25 Impressive Pool Shed Ideas

Few things sound as magnificent as spending a lazy summer day lounging in a backyard pool. But how do you keep the space organized? What do you do if you need more amenities nearby? Are there pool shed ideas that take your backyard to the next level?

Fortunately, there are stellar options out there. Whether you need a pool house with a bathroom, a small shed for pool equipment, or anything in between, there’s something that meets your needs. Here are some impressive designs that can show you the possibilities.

25 Impressive Pool Shed Ideas

1. Beachy Pool Shed with Shower

pool house with bathroom

For a beachy vibe and a little something extra, this pool shed is a perfect fit. The dark wood shingles keep the look natural and a tad rustic, while the white doors, trim, and gable add an airy touch to the design. Composite shingles will stand up well to the elements, while the lighting built into the overhang ups safety and security.

One fun feature of this pool shed is the outdoor shower. A surfboard supports a traditional overhead sprayer and a foot wash spout. It’s a creative way to introduce amazing functionality.

2. Classic Garden-Style Shed

Pool Shed Ideas

If you prefer a traditional look, this garden shed design is an excellent option. It features a timeless crossbuck on the door, giving it a slightly rustic feel. Couple that with two windows with slim shutters and window boxes brimming with flowers, and you’ve got nothing short of a classic.

With this option, you can run power if you’d like. Plus, it’s large enough to serve as a shed for pool equipment while still having room for other outdoor items, like landscaping tools.

3. Pool Shed with Shaded Wet Bar

With a design that would work as well with a traditional home as a contemporary one, this pool shed with a shaded wet bar is a winner. The neutral greige color works well with most aesthetics, and the stone adds a natural touch without making the look overly rustic.

There’s enough interior space for some light storage, a changing room, or even a small bathroom. Plus, it supports two taps and has a sink built-in. The countertop overhang would allow stools to tuck underneath, too, boosting your seating options.

4. Coastal Cottage Pool Shed with Full Kitchen

If you want poolside seating with the convenience of a full kitchen, this coastal cottage pool shed could be your dream come true. It’s large enough to hold full-size appliances, allowing you to whip up any kind of meal and have cold drinks on hand. Plus, the large opening with extended countertops creates seating options for casual dining.

The look of this option is distinctly nautical, thanks to the classic navy and white color scheme and traditional touches. However, with some slight aesthetic adjustments, it could easily blend with nearly any style.

5. Industrial Pool House

For those who prefer an industrial aesthetic, this pool house is worth checking out. It features vertical metal siding, giving it ample durability and a contemporary feel. Additionally, the charcoal gray and white color scheme keeps everything feeling clean and modern.

This beautiful shed is also fairly large. There’s enough interior room for a nice seating area or private office. Plus, there’s still room for storage or a bathroom, depending on your preferences. The double doors bring in plenty of natural light and fresh air, too, ensuring the space never feels too heavy.

6. Traditional Pool House with Bar

Another outstanding option for those who prefer traditional styling, this pool house offers many classic touches. Along with Tuscan columns, the front gable has a lunette window, bringing in extra light and boosting the visual interest.

When it comes to functionality, this pool shed offers extra space. It could house a full kitchen, a seating area, or both. Plus, the bar seating is excellent for casual dining, and the windows above the counter can act as pass-throughs for added convenience.

7. Classic Pool House with Columns

This pool house is a hair smaller than the last one but features similar styling. The Tuscan columns give it a classic feel, particularly when paired with a lunette window in the gable. The single-hung windows over the bar area boost the functionality. They keep the look traditional while allowing you to create a passthrough for food or drinks.

With a strategic setup, this pool house shed could potentially hold a full kitchen, especially if you favor compact appliances. However, it could also work for a seating area, if you prefer.

8. Traditional Pool Shed with Pergola

If you’re looking for a petite pool storage shed, a poolside office, or a changing area with a bathroom, this traditional pool shed with pergola could be a solid choice. It’s compact, but the dimensions give you design flexibility, allowing it to serve a range of purposes.

White square columns support the natural wood pergola, adding a bit of contrast while keeping the look classic. The buttery yellow siding is subtle enough that it almost functions as a neutral, while the white trim and natural wood shingle room give it that little something extra.

9. Multi-Function Pool Shed with Covered Patio

Featuring traditional styling and ample space, this multi-function pool shed with a covered patio is an excellent option if you need versatility. The folding doors on the front reveal a relatively shallow space that can serve as a wet bar or kitchenette.

Off to the side, there’s another doorway into the shed, giving you an area that could serve as storage or a change room. You could also turn it into a pool house with a bathroom if you prefer. Thanks to the generous roof overhang and support columns, you also get a covered patio with this design.

10. Large Contemporary Poolside Guesthouse

If you want more than just a pool shed, this contemporary poolside guesthouse is worth considering. There’s enough space for a living area, bedroom, and path. Plus, you can likely work some storage into the mix.

If you’re less concerned about housing guests but have ample space, this base design could still work. You could convert the living area or bedroom into storage, turn it into changing rooms with multiple bathrooms, or house a full kitchen on one side and turn the other into a private office. The possibilities are endless.

11. Farmhouse-Style Pool Shed with Stone Fireplace

For those who prefer a farmhouse feel, this pool shed could be the perfect choice. It offers ample indoor space on one side with a sliding barn door with crossbucks over the entry. On the other is a covered patio area, providing space for seating.

But the most intriguing feature of this pool shed is the natural stone fireplace. It’s positioned toward the back of the patio, creating a space for resting and relaxing, even during times when it’s too chilly to swim.

12. Pool Shed with Stone Veneer

If you’re looking for larger pool storage shed, this option could be right up your alley. It’s a sizable building, giving you enough room for storing pool pump, toys, and more. Plus, there would still be enough room for indoor seating, a changing area, a bathroom, or even a small kitchen.

On the design side, this pool house features a lovely stone veneer along the outer wall, giving it that something extra. Plus, there are lights on two sides, keeping your swimming pool area brighter.

13. Contemporary Wood-Clad Pool Shed

If you appreciate a modern or minimalist aesthetic with natural materials, this contemporary wood-clad pool shed is a solid fit. The design is incredibly streamlined, allowing the beauty of the multi-toned wood exterior and interior cabinetry to take center stage.

On the inside, you’ll also find a counter that can serve as a wet bar, along with space for a small seating area. A portion of the shed could also serve as storage, a changing area, or a bathroom, giving you versatility.

14. Barn-Style Multi-Story Pool House

For a pool house that pulls double (or triple) duty, this barn-style multi-story option stands out from the crowd. It features a mix of rustic and industrial styling, coupling metal features with natural wood.

Plus, it has several usable spaces, including a storage area, workshop space, outdoor bar with seating, and accommodations for guests. The exterior also has a covered deck, increasing the versatility. All-in-all, it can serve as a pool house, secondary home, or even a primary residence, if you prefer.

15. Simple Pool House with Pergolas

shed with gazebo

If you were looking for a small pool shed with a gazebo, this option could be a solid stand-in. The building is the size of a typical garden shed, giving you enough room for pool equipment, a small kitchenette, changing rooms, or even a small bathroom. Along two sides, you have pergolas, giving you a nice area to retreat from the sun when the need arises. Ultimately, it’s a versatile but simple design, making it a solid choice for a range of situations.

16. Coastal Pool House with Clerestory Windows

pool storage shed

For a pool shed with a beachy feel, this coastal version is a must-see. The clerestory windows add visual interest while ensuring the interior is well illuminated. Couple them with the large glass doors and windows, and this pool house stays light and bright during pleasant summer days.

The structure itself is large, providing you with plenty of space for a range of needs. Plus, there’s an outdoor shower on one side, giving residents and guests a quick place to rinse off.

17. Cabin-Style Pool Cabana

small pool shed

If you enjoy rustic features like deep-toned wood cladding and forest green detailing, this cabin-style pool house is an excellent choice. It offers enough interior space for pool equipment storage, changing areas, or a bathroom. Plus, there’s an outdoor bar – which could be wet or dry, depending on your preference – with room for three larger stools.

The bar area itself is surprisingly spacious, having enough room for a small sink, taps, and a mini-fridge. However, with compact appliances, you could potentially outfit it as a full kitchen.

18. Twin Pool Sheds

shed for pool equipment

Sometimes, one small pool shed just isn’t enough. With this option, you get a pair of matching pool sheds, each with glass French doors, a unique roof design, and a reasonable footprint.

The benefit of this approach is that you could use one shed purely for storage and another as a seating area or changing room. You might even be able to fit a bathroom into the back of one if that’s a priority.

19. Mid-Sized Contemporary Pool Shed

Another option with clerestory windows but offering a more compact design is this contemporary pool shed. It’s a solid choice if you need a place to stash pool toys or want an indoor seating area. With a bit of planning, it could potentially hold a small powder room, too, giving it extra versatility.

The minimalist design makes it a solid choice for homes of nearly any style. Simple update the paint to adjust the look, and it could easily fit with traditional, modern, rustic, or industrial homes.

20. Stone-Clad Pool House

For those who like the look of stone veneers, this stone-clad pool house is the perfect fit. It features glass French doors, keeping the space bright and promoting airflow. Inside, you can even install a fireplace, turning it into a lovely seating area that you can use any time of year.

Since it’s relatively large, you could divvy up the space to add a bathroom if you wish. It could also be converted into a home office, should the need arise.

21. Charming Rustic Pool Shed

If you need a petite pool shed and enjoy a rustic aesthetic, this charming gem of a pool shed is an excellent option. You have enough room for storage on one side and a powder room on the other. Plus, there’s a lovely pergola on the front, providing shade to a small patio. Along one side, you’ll even find an outdoor shower, giving everyone a place for a quick rinse, too.

22. Traditional Shed Turned Pool Storage

For a simple option, this traditional shed turned pool storage is an excellent choice. The large double doors make it easy to store bigger items or access pool equipment stored inside. The generous window lets in ample light, keeping the interior bright during the day.

The classic siding and composite shingles boost durability, while the window box adds a hint of charm. Plus, since the design is classic, it can blend with nearly any style.

23. Rustic Metal Roof Pool House

If you like natural wood and appreciate the durability of a metal roof, this pool house is an excellent option. There’s a generous overhang on the roof, providing shade to the patio. Plus, the interior is quite tall, and the front face (and most of the sides) are glass, keeping the inside feeling airy and spacious.

Since this pool house is larger, you can carve up the space. Along with storage, it could serve as a changing area. You could also turn it into a guest cottage, complete with a bathroom.

24. Twin Wood Pool Houses

Another example of two being better and one, this pair of pool sheds maintains a natural feel thanks to the wood siding. The square footprint also makes them versatile, while the glass doors and large windows ensure the interiors remain bright.

This approach also aligns with nearly any home style since the main material is natural wood. Whether you’re traditional, transitional, minimalist, contemporary, rustic, or industrial, these twin pool houses can work.

25. Small Split Pool Shed with Outdoor Bar

If you want to handle your storage needs and have some entertaining space, this split design pool shed outdoor bar combo is a great choice. While it’s all covered by one stretch of the roof, the positioning of the bar and shed create a sense of separation.

On the aesthetic side, the combination of wood and stone keeps the look natural. While the roof is a composite shingle, the dark color allows it to visually recede, ensuring the wood and stone are what you notice first.


Having an amazing pool area is a must for anyone who enjoys backyard swimming. Each of the options above brings unique functionality to your yard, ensuring you have the storage or amenities you need to fully enjoy your pool area.

Did you appreciate seeing all of the various options? Is there one that stood out to you, or are you debating between several? If you enjoyed this list, please let us know in the comments below. Additionally, if you know anyone looking for different pool shed ideas to inspire their next project, feel free to share the article.

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