10 Best 6×6 Sheds in 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Not sure if you need a shed for your yard? Well, you’re in luck because a 6×6 shed is small enough to be inconspicuous but large enough to hold your outdoor tools and toys.

Although this is one of the smallest shed sizes on the market, these little guys can hold a decent quantity of stuff. About the size of a decent walk-in closet, these sheds come in all types. And, like most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to these sheds.

Below we’ll dig into the details of the best 6×6 sheds out there on the market right now.

Best 6×6 Shed Reviews

1. Suncast Everett Storage Shed with Windows

An excellent choice for weekend DIYers, Suncast Everett Storage Shed offers solid construction with ease of installation. As well, the naturalistic design of the outer material offers aesthetic appeal for yard-conscious homeowners.

The heavy-duty steel construction supports the roof. The entire outer structure is polypropylene, which is water and UV resistant. Walls have double the material, with a hollow space in between. This provides some measure of insulation and much more strength.

A floor is included and is made of the same material, which is textured to provide grip in wet conditions.

Suncast offers decent quality in terms of durability, with a 10-year limited warranty and steel fixtures, such as hinges and a door that is built to allow a padlock.

Windows on the doors and two skylights offer interior light, not often found on small sheds. The roof gables are vented, offering an excellent environment for using the shed as a greenhouse or small tool shed to putter in.

Lastly, this Suncast model offers additional accessories, not included, such as shelving and hooks to easily organize your accumulation of outdoor gear. Using accessories is a great way to maximize the interior space and make the most of the small space.


  • Steel supports for the roof
  • Walls have double the material, for strength
  • Windows and skylights included
  • Floor included


  • 6×5 is a foot smaller than comparable models
  • Plastic not aesthetically pleasing to some


2. Keter Factor 6 x 6 Large Resin Outdoor Shed

best 6×6 shed

A full 6×6 foot shed with that offers a couple of extra amenities. Keter Factor resin shed has the size to hold a significant amount of gear.

Also made of polypropylene resin, this shed features a roof held up by steel supports. On the other hand, this roof is slightly shallower than comparable models; therefore, the roof pitch may not be ideal for environments with lots of snow.

This shed features one window on the side and a skylight. The side window takes away from interior shelving space but provides a significant amount of light. A floor panel is included and is made of the same material as the rest of the shed.

A vented roof and metal door fixtures offer functionality and aesthetic appeal, and there is a space to put a padlock, although the lock isn’t included. Best of all, this shed comes with two shelves included, so you don’t have to go back out to the store to buy extras.

These resin sheds are typically waterproof and stand up to the sun well. If you live in very sunny climates, this shed will serve you well as many people maintain that these sheds don’t look much different even after years of use – no painting or maintenance required.


  • Full 6×6 area offers lots of space
  • Shelves and floor included
  • Large window included on the wall panel


  • Shallow roof pitch
  • Window takes away from wall space



3. Rubbermaid Storage Shed 5×6 Feet

6x6 sheds

If you don’t care about aesthetics and want pure functionality, then this is the option for you. Picture a Rubbermaid container in your basement, then take that and blow it up to the size of a shed. That’s exactly what you get with this Rubbermaid storage shed.

This shed doesn’t mess around with windows or skylights – it is optimized to hold as much stuff as possible. It comes with a sturdy floor and all the panels are double-walled. Picture a rubbermaid bin within a rubbermaid bin, and that is how the walls are made.

Doors open extra wide for putting awkward sized equipment inside. Best of all, this shed integrates with other Rubbermaid products such as shelving and pegboards. That means it is very easy to find products to fit inside your shed, such as organizers.

The roof is not high, however, so you may have to stoop a bit if you are a very tall person. As well, this shed gets by using rubbermaid polypropylene alone, so heavy loads on the roof may result in structural failure.

Lastly, this is not a shed you’ll want to spend time in, as there is no venting or natural light. Used primarily for storage, this shed will work exactly as advertised.


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Integrates with other Rubbermaid accessories
  • Floor included


  • No windows
  • Shallow roof pitch



4. ShelterLogic 6′ x 6′ Shed-in-a-Box

6x6 storage shed

A cheaper option that isn’t exactly a “shed”, but is rather a reinforced tent with a steel frame. ShelterLogic shed-in-a-box sheds are popular primarily because of their cost and ease of installation. Many use them to store items during winter months, then take them down in the summer to have extra space.

One of the great features of these sheds is that they have tons of interior space. The frame provides significant headroom, and the large zip-open door makes going in and out easy, particularly for items like riding lawnmowers and similar equipment.

These sheds have also advanced rapidly in terms of technology over the years. They feature metal augers that burrow extremely deep into the ground and provide a rock-solid foundation for the shed. Ratchet straps attach to the augers and pull the material taut over the steel supports, ensuring the shed always keeps a tight form even in adverse conditions.

The shed comes with a year warranty and the fabric is UV resistant, so it isn’t likely to fade right away. As well, the steel is coated, and with proper maintenance will not rust over time.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Large interior space


  • Not as durable long-term
  • Fabric can malfunction in extreme weather



5. Arrow WL65 Woodlake 6-Feet by 5-Feet Steel Storage Shed

6x6 wood shed

If you’re wanting something more sturdy than plastic, steel is the way to go. Arrow WL65 Woodlake features all-steel construction, reinforced with galvanized steel supports in the roof and against the walls.

The Arrow is all about functionality. This shed dispenses with windows, opting instead for further wall space to store your stuff. If you are cramped for space in your yard, this shed offers sliding doors. No need to worry about your doors swinging open and hitting something else – this is ideal for lawn mowers or other moving equipment.

The steel used in the Arrow is all galvanized, and the shed comes with a limited 12-year warranty, which is one of the longest you’ll find for a comparable shed.

This shed does not come with a floor – it is sold separately as a kit. Alternatively, you could make your floor from plywood or concrete and install the shed on top.

Venting in the roof makes the interior cooler, but if you want shelving, then you’ll have to build your own. However, there are nearly 150 cubic feet of storage space and with no windows, every square inch of that wall space can be used.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 12-year warranty
  • Sliding doors


  • Floor not included
  • Low-pitched ceiling



6. DuraMax 6 x 6 Metal Bicycle Lean-To Shed Kit

6 x 6 metal shed

Designed specifically for bike (or scooter) lovers in mind, DuraMax lean-to shed comes with bike rails to fit up to four bikes easily. With two wide doors that take up the entire front of the shed, these doors allow you to easily put in and take out bikes.

The shed is constructed with all steel parts. Even the floor is metal, although it needs support from a wood or concrete substructure that is not included.

Galvanized steel is used throughout the structure, and the manufacturer claims that the steel is 20% thicker than regular steel sheds. The doors also come with an integrated lock, so you don’t need to go out and buy an extra padlock.

While the shed is sturdy, it does take some time to assemble as there are many parts and screws to put together. The roof also slopes down toward the doors, so you’ll need to be mindful of opening the doors in the rain, as you may get drenched.

This shed is great for bike owners who also want to store other yard equipment, as the shed is roomy enough to fit both bikes and other gear.


  • Extra thick steel construction
  • Huge, wide doors
  • Integrated bike rail storage system


  • Lengthy installation
  • Roof slopes down to doors



7. Arrow 6’ x 5’ Hamlet Storage Shed

6 x 6 sheds for sale

Arrow Hamlet is one of the cheapest steel options available. As an economic model, you won’t find windows or other fancy add-ons for this shed.

Galvanized steel construction and sliding doors, a characteristic of Arrow sheds, are found in this shed. They are fitted to accept a padlock and come with metal sliders and handles.

Some may find the color scheme not to their liking, however white and green often fits in with most backyards.

There is no floor with this shed, although you can purchase an Arrow floor kit separately or install a concrete pad or wood floor for the shed to sit on. You can also purchase an Arrow anchoring kit if you want to put your shed right on the earth.

A twelve-year warranty comes with the Hamlet, which is a testament to the UV resistant coatings on the steel.

While this shed tends toward the economical side, be prepared to duck when you enter as the height does not accommodate taller individuals. As well, installation can take a while as there are many, many screws and panels to assemble.


  • Great durability for the money
  • Sliding doors
  • 12-year warranty


  • Ceiling only 5 ½’ high
  • No floor included



8. Outdoor Living Today Maximizer 6’ X 6’

6x6 plastic shed

If you want your shed to be a conversation piece, then you’ll want to consider Living Today Maximizer cedar shed. With cedar walls and doors, this shed is as attractive as kit sheds get.

This shed features double doors with black steel fixtures. The walls are louvered walls come in pre-assembled panels, making them quick and easy to install. Everything is installed over a 2×3 wood frame, which makes the structure extremely durable.

Cedar is resistant to rot and mold, and you’ll find that over time it weathers into a pleasing grey tone. Alternatively, you can spruce it up every few years with stain, paint, or waterproof sealer.

Best of all, this kit comes with a floor. Both the floor and roof are supported by 2x4s, and the roof and floor are both plywood. Alternatively, you can opt for the cedar shingle roof option, which is more expensive.

The interior roof height is almost 96”, which far exceeds any other shed on this list. As well, the doors open to over 60”, which is also considerable. This allows you to fit pretty well any type of lawn or yard equipment with ease.

Made in America, the cedar is Western Red Cedar, which is known for its durability and rich color. If you want to make your neighbors jealous, then this the shed for you.


  • Durable wood construction
  • Floor included
  • Tall interior space – over 90”


  • More expensive than steel or plastic sheds
  • Cedar may require more care over time



9. Duramax 30425 Storemate Plus

Duramax 30425 Storemate Plus

Duramax 30425 Storemate Plus offers an extremely economical alternative to steel or polypro sheds with their vinyl offering. This 6×6 shed clocks in at well over 6’ in height and can hold tons of gear.

The Storemate relies on galvanized steel supports to hold the walls, roof and floor together. A molded resin floor kit is included with the shed and provides stability for the structure as well as no-slip grip. You do not need to build your concrete or wood floor before assembling the shed, which is a bonus for many.

Extremely large doors allow you to put nearly any type of yard machine inside – they measure over 60” wide together and run nearly the length of the front wall.

Vinyl is an extremely durable material, which is why you find most homes covered in it. Having a vinyl shed is no different, and you can expect a great waterproof and UV resistant lifetime from the Storemate.

Extras include a window on one side and vented roof gables. There are also brackets to put shelves, although the shelves are not included. On the other hand, Duramax is a widely distributed brand and shelves are readily available at any large home reno store.


  • Economical
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • Excellent headroom
  • Large door width


  • No extended warranty
  • No shelves included



10. Cypress Shop Outdoor Garden Storage Shed 5×6

Cypress Garden Storage Shed

A galvanized steel shed that uses a color plate to look almost like a wood shed, No products found. uses steel supports to create durable, long-lasting storage space.

One of the great features of this steel shed is the sliding doors. Sliding doors allow you to place the shed in narrow places where typical, open-out doors would not work. The doors also have a padlock, not included, which allows you to protect your equipment.

Roof vents in the gables allow cooling on hot summer days, and the pitch allows for headroom of up to 80”, which will allow even taller individuals to stand comfortably inside.

Although there isn’t a floor included, this shed offers molded still edging for the walls and roof, so you don’t cut your hands when installing or working around the shed.

Lastly, the wood finish on the steel creates an aesthetically pleasing look that will make you reconsider getting a steel shed.


  • Woodgrain finish
  • Large sliding doors
  • Galvanized steel construction


  • 5×6 size may be too small for some
  • No floor kit included



How to Pick the Right Shed for You

When picking a shed, you’ve got to consider whether you’ll be able to assemble it first, or if you’ll need help. How it looks might also be important to you, and as you can see above, there is a wide variation in shed look.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to consider whether you want a plastic, vinyl, metal, or wood shed. Regular maintenance, durability, and warranties all depend on the type of material your shed is made out of, so see below for how to choose.

Shed Size

While most of the sheds above are either 5×6 or 6×6, the sheds can still vary significantly. That’s because the height of these sheds varies widely. Look at the roof first. If it seems like a steeper pitch, then you’ll likely be able to stand in there. Otherwise, you are crouching over unless you are smaller.

If you need to stand up bikes or hang equipment, you’ll want a higher walled or ceiling shed. Otherwise, your gear will be hanging to the floor and may end up with moisture damage. As well, windows in a shed cut back on wall space. That means a smaller shed with a window will have significantly less space than a no window shed of the same size.


Material is crucial to choosing the right shed. Metal and wood sheds can fade over time, whereas vinyl and polypropylene resin are more UV resistant.

On the other hand, steel does tend to keep its shape better than other sheds. Wood sheds are also incredibly durable, but require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best and rot-free.

Lastly, fabric sheds over steel frames are portable and sturdy. Although you may be better served with sturdier materials in more harsh environments that experience snow and/or wind.


First, does the shed come with a floor kit? If not, you’ve got to purchase a separate floor kit or make a concrete pad or wood frame on your own.

Secondly, does the shed come with shelving, racks, hooks, or other storage accessories? If not, again, you’ll need to purchase them separately or make them on your own.

Lastly, does the door lock? More than likely you’ll need to purchase your padlock. Make sure your shed has a place to put a padlock before you buy if you want to keep your gear secure.

Assembly Time

If you are handy and do lots of work around the house on your own, then you’ll likely be able to assemble all the models above on your own. However, many of these sheds require at least two sets of hands for holding materials and screwing. Keep that in mind when purchasing, especially the steel and fabric sheds.

If you are not as confident in your DIY skills, consult the installation manual – found online – before purchasing. If the recommended install times seem long to you, then that is an indicator that you’ll need help assembling. Otherwise, go for the simple plastic sheds that are often the easiest and quickest to assemble – and include floor kits.


Whether you purchase a wood shed or a simple plastic shed, you want it to work for your needs. That means size is likely the most important factor. Find the total volume to get a good idea as to how much gear a shed will hold. Once you know the exact size you need, then you can think about material, assembly time and other aspects.

As always, thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions or comments about these sheds, or if you’ve bought one of these sheds and want to give feedback, then please give me a shout, below.

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