How Many Yards Is a Ton of Gravel?

Few moments are as exciting for a homeowner as preparing for a project. If you’re about to update your landscaping, gravel might be necessary. But figuring out how much you need – and how to transport a genuinely heavy material safely – isn’t always easy. As a result, you might be wondering, “How many yards is a ton of gravel?”

Typically, a ton of gravel contains approximately 0.588 to 0.833 yards of material. The yardage isn’t consistent because several factors can impact how much a specific volume of gravel weighs. For example, its type and size play a role, as well as moisture levels.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that affect how many yards of gravel are in a ton. If you need a ton of gravel or want to make sure you get the right material for your project and can transport it safely, here’s what you need to know.

How Many Yards Is a Ton of Gravel

How Many Yards Is a Ton of Gravel?

Generally speaking, a yard of gravel usually weighs between 2,400 and 3,400 pounds. Since one ton of gravel equals 2,000 pounds, you can estimate the total yards by dividing 2,000 by the weight of a typical yard.

Using those weights and performing calculations gives you a range for the number of yards in a ton of gravel. Overall, a ton of gravel can contain between 0.588 and 0.833 yards.

How Many Yards in 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 15 Tons of Gravel

Tons Yards
2 1.176 to 1.666
3 1.764 to 2.499
4 2.352 to 3.332
5 2.940 to 4.165
6 3.528 to 4.998
7 4.116 to 5.831
8 4.704 to 6.664
9 5.292 to 7.497
10 5.880 to 8.330
12 7.056 to 9.996
15 8.820 to 12.495
20 11.760 to 16.660

What Does 1 Ton of Gravel Look Like?

What Does 1 Ton of Gravel Look Like

Precisely what a ton of gravel looks like depends on the exact volume present. A yard of gravel is represented by a cube that’s one yard high, one yard deep, and one yard wide, with one yard also being three feet.

A ton of gravel is typically between 0.588 and 0.833 yards in total. As a result, it can be represented by a cube with sides that measure anywhere from 21.168 inches to 29.988 inches.

What Impacts How Much Gravel Is in a Ton?

A ton is purely a measure of weight, representing 2,000 pounds. Gravel pieces don’t have a consistent weight for several reasons. As a result, the volume of gravel present if you have a ton of material can vary.

Knowing what factors influence how much gravel is in a ton is critical. Ensuring you get enough material for your project also assists with planning for appropriate transport since it’s a heavy material. Here’s a look at what commonly impacts how much gravel is in a ton.

Gravel Size

The size of the gravel influences how much of a particular volume is material and how much is air. When gravel fits tightly together, a ton of the material takes up less room than looser-fitting material of the same weight. As a result, a ton of smaller, smoother stones is usually a smaller volume than larger or rougher stones that don’t fit together as well.


Whether the gravel you have is wet or dry leads to a weight difference. When gravel is wet, water takes up spaces that are filled with air when the gravel is dry. Water is heavier than air. As a result, a ton of wet gravel will contain less gravel than you’d get with a ton of dry gravel.

Additionally, the level of saturation matters. Slightly damp gravel will have more air between pieces than highly saturated gravel. Since that’s the case, you’ll have less gravel material in a ton if the gravel is soaked than if it’s lightly moist.

How Many Yards in a Ton of Pea Gravel?

Pea gravel is a specific size and shape of gravel. Generally, it’s smaller, smooth, and rounded, not entirely unlike the peas people eat. In most cases, pea gravel is approximately 3/8 inches in diameter, though there can be some slight variance in the size of each piece.

Usually, a yard of pea gravel weighs between 2,400 and 2,900 pounds, depending on moisture levels. The exact size and shape of the pieces can play a role, too. As a result, a ton of pea gravel is typically between 0.690 and 0.833 yards.

How Many Tons in a Cubic Yard of Gravel?

How Many Tons in a Cubic Yard of Gravel

As mentioned, a cubic yard of gravel usually weighs between 2,400 and 3,400 pounds. The size and shape of the gravel impact the weight and moisture levels, leading to a relatively wide range.

Since there are 2,000 pounds in a ton, you can easily estimate the total number of tons in a cubic yard of gravel. Simply divide the weight of the gravel by the number of pounds in a ton. The calculation shows that a cubic yard of gravel is usually between 1.2 and 1.7 tons.

How Many Bags of Gravel Are in a Ton?

How Many Bags of Gravel Are in a Ton

How many bags of gravel are in a ton depends on the weight of the bags. Gravel bags come in many weights, with 30- and 50-pound bags being some of the most common.

If you’re dealing with 30-pound bags of gravel, you can calculate the number of bags needed to get a ton of material by dividing 2,000 by 30. Based on that, you’d need 66.667 bags of gravel to get a full ton.

For 50-pound bags, you divide 2,000 by 50 instead. That calculation shows you’d need 40 50-pound bags of gravel to make one ton.

Does One Ton of Gravel Fit in a Truck Bed?

In most cases, one ton of gravel can fit in a truck bed. Full-size pickup trucks can usually hold up to two yards of materials. Smaller trucks can typically hold about one yard. Since a ton of gravel is between 0.588 and 0.833 yards, it’ll usually fit with room to spare.

However, you also have to factor in the maximum payload of the truck before transporting the material. The maximum payload outlines the total weight the vehicle can safely carry, including passengers and any items within the pickup.

Before you move one ton of gravel in a truck bed, you need to make sure that the total weight of everything in the vehicle doesn’t exceed the maximum payload. Since maximum payloads vary by year, make, and model, you’ll want to review manufacturer documentation to find the recommended limit.

How Many Yards of Gravel in a Dump Truck?

The total number of yards of gravel a dump truck can transport depends on the dump truck’s size. Small dump trucks may be limited to 1 to 1.5 yards. Standard dump trucks can usually handle between 6 and 12 yards, while full-size dump trucks can potentially carry up to 16 yards of gravel.

As with pickup trucks, the exact amount of gravel a dump truck can safely carry isn’t based solely on volume. Instead, the maximum payload amount is factored into the equation. As a result, there may be times when the weight of the gravel limits the number of yards a dump truck can hold, even if it has room for additional volume.

Cubic Yards to Tons Gravel Calculator

While doing the math yourself is an option, using a gravel calculator makes it easier to convert cubic yards to tons when needed. By doing so, you can estimate the total weight of the gravel needed for your project. In turn, you may have an easier time determining your transportation needs.

How Much Does a Ton of Gravel Cover?

How Much Does a Ton of Gravel Cover

How much a ton of gravel covers depends on the number of yards in that ton. Additionally, the desired gravel depth impacts the total area the gravel will cover.

For example, if you want the depth of the gravel to be 2 inches and a ton of gravel equals 0.588 yards, it would cover approximately 95 square feet. If a ton of gravel is 0.833 yards, you will get around 135 square feet of coverage at a 2-inch depth.

If you’re aiming for a depth of 4 inches, you’d get less coverage. A ton of gravel that measures out to 0.588 yards would handle an area of nearly 48 square feet. If your ton of gravel is closer to 0.833 yards, it will work for a bit more than 67 square feet.

How Much Is a Ton of Gravel?

Gravel prices can vary dramatically depending on the size, shape, quality, and how it’s purchased. Generally, a ton of gravel can cost anywhere between $10 and $50, though some types may be closer to $60, $80, or $90 per ton.

If you purchase bags of gravel instead of getting a full ton from a supply company, you’ll usually pay more for the same volume. Essentially, buying in bulk without retail packaging can result in savings if you look at the same product.

However, there are other costs to consider. When you buy gravel, you may need to pay the supplier to transport it to your location, increasing the price. Additionally, labor costs can be associated with loading and unloading, though those may get wrapped up in the total you’re quoted.

Similarly, you’ll pay more if you have a company spread the gravel once they reach your property. How much that costs can vary depending on the amount of gravel you purchase and the size of the area you’re covering. As a result, it’s best to get a quote in advance to see how much it will run.

Conclusion: How Many Yards in a Ton of Gravel

A ton of gravel usually consists of between 0.588 and 0.833 yards. The exact amount varies depending on the gravel’s size, shape, and moisture levels. However, it’s also possible to get more or less yardage in some cases, so it’s best to ask the supplier or check the packaging if you want an exact figure for a particular type of gravel.

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