21 Pergola on Deck Ideas and Designs

Decks are fantastic spaces for relaxing and entertaining, but there isn’t always much shade. If the sun beating down on your deck makes it hard to enjoy, a deck pergola is a quick solution.

By adding a pergola to your deck, you get some shielding from harsh sun without making the space dark. If you think adding a pergola could be a great option, here are 21 pergola-on-deck ideas to check out.

21 Pergola on Deck Ideas

1. Pergola-Covered Deck with Outdoor Kitchen

This multi-level deck is incredibly impressive. The lower section features a large seating area with a cozy firepit, making it an excellent relaxing spot on cooler evenings. On the upper level, you’ll find a dining place and a massive outdoor kitchen complete with sink, grill, and more.

The sizeable pergola covers the majority of the upper section. It provides shade to the outdoor kitchen and dining space. It also shields part of the home from the sun’s harshest rays.

2. Petite Pergola Over Seating Area

Here’s another multi-level deck design that uses a pergola to create a comfortable spot for relaxing, even on the sunniest days. The pergola fits on the highest deck tier, ensuring the seating area below gets protection from the sun.

The rest of the deck space offers up to places for dining or sitting with friends. If you prefer, you could turn one of the spots with a dining table into a grilling space, ensuring you’re ready to entertain.

3. Industrial Deck-Spanning Pergolas

This deck pergola has a modern edge due to its unique material choices and overall design. The pergolas are made of metal beams and mesh instead of wood. That gives the space an industrial feel, blends well with the contemporary aesthetic.

The pergolas also span practically the entire deck. That’s particularly wise in this home’s desert setting, ensuring the sun doesn’t overwhelm the yard. Essentially, it makes the decks more usable, particularly during warmer months.

4. Roof-Style Pergola on Deck

Overall, the look of this pergola is considered transitional, as it could work well on traditional or contemporary homes. What makes it stand out is the angle, which is designed to mimic a pitched roof.

The benefit of that roof design is that it makes the deck feel more spacious than a flat roof. The space maintains a light and airy feel even though it’s fully covered, making the deck incredibly inviting.

5. Fabric-Covered Deck Pergola

Here’s another unique way to approach adding a pergola to a deck. The supporting structure feels classic with its simple design and slight Asian flare. As a result, it would work on nearly any style home.

However, what makes this pergola stand out is the choice of covering. Instead of wood beams, this homeowner opted for fabric. It’ll provide more shade than the beams but let more light through than a typical roof, keeping the space comfortable without making it overly dark.

6. Mid-Century Pergola on Deck

The mid-century modern aesthetic tends towards minimalism but often includes some intriguing lines that you won’t always see in other designs. This deck and pergola design is a perfect match for that style of architecture. The lines are clean and organized, but the triangular shape of the space keeps it from feeling too conventional.

Another nice feature is the contrasting colors. The light wood is coupled with a black supporting structure, giving the design a contemporary edge.

7. Modern Deck with Pergola

When it comes to pergola designs, this one is undeniably contemporary. It features clean lines and a striking contrast between the wood tones and metal structure. The shape is a bit boxy, which works well with a modern aesthetic.

There are even some industrial touches thanks to the choice of materials. The minimalist lighting has a slight industrial vibe, making the entire space feel cohesive. Couple that with low-back seating with clean lines, and the look is hard to beat for those who prefer contemporary design.

8. Pergola Deck with Fireplace

This pergola and deck design gives you a modern look with the occasional rustic touch. The large wood beams of the pergola have a slight barn-like feel, while the dramatic exposed hardware adds an industrial edge.

However, other aspects of the space are definitively modern. The fireplace has a clean look, upping the contemporary vibes. Couple that with the wood and metal railing; the final result is spectacular.

9. Solid Roof Pergola

If you need to balance openness with protection from the sun above, this solid roof pergola is an excellent choice. All four sides remain open, ensuring there’s good airflow. But the roof offers full coverage above, providing a lot of shade.

Another benefit of this approach is that the pergola shields the finding area from the elements. That makes the space usable on rainy days or nights, which is a nice bonus.

10. Partial Coverage Pergola

Sometimes, you don’t want a pergola to span an entire space. That’s where a partial approach like this one can work quite well. The pergola provides shade to the seating and grilling area but leaves the deck’s middle open.

With a design like this, the entire space feels breezier. Essentially, choosing not to extend the roof all the way across prevents the spot from feeling boxed in, but there’s still enough protection to keep the deck comfortable.

11. Wraparound Deck and Pergola

Going with a wraparound design is a wise choice when you use a small space like a converted shed for entertaining. The deck surrounds two sides of the structure, creating room for seating and grilling. The pergola for the deck makes sure that the entire area has shade, keeping it comfortable.

Overall, the final look of this pergola and deck is a bit shabby chic. However, adapting it to work with traditional or modern aesthetics would be easy.

12. High-Contrast Contemporary Pergola and Deck

For anyone who loves high-contrast design, this pergola and deck combo could be the perfect match. The supporting structure is a deep, glossy black, while the pergola beams are a light, natural wood tone.

You also have a lot of other contemporary touches. The ceiling fan is metallic and a bit minimalist. The countertops and cabinets bring in wood and concrete elements. Altogether, that leads to a very modern look.

13. Curved Traditional On-Deck Pergola

With this design, you have a deck pergola that gets attention. Instead of your typical rectangular shape, the pergola has two curved edges that elevate the overall look. Plus, the curved sides expand the coverage and keep the support posts in line with the railing.

The traditional feel is amplified by the design of the posts, too. While they’re clean, there’s more to them visually than you find with many other pergolas; those extra design elements make a difference.

14. Simple Cedar and Fabric Pergola

While this pergola is expansive, the overall design is very straightforward. The support structure involves cedar posts and beams, which work well with the wood and cable railing. The cover is green fabric, providing shade without making the space too dark.

This pergola provides enough room below to fit a dining table with ease. However, you could use it to protect a seating area, as there’s plenty of room for a sofa or sectional instead of a table.

15. Dual Decks with Pergolas

This design brings two decks together to create a lovely poolside spot for relaxing and grilling. The grill side features a more traditional pergola, ensuring shade while providing ventilation. The other part has enough space for a sofa and some chairs, making it an excellent spot for a chat.

However, what makes this design unique is the pergola roof over the seating area. It uses a louvered design instead of a more conventional approach, ensuring airflow while providing more coverage.

16. Rustic Deck and Pergola

Look no further than this deck with a pergola for a rustic look that works well with a cabin or country home. Most of the build is natural wood, which works well with the home’s wood siding. The only metal elements are the support posts; their color allows them to blend.

What makes this design particularly rustic is the stone around the base of the supports. The stone has a rough quality that makes the supports feel very organic, but the color helps everything feel cohesive.

17. Traditional Red Cedar Pergola

This pergola and deck idea feels very classic. The structure is constructed out of red cedar, known for standing up to the elements. The mid-toned color of the wood also goes well with the red brick, making it look cohesive.

However, while this pergola design is traditional, it could blend well with other aesthetics. If your home is rustic or transitional, the pergola could still mesh with the look, so keep that in mind.

18. Craftsman-Style Deck Pergola

The Craftsman style is known for excellent woodwork, and this pergola for deck design comfortably fits in the category. The end of the slats is meticulously shaped, elevating the design. Plus, the wood is left very natural, allowing the beauty of the material to shine.

This pergola and deck are also reasonably spacious. There’s ample room for seating, though it could work for a dining table or grilling area.

19. Second Story Deck with Pergola

This deck and pergola design works well for two-story or taller homes and houses with sloped yards and daylight basements. The upper level is half covered with a pergola, providing shade to a dining area. The other half is an excellent spot for lounging in the sun.

You also get the benefit of a shaded space underneath the deck. Essentially, it gives you another place for comfortable seating, which is excellent for entertaining.

20. Deck with Slim Pergola

This slim pergola option is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to up their curb appeal without blocking too much light from reaching their deck. The pergola frames the deck, which this homeowner uses as a hot tub spot, without fully covering it.

Overall, the look of this deck and pergola is a blend of traditional and rustic. The stacked stone is a lovely touch, and it works well with the natural wood of the pergola.

21. Mediterranean Deck with Pergola

Thanks to the material choices and overall landscaping design, this backyard has distinct Mediterranean vibes. The deck features a deeper-toned wood, allowing it to blend in nicely. The pergola is also a darker tone, ensuring that the nearby foliage is what pops.

However, the look of the pergola itself is also much more versatile than it initially appears. It could work well on rustic, modern, or traditional homes thanks to its classic overall design.


Ultimately, the pergola on deck ideas above can inspire practically any homeowner. Whether your style is minimalist, traditional, or anything in between, there’s an option that will suit your aesthetic.

Did you have fun exploring all of the pergola designs above? Is there a specific one that stood out to you? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you have a friend or family member who wants to take their deck to the next level with a new pergola, share the article.


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