27 Backyard Shed Office, Studio and Guest House Ideas

I cannot work in my own home. I’m lucky to string two thoughts together before someone or something interrupts me. As soon as I realized this, I started researching shed office ideas.

A lively home can be a beautiful thing, but not when you’re trying to concentrate. How many times has someone popped their head in your den to ask for a moment of your time? How many times has your family cranked the TV volume much too high?

That’s why I’m going to give you some excellent shed office ideas today. There’s a lot to say about having your own space, separate from the main house.

1. Customizable Prefab Backyard Office

prefab backyard office

Tuff Shed is a great company with which to work if you’re trying to build an office shed. Their products are customizable and they’ll even do a lot of the customization for you.

They can even install gutters.

This one is a 12×12 unit, big enough to fit your desk and any filing cabinets you may need. My favorite part about this backyard office is the windows. Natural light is a must for me when I’m working!

2. Small & Manageable Backyard Shed Office

Backyard studio

You’re pretty handy. You’ve decided you don’t need a pre-built base or help to erect the shed. If you want to do it all yourself, though, you’re going to need a pretty easy design.

Here’s a design that calls for lightweight materials, like plywood and drywall. It’s also small enough that one person should be able to manage most of it on their own.

What’s better, such a small unit means that you can find most of your building materials cheap or even free. In this design, the builder found his flooring material on Craigslist.

3. Solar Powered Shed

shed office

The backyard won’t be far enough to save you from interruptions. You know that and you’re thinking, “What’s the point?” Even though you have a clearing in the woods on your property, what are you going to do about electricity? You need electric.

Don’t give up! Have you ever considered solar power? For something as small as a backyard office, it won’t take much. This builder shows you how to do it.

4. Easy, Level Foundation

Backyard office shed
Know somebody who’s about to remodel their home? If you love natural light as much as I do, then it could save you a considerable amount of money to find used windows.

In this design, the builder received a discarded sliding glass door for use in their project.

Another great thing you could learn from this design is foundation construction. With a little concrete mix and a few pillar molds, you can achieve a level, inexpensive foundation.

5. Budget Friendly Office

backyard room

If you’re on a tight budget, this might be the design for you. Plywood is ninety-percent of this structure and with little to no insulation. This isn’t a year-round backyard studio. Unless you’re prepared to spend a lot on your electricity bill (space heaters).

Now, this is a great place for those who only need an occasional getaway. If you won’t be spending the better part of the day in your office, then this is a budget-friendly solution.

6. Galvanized Steel Is Tuff

backyard shed office

Tuff Shed seems to be a great way to go if you want amazing customer service and quick setup. The structure that this builder chose to use as a base is more of a backyard house than a shed.

It’s built on six-inch galvanized steel beams. For the layman, that means that you don’t even really need a foundation for this unit. You could plop it right down on the ground and never worry.

7. Backyard Studio From The Ground, Up!

backyard home office

As backyard studio ideas go, this is one of the greatest I’ve come across. I’m an artistic type as well, so the way the interior of this structure is set up is a dream. So many shelves!

Also, this studio is appealing in a visual way that doesn’t detract from the property value. The builder said they had little prior knowledge of construction before this project. They got along fine with only a little help from family members.

8. Rebar, Concrete, Welding…Oh, Boy

modern backyard studio

Sometimes, the foundation can be trickier than a simple gravel or concrete fill. Sometimes, you’ll need rebar and welding skills. This builder decided to build a rather large studio, which is why they needed extra support.

If you plan to build this shed, you will need help. You will need to pour concrete and make sure that the surface is level within an eighth of an inch. And you will need to do it before it sets and cures.

You’ll need a friend or two to beat the clock.

9. Two Houses Are Better Than One

back yard office

Who needs a shed or office when you could build a literal second house behind your house? Okay, so a small house.

Anyway, this builder shows you exactly how they built their backyard house in this design. This is perfect if you will be spending a lot of your day in this building because you have a lot of room.

Who wants to feel cooped up and suffocated by a tiny room? This is also great for those who do their best thinking on their feet, facing. (Like me.)

This can also be a backyard guest house!

10. Budget Meets Efficiency

In this YouTube video, you’ll see how the tiniest area of your backyard can become a valued bit of personal space. What’s more, the creator of this video shows you how to do it on a budget!

And it’s not like the earlier budget friendly shed we saw. This one has plenty of insulation so that you can use it for long periods of time in any season.

11. Backyard Office Shed, Explained…Thoroughly

If you’re like me, you’re interested in the ‘why’ of every step in a tutorial. Why are they using that material? What is the purpose of this step? The more I know about the steps, the better prepared I’ll be when building.

In this YouTube video, the narrator explains their reasoning every step of the way. You could use this video as a step-by-step guide to building your shed, even. It does help to have some previous construction know-how, of course.

12. All By Yourself Shed

Here’s a YouTube video to add to your list of backyard studio ideas. You can build this structure all by yourself; it’s so simple! Also, the builder had the great idea to use a crutch to install the ceiling panels!

The crutch is simple to make from old wood scraps you might have lying around. Just make a T-shaped pole that can reach the ceiling and then use it to hold up the panels. Now you can nail them in without struggling or needing to ask for help.


13. Rock On (Without Getting A Citation)

You have kids that need to practice for their school band. Or they’re doing their own thing with an electric guitar.

Or you are doing something with an electric guitar?

Either way, someone needs to make a lot of noise, right? If that’s the case, your neighbors would be…less than pleased, to say the least, if you acted on these needs.

Unless you had a soundproof building for this specific purpose! Watch this YouTube video to learn how to not get a visit from the police for disturbing the peace.

14. Customize A Pre-Fab

This builder gives you a complete breakdown of all materials used in each step in this YouTube video. They purchased a pre-fab shed with some customizations and further altered it.

You can witness each step in photos. The finished product is a tiny little house with french doors. It’s quaint and cozy and perfect for some time to yourself.

15. Babysitter Shed

Garden Studio
Of all the reasons for a backyard office that we’ve explored, this one might be the sweetest. Most choose to build a backyard studio to avoid interruptions from their families. This builder built one to be closer to their child.

You might not like that your work takes you away from your family, but you still need to do it. Build your office in the backyard where your kids play. It’s a great way to make yourself more available to them while still getting the job done.

16. Shed/Man Cave with Underground Wine Cellar

backyard guest house

Check out this amazing man cave! It’s even got a front porch for you to take breaks from projects and enjoy some fresh air! Do you work on larger projects? There’s a huge side door to accommodate entry for bigger items.

Or, you could open it to allow for a cool breeze in the summer.

One of the more interesting features of this shed is the underground wine cellar. Don’t care for wine? Well, now you have some extra storage space!


17. Flat Roof Backyard Studio

shed office ideas

Here’s a chic studio for any office work you might need to do. It’s large enough to fit a couch, so you could even hold meetings with clients or customers here at your home. The separate quarters offers privacy to discuss sensitive information.

There’s plenty of natural light from the oversized sliding glass doors, as well. The wood exterior is sure to match most any home decor. And if not, wood is paintable.


18. Nut Tree Studio

Are you looking for a nice studio to get your creative juices going in peace? Look no further than this structure. There are two separate spaces with their own entrances so this could be a great place for a creative couple.

If there is only one creative person in the family, the extra space makes for great storage! Or you could use it for a second hobby or trade!


19. The Woodstock….Shed/Office/Storage

This is a massive shed that has the potential to blend in with any home style. There’s plenty of deck space for those who want to use the place to entertain, as well. Excellent for backyard barbecues!

With plenty of space on the lower level, it’s suitable for almost any creative use. You’ll find that it has a lot of natural light, too! In the loft, you’ll find space for storage…or even a small sleeping area!


20. Glitterfarm Art Studio

This shed would make an excellent art studio. It resembles a greenhouse to an extent, so there’s more natural light than most hope for in a shed.

The rustic feel of it would make it more at home in the countryside or with a similar, eccentric style home.

There is a surplus of shelf space and plenty of floor room, as well. It will be easy to store supplies and set up easels or other creative tools.


21. 8×14 Music Studio Shed Office

This is a small recording space for those who prefer limited distractions. If you like to hyperfocus on what you’re doing, then this is the shed for you!

The attached hot tub offers you breaks that are complete refreshers. Go back to what you were doing feeling revitalized and clear-headed!

A wide deck gives you the option to enjoy sunshine and birdsong, as well. This is an artist’s dream space.


22. The Pods

Wanna work inside a giant ball? ‘Course you do! This shed is eccentric and modern, shaped like a sphere covered in wood shake siding. The large skylight overhead gives you plenty of natural light, as well.

The door is a panel that lifts up to grant entry, becoming invisible when it’s closed again.

This space would be great for a meditation or writing room!


23. Yoga Studio Eclectic Shed

Another spherical shed! It could be nice to set a space like this aside for the children in your family. You could turn it into a playhouse for them. The kids will love that they have their own little “house” to live in!

These kinds of sheds are so interesting because they break from the norm and add a splash of flavor to your property. Whether you use it yourself or designate it as a playroom, this space is a definite asset to your home.


24. Yoga Shed

Sleek and clean, this structure is perfect for a yoga enthusiast. It’s bright and open with lots of floor space to lay out your mat and ohm!

Narrow shelves force you into the minimalist mindset you need to be in. They allow only for small potted plants and the occasional interesting figurine.

Throw the doors open and enjoy some fresh air during your Downward Dog. You’ll definitely be able to calm your body and mind in this space!


25. Modern-Shed Craft Studio

The perfect getaway to get some writing done! This is one of the few sheds I’ve discussed that features a covered porch. Sit outside during a thunderstorm with a cup of coffee to reclaim your inspiration!

Inside, there is electricity and plenty of natural light. Immovable windows line the space at the top of the walls, just below the roof so you won’t be hurting for sunlight.

There are a couple of other windows that open, as well so you can let in some fresh air as you work.


26. Modern-Shed Vineyard Office

This shed is nice because it gives you a lot of room to entertain a few friends. A structure like this is a nice getaway to catch up with a few folks over drinks or cards.

Like the previous shed we discussed, it also has windows lining the foot of space just under the roof. This one has three larger windows that you can crank out for air circulation, though!


27. A Gentleman’s Coop Farmhouse Shed

At first glance, you might think this is a barn. You would not assume that the interior contains both fully electric and a wood-burning stove.

Most of this shed is weather-gray wood and the interior features an open-beam style. The wall behind the wood stove is cobble-stone, both to protect from heat and for aesthetic purposes.

This is a great place to get some peace and quiet from the everyday stressors of life. Even if you don’t need a dedicated space for work or play, there’s a lot to say for having a place to yourself to unwind.


28. Shoffice (Shed + Office)

Do you love modern architecture? If so, check out this shed slash office area that mimics the shape of an ocean wave! You’ll have a wide deck where you can take your breaks and two full glass walls for natural light!

This is a small area, but the two transparent walls make sure you don’t feel cooped up! This is great for someone who hates the idea of working all day indoors but can’t have their papers carried off in the wind.


29. Barn Office

From the outside, it looks like your typical, unassuming barn. But as soon as you step in the door, you’ll see walls of bookshelves and an office workspace.

In the “stables,” there’s space for an entire library! This is excellent for writers or people who love to read.

In another room, there’s an area for a dining table large enough to feed a clan of any size! And with full electric, there’s really no end to how you could use this space.


30. Hillside Studio Shed Office

With recessed can lights and nearly a full wall of glass, this place is not short on light. The building is smaller, so it’s best suited to someone who wants to hyperfocus on their project or task.

The dark hardwood floors and white walls give it a distinct executive feel from the inside. When you step out on your porch, the rustic exterior transports you to a calm countryside for a refreshing break.


31. Garden Tower – Backyard House

backyard house

This towering shed is basically a second house. It has a full fireplace, a living room, and an office. If you need a lot of extra space to yourself for work or if you often meet clients at your home, this is the area you need.

The exterior is a warm cedar and with a multitude of windows to keep the place feeling open and inviting. The front porch is a wide concrete slab that is perfect for barbecues or lounging during warm spring days.



Did you enjoy this list? I certainly enjoyed putting it together. Extra living space is too important to me and my work and that’s why I felt I needed to share this with you. Sometimes we all need our own small area that we can call solely our own.

Let me know what you thought about this list in the comments! Which of these ideas was your favorite? And if you liked this list, don’t forget to share it so your friends can enjoy it, too!

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