouse. For children, it’s their own little house to enjoy and keep up with, just like their parents.

For adults, it’s a perfect break area. Imagine storing your garden tools inside this structure, everything in one place. When you need a break from weeding or planting, you can sit under the patio furniture outside with an iced tea.

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4 Easy Entry Storage

Pallet tractor shed
This shed design allows a full-sized tractor to fit through the door, which is excellent for farms. Even if you don’t need to extra entry space, the hinged ramp is a brilliant idea.

Since the ramp folds back in on itself, then it won’t pose an issue when you are trying to mow your lawn. It will also help you to save yard space.

The area over the door is also hinged, to give you more headroom!

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5 Mini Pallet Cabin or Storage Shed?

Tiny Pallet House or Cabin
This can be an extraordinary shed or a cozy getaway in your backyard. This design includes indoor and outdoor lighting, so you might even think to use it as a secluded office. It could be the perfect space when you need some peace and quiet.

Regardless of what you decide to do with the place, it’s sure to look great in even the nicest neighborhoods. The textured exterior gives it an extra flare that most pallet sheds don’t offer.

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6 Classy, Spacious, & Stackable

How to build a pallet shed
Another excellent example of how to build wood shed from pallets! This one isn’t so much for security, considering the sliding glass doors, but it’s spacious. The vinyl siding is a nice touch, as well, giving it a professional touch that looks well placed in suburbia.

These pallet shed instructions also save you some time in preparation. Instead of disassembling the pallets, you can stack them atop each other.

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7 Hermit’s Cabin

Building shed with pallets
Pallet wood shed can be a great opportunity to add a rustic feel to your property. This design is reminiscent of a hermit’s cabin deep in the woods.

The glass in the doors and the lower hanging windows doesn’t make it ideal for security. This is still a great place to store small gardening utensils and supplies. You might even choose this design as a gathering place for you and your friends.

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8 Firewood Storage Shed

pallet wood shed
This is less of a shed and more of a lifesaver. Many people stockpile firewood, whether it’s for their wood burning fireplace or bonfires. The problem is that it can take up a lot of space. The other problem is that it’s a losing game of Jenga almost every time.

This small structure is perfect for storing all your firewood. The sides keep it from rolling all over the place when you remove a piece. Now you can stack the logs even higher, because you don’t have to perform that annoying balancing act.

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9 Pallet-able Crime Deterrent

DIY pallet shed
The final product of this wood pallet shed looks a lot like a shipping container. This is an excellent storage unit for security, as there are no windows and it’s encased in metal sheeting.

Even the door is solid, so there’s less chance of someone breaking glass to gain entry. The only foreseeable issue is ventilation, because there’s little, if any, air circulation. You can amend this by installing your own vents.

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10 Low Cost Organization

build a shed from pallets
This unit is a great way to organize your outdoor supplies with style. It looks like it would cost thousands of dollars, but pallets save the day once again! You can put this design in action for as little as $500!

This is a beautiful and inspired design that also offers plenty of security. The windows are narrow and high up, offering little opportunity to criminals.

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11 Rustic Shed Made From Pallets and Tin Cans

pallet building
This is an interesting pallet shed plan, because it gives us a repurposed option for the shingles. The plan tells you exactly how many pallets you will need to complete the project as well.

The shingles for this design is not only sturdy but gives the finished product an idyllic look. You will need plenty of old tin cans to accomplish it.

After cleaning the cans, you will need to remove their bottoms and slice the can in half, lengthwise. Then, you roll it out and flatten it, creating a shingle.

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12 Pallet Barn for Bigger Jobs

shed made from pallets
For a more spacious shed, this plan is perfect. The large front entry allows you to accommodate larger field equipment. This is excellent for people who want to store their tractors or even their animal feed out of the weather.

The extra space also makes an appealing way to store outdoor items such as kayaks and tree stands. Since this plan calls for considerable height, it’s ideal for hanging larger items out of the way.

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13 Preparation Station

pallet storage shed
This small pallet shed design is brilliant for when you need a preparation area. This is the perfect compliment to any garden projects.

The large picture windows give you all the natural light you need to start seedlings. The enclosed space holds in the heat, which helps seeds to germinate.

It’s also a convenient place to store your potting soil and other gardening tools.

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14 All-Purpose Pallet Barn

how to build a wood shed from pallets
What’s nice about these instructions is that they are so detailed. The writer tells you exactly how much of what you’ll need as well as the size of the pallets. They include several photos to guide you through each step, as well.

The end result is a simple lean-to with a sliding barn door for easy entry. The design even shows you how to build a place for items that are more weather resistant, off the side of the unit.

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15 Instructions with Hindsight

how to build a shed out of pallets
What’s nice about these pallet barn instructions is that the author shares what he wished he knew. At the end of the plans, there’s a list of things that he urges the builder to consider.

Some of these things are to keep in mind that not all pallets are the same size. The writer also reminds you that the thickness of the pallet’s boards can vary, which can throw off the level.

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16 Steeped Roof & Fast Build

pallet shelter
Most pallet barn designs on this list opts for flat roofs or skips details for steeped roofs. This plan shows you how to build the rafters and install them, giving you a rood that is both sturdy and attractive.

The author wanted to build something large enough to meet their needs, but still quick to build. So, if you’re looking for something similar, then this might be the plan you want to use for yourself.

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17 Warts & All Workspace

pallet building ideas
This design is great because it shows all the author’s trials and errors as they built their pallet shed. There’s some great ideas in here about how to make your unit watertight without breaking the bank, too.

The end result is a small, weatherproof space for you to work on noisy or messy projects. This plan takes you from the foundation to the roof without leaving much out.

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18 Pallets as Decor

Pallets garden shed build
This isn’t so much a plan to build a shed from the ground up using pallets, but a way to use pallets as a decoration. This DIYer transformed her children’s old playhouse into a garden shed for herself.

To make it her own, she took some pallets and cleaned up the boards to nail to the exterior of the shed. Then, she sealed the boards with a water seal to give it a new shine. The imperfections in the wood give it it’s own personality.

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19 Storage for Your Trash

DIY Trash Can Shed
Raccoons and opossum are everywhere. How many times have you had to clean up trash strewn in the street by hungry critters? If only you had some type of way to keep them out.

Well, with a few pallets and thirty dollars, you can lock your trash cans up in a cute garbage shed. This project is fast and easy to complete, too. The rewards more than compensate for the time and effort spent on it.

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20 Step-by-Step DIY Pallet Shed Plan

Here’s an interesting YouTube video that takes you from start to finish on building your shed. What’s great about these plans is that the video goes in depth about every part of the process.

However, it does have two other parts to it. The video includes their missteps along the way, as well, so you can learn from them. They show you how to transport the pallets, even if you have a smaller vehicle to load them.


21 Pallet Storage Shed – An Outdoor Chest

This video instruction is a photo gallery of each step for building your pallet shed. It doesn’t have any written plans for you to follow, so this is for someone more advanced in DIY projects.

The end result is a short storage building suitable for garden supplies and the like. It’s a classy addition to your home that could serve as a sort of outdoor chest. Use it to store your patio cushions or grilling utensils, even.


22 Simple Shed Instructions

For a no-frills, straightforward instruction on how to make a pallet shed, this is the perfect video. Again, this is for those who are already familiar with the basics of DIY. There are no written or spoken instructions in this video.

In fact, it doesn’t even play music. What you’ll find in this video, which is under five minutes long, is a series of chronological pictures.

As long as you know your way around the basics, this is a great way to build a decent sized storage building with pallets. It’s great for storing larger items, like bicycles.


23 Short Video for Spacious Shed

These plans are for people who want to build a much larger, nicer looking storage space out of pallets. This video is brief, under four minutes long, and interspersed with concise instructions.

This is more for an intermediate DIYer, as it doesn’t speak in great detail about the process. The finished product is a spacious unit with a large entry and windows for natural light.


24 Small Work Area

This is another time-lapse video, comprised of a series of pictures, with captions for each step. It’s not a detailed plan, so you’ll need to be a more experienced builder to complete this design.

The end result is a small work area with a single window. It gives you ideas on where to put workbenches and how to build a sturdy frame. If you aren’t familiar with construction jargon, this might be a challenge.


25 Beautiful Office Space

This is a nice plan for a roomy work area, complete with a built-in desk and electricity! This is a large project that will take some time to complete, but having your own private office space is worth it.

Although a lot of this project is pallet jacks, you’ll still need plywood and a lot of other things to finish it. This probably isn’t the cheapest project to do, so if you’re looking for free or close to it, this isn’t it.


26 Tiny Pallet Cabin

This is great for any hunters with some land they frequent. This small cabin makes a great place to spend a weekend away from it all. Even if you’re not hunting, it’s a nice place to get some peace and quiet.

These plans are almost all pallet based, so you won’t be looking at a huge bill for extra materials. You will, however, want to be a little more experienced with DIY projects to complete this project.


Did you enjoy this list? This was important for me to put together, because I needed a low cost solution to my storage space needs. Not only was this a great idea for me, personally, but it was also a great way to recycle.

Do you have other ideas that aren’t on this list? If I missed a great idea, then post it below! I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed making it!

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