159 Free DIY Storage Shed Plans, Ideas and Designs


You’ve decided you’ve wanted to build your shed. It can’t be that difficult, can it? After all, your neighbor did it without any special construction skills. But then why do all the shed plans you come across seem so complicated?

I know the feeling. Don’t let complex instructions discourage you, though. I’ve put together this list especially for people like you. Here are 159 DIY shed plans that are a breeze to slap together!

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1. 10 x 14 Slanted Roof Shed

slant roof shed
This vinyl clad free-standing 10’x14’ Slanted shed provides secure storage for lawn and garden items. A 4-foot grid of 2x6s on deck blocks offers solid support for the lawnmower, snowblower, generator, and building materials. It has space to store ladders and makes accessing implements or materials easy. And it frees up the garage for the car.

Similar to a lean-to, the Skillion has a roof pitch greater than 6/12. It sheds rain and snow away from the door, improving access. The high front wall allows full-height entry, and high windows increase light. The tongue and groove double doors make it easy to move tools in and out, and the front window adds air and light.

Build this slanted roof shed

2. 4 x 8 Lean To Shed

4x8 lean to shed plans
This free-standing 4’x8’ lean-to shed is made of dimension lumber material. It is an easy and inexpensive way to increase storage. Built next to an existing structure, it provides storage for fertilizers, pots, planters, and other gardening items that should be kept separate from gasoline and tools. It also has a potting bench!

The SmartSide clad lean-to has a roof slope of 2/12, shingled to match existing buildings. It sits on a foundation of six deck-blocks for a solid, level base. The tongue and groove double doors provide access for larger items and light. Trimmed in 1”x4” pine, the lean-to is an attractive and functional storage addition.

Build this lean to shed

3. A Clever Garden Shed

Cute Garden Shed

If you want a large entry (without sacrificing aesthetic appeal), then check out this shed plan. Instead of a garage door, which can ruin the ambiance in a garden setting, why not try sliding doors? Not only does it give you a wider opening, but it will also have a domestic vibe.

Inside the shed, this design allows for storage of larger items in the rafters. (Kayaks, canoes, lumber for garden boxes?) The dimensions for this shed probably aren’t good for storing riding lawnmowers, but it can take a push mower!

Build this shed

4. 4 x 8 Lean To Small Outdoor Shed (With Video)

4x8 lean to shed

With both graphics and a video, these detailed instructions to build a lean-to shed are easy as pie. It would be quite a feat to get confused or lost while building from these DIY lean-to shed plans.

The tools for this project are simple, as well. The heaviest equipment you’ll need is a Kreg Jig, miter saw, circular saw, nail gun, and a drill. And since these plans call mostly for plywood, it can be a less expensive job, too!

Build this shed

5. Redwood Garden Tool Shed

Garden tool shed

Experts consider redwood to be the best wood to use in building above-ground structures. It’s used in decks, sheds, fences, and many other projects due to its natural strength. Redwood repels insects, as well, so it leaves your shed looking great for years.

The plans for this shed are simple and easy to follow. There is a lot of detail in them, so it’s unlikely that you will get lost or have any questions. It even goes into detail about what grade of redwood you should choose and for which parts of the shed.

Build this shed

6. A Simple Lean-To

5×7 Lean to Shed Plans

You’re not trying to build a plane hangar or anything crazy. You want a small shed to store a few pieces of garden equipment and other items. In that case, this 5×7 lean-to shed plan should be perfect for you.

This plan tells you every item you need, right down to the type of nails, so there’s no confusion. And if you’re not real construction savvy, that’s okay, because the tools are minimal. The heaviest tools you’ll need are a miter saw, jigsaw, and a drill.

Build this shed

7. 8 x 8 Free Storage Shed Plans

8x8 Free Storage Shed Plans

If you’re not looking for anything too fancy or you don’t need a lot of space, this is a nice design. It’s built for functionality, so there isn’t much in the way of aesthetics.

This won’t be a play area for the kids or a home office shed plan. (unless you fancy the no-windows thing.)

These plans include a ramp for easy access when loading or unloading larger items. Whether you’re using a dolly to wheel in boxes of seasonal items or you’re storing a push mower, it’s easy.

Build this shed

8. Portable Spacious Shed

8x16 Spacious Shed

Maybe you need a shed, but you also know you aren’t living in your “forever” home right now. Or your friend needs a shed, but it’s not feasible for you to drive two counties over every day to work on it for them.

Well, these instructions for an 8′ by 16′ shed will give you plenty of space to store your items. And best of all, it’s portable! You can load this shed onto the back of any flatbed trailer to transport it via highway for easy re-location!

Build this shed

9. 10 x 10 Three In One Potting Shed

10x10 Potting Shed

This easy shed plan is perfect for someone with a green thumb. It’s divided into three segments.

The first gives you an area to store all your basic gardening equipment. The second calls for overhead shelves to store your pots and seed starting trays. There is enough room in this design’s specs to accommodate a sizeable work table. This will be excellent for transplanting!

The last area is a greenhouse area perfect for coaxing your germinating seeds to life.

Build this shed

10. Backyard Getaway

Backyard Getaway

Too much noise, too many distractions, and too many people! If this describes your house, then maybe you’re itching for a little home away from home. Out of all the backyard shed ideas, this one is one of the more cozy ones I’ve found.

With four skylights and three windows, you won’t be hurting for natural light. The set of double front doors even opens on a small porch where you could take coffee breaks. Not much sets this shed apart from home, aside from the difference in size!

Build this shed

11. Simple Tudor 8 x 7 Shed

Simple Tudor 8x7 Shed

This shed is only 8’x7′ and an excellent choice for someone who only wants to store away a few seasonal items. You know, like that snowblower that crowds your garage all summer.

What I like best about these DIY shed plans is that it breaks down each step into sections and subsections. It will be almost impossible to get yourself confused or lost while building this design. The plans include detailed graphics, as well, in case you’re more of a visual learner.

Build this shed

12. Woodworking DIY Shed – Workshop

Work shed plans
If you need a well-ventilated workshop with lots of extra space, this is the DIY shed plan for you! It’s a simple metal-clad shed with extra storage space in the overhead rafters. The divoted roof is at an incline to assist with proper drainage and to help cut down on collecting debris.

This project appeared in the 2008 issue of The Family Handyman magazine. The designer explains each step to build this great workshop in meticulous detail.

Build this shed

13. 8 x 8 Five-Sided Storage Shed

8x8 Five-Sided Storage Shed

We’ve looked at simple sheds with four walls and sheds that look like miniature houses. But what if you want regular old storage shed, but with an added flair of style? The free shed plans have you covered!

Instead of the usual (boring) four walls, you get five for a kind of curved facade. The roof is almost conical, giving it a unique turret-like vibe. The author of these plans outlines the process using photographs at every step.

Build this shed

14. 16 x 20 Second Garage Ultimate Shed

16x20 Second Garage Ultimate Shed

If you’re often tinkering with the lawnmower or your motorcycle, you’re going to love this. This shed looks like a second garage, so it should be easy to make it blend in well with your home. It could even function as extra parking space, should you need it.

This shed plan includes a full list of materials, so you can get everything you need in one shopping trip. With step by step instructions and detailed graphics in PDF format, building this is a breeze!

Build this shed

15. A Quaint Garden Shed

Ultimate Garden Shed

Here’s a shed plucked straight from the pages of a fairy tale. With its exposed wood facade and tiered roof, this shed will look perfect in your garden area.

Imagine yourself working inside as it rains. A loamy breeze drifts in through the casement windows as you pack potting soil around a seedling.

The instructions are available in PDF format, along with a full shopping list. Download, print, and build!

Build this shed

16. 8 by 8 Boxy Storage Shed

8x8 Backyard Shed

This shed is a simple 8’x8′ storage shed with large windows to allow for natural light. The design calls for high-quality materials and a wide variety of tools. The author recommends that someone skilled in carpentry build this shed.

What I like about these instructions is that there’s an entire section dedicated to notes. The author offers helpful tips about the designs to help ensure your success.

Build this shed

17. Small Lean-To Perfectly Practical Shed

Small Lean-To Shed

This shed is a simple lean-to with sliding double doors. This would be a great storage space for lawnmowers – either riding or push. The design also calls for shelving, so you’ll have a place to store unused mulch or potting soil.

Above the door, there’s a thin row of clerestory windows to admit natural light.

Build this shed

18. Space-Saver Shed

Space-Saver Shed

You need the extra storage space, but you don’t have a lot of room to build a structure. Guess you have to keep cluttering up your garage, right?

Nope! This lean-to shed is smaller than a lot of the other designs we already went over, but it gets the job done. If you have a small strip of sideyard you can spare, then this might be the solution for you.

Of course, check your local zoning laws first!

Build this shed

19. The Grill House Shed Plus Shelter

Shed Plus Shelter

This shed design would make the ultimate hang out spot for barbecues! It’s a whopping 8’x16′, but half of it is a sitting area. It’s split longwise down its ridge vent.

The storage area and the porch are equal in size, which has its pros and cons. On the upside, the patio area is massive in comparison to other shed designs. The trade-off is the 4’x16′ space is a little cramped for the indoors.

The storage space is ideal for storing your grill and utensils for barbecues, though!

Build this shed

20. 8 x 12 Modern Shed Plans

8x12 Modern Shed PlansThis 8’x12′ shed’s front stoop is way smaller than the last design, but it’s got more amenities built into the plans. For example, this one prescribes electricity, an AC unit, and clerestory windows.

This shed is an excellent choice for a home office away from all the noise and distractions of your main dwelling. The non-distracting design is perfect for artists that want to hyper-focus on their art.

The final size of the studio is 8′ x 12′ and with all the extras I spent about $3000 total

Build this shed

21. 10 x 12 Schoolhouse Storage Shed

10x12 Garden Shed

This 10’x12′ shed is more like a colonial farmhouse than a garden shed. The front entry is 4’x10′ to accommodate larger items. This is great for woodworking or other projects that might need oversized materials.

The look of this shed will complement any garden area without overpowering it. It will enhance wildflower beds filled with daisies and black-eyed susans best.

Notated photographs aid the building process of this design. Full material and tool list are at the end of the instructions to make preparation a cinch!

Build this shed

22. 12 x 16 Double-Duty Pub Shed

12x16 Double-Duty Pub Shed

Bartender, one scotch on the rocks! Or a daiquiri. A pina colada? Whatever your preference, this is the shed for social gatherings. (21 and over, if you’re serving any of the aforementioned beverages). This is also a great way to store a barbecue or other picnic foods to keep the flies or pets away.

Building this shed is easy, thanks to the detailed instructions and photographs, too. And if your revelry goes on too late? There’s a loft area that you can use for a sleeping area…or storage. Storage is good.

Build this shed

23. 10 x 12 Backyard Sunroom Multipurpose Shed

Backyard Multipurpose Shed

If you’ve dreamed of having a sunroom all to yourself, then this is the shed for you! With plenty of double-hung windows for natural light, you can enjoy a quiet summer evening with a nice cup of tea. Enjoy the sounds of birdsong in the morning or the gentle cooing of a barn owl in the evening.

To build this shed, you only need to download and print the plans (in PDF format for your convenience).

Build this shed

24. 6 x 6 Free Saltbox Shed Plans

DIY salt box shed

This shed design is 6’x6′ and does not include windows in the plans. This is ideal for storing something that you would like to keep secure since there is only one entry point. The lack of windows means that would-be thieves cannot peek inside to browse.

These shed plans represent each step with visuals. In fact, they explain most of the design using mostly graphics. This isn’t one of the more difficult shed designs, so even if you aren’t a visual learner, this should be a breeze for you.

Build this shed

25. 12 x 16 Spacious And Gorgeous Gable Shed

12x16 Gable Shed

This shed will fit well in the backyard of any home. It’s 12’x16′ design makes it a more spacious option, as well, so you can use it for many different purposes. It has two entries, both of which are double shed doors.

The designs for this shed are intensive. Most of the plans are on a single graphic, labeled with great precision. So precise, in fact, that you may only need the one page to complete the project.

Build this shed

26. 8 x 10 DIY Gardening Shed

8x10 DIY Gardening Shed

Here’s a great shed design for those with a green thumb! These easy to understand plans even include a side porch with an overhang. This means that you will have a bit of shade to work in while you transplant seedlings!

These instructions even explain how to prepare the foundation. And we all know that is the most important part of building a shed, right? Everything is these designs is well explained and complemented with detailed graphics.

Build this shed

27. Gable Shed Plans

Gable Shed Plans

For this shed, you can choose the size of the finished product. This helps take away some of the math when you’re trying to expand upon an established shed plan. The shed designs for these plans come in 12’x10′, 10’x10′, 10’x8′, 8’x10′, and 8’x8′.

These designs also include a window. You could potentially turn this into a small workspace. Or it would be a nice area for a playhouse if you have small children. Best of all, the instructions are simple and easy to understand.

Build this shed

28. Trash Barrel Shed

Trash Barrel Shed

Want a shed that’s smaller than you are? For what would you even use such a small shed, right?

Well, remember how you feel every day coming home from work and seeing your trash cans in plain view? They look so out of place and they really detract from your home’s beauty. You hate it, but what can you do?

Tiny shed! These designs for the smallest shed on my list are so simple you can complete it in a single weekend. And it’s so small, the overhead cost on it is next to nothing!

Build this shed

29. Inexpensive Small Cedar Shed

Small Cedar Shed

“Inexpensive” and “cedar” are two words that usually don’t share the same sentence often. But this shed design shows you how to build a $1600 shed for under $300! It’s as easy as using cedar fence slats!

Made of quality materials at a price you can afford, the only thing better is the easy instructions. They take you step-by-step through the entire process and even offer some helpful tips! This is a builder’s workshop built by a builder for builders!

Build this shed

30. Shed with Fiber-Cement Walls


Fiber-Cement Walls shed

This shed design calls for fiber-cement walls. If you aren’t sure what that is, it’s panels made from a mixture of cement, sand, clay, and wood fibers. They are fire retardant and insect/fungi resistant. They also hold up better under UV damage than other materials.

The downside? If you use a circular saw, you’ll need one designed to minimize dust. There is an inherent respiratory health risk in breathing the dust particles.

These plans are well put together, though, and they give you all the tips you’ll need to complete the project. When it’s done, you’ll have a sturdy shed that ensures to withstand the tests of time.

Build this shed

31. Home Sweet Shed

Dream Shed Made Easy

This gorgeous little shed is the perfect addition to any back yard. With its charming awning windows and double doors, it looks more like a playhouse than a shed. As a finishing touch, hang a couple of window flower boxes for an added charm to this gable-roofed beauty.

Find these plans on The Family Handyman in an easy to view and download PDF file. This will probably take a little longer than a couple of weekends to build.

Build this shed

32. Natural Light For Days

Garden Shed Illustrations

This is a great shed to build if you’re looking for a little workshop for yourself. With eight windows, four on either side and three clerestory windows do you even really need a lamp?

The roof is high-pitched, so you won’t have a lot of problems with collecting debris, either. The double doors make it easy to load or unload larger projects or items that you’re working on, too.

The designer of these plans dedicates a separate PDF for each step of the process. This ensures that you are never overwhelmed by the process and each PDF is quick and easy to download.

Build this shed

33. 10 x 8 Easy Lean-To

10x8 Easy Lean-To

For these plans, there are a whomping sixteen pages worth of instructions. But fear not! It is not a complicated project. The designer was thorough in describing every step of the building process. The instructions run long with detail.

These plans are also available to download and/or print in PDF format. What’s great about this particular design is that it gives you instructions on how to build on a variety of foundations.

Build this shed

34. Garden Shed Addition

How to Build a Garden Shed Addition

Here’s an awesome shed design that you could use for any number of purposes! The awning windows let you enjoy a fresh breeze during a rainstorm without letting in any water. You could use this for a garden shed, a potting shed, or even a party area!

These shed plans call for cedar wood, which means that it will be naturally insect resistant. (Well, except for carpenter bees. They love cedar!) These plans are complex and only somewhat experienced builders should attempt the build.

Build this shed

35. 4 x 8 Narrow Shed

4x8 Narrow Shed

This little 4’x8′ shed is perfect for someone short on space who needs a place to keep their garden tools. It will accommodate the snowblower, weed eater, shovel, rake, and other smaller items.

What’s great about these plans is that it breaks everything down into easily manageable components. It lets you know the estimated time to complete, the tools necessary, and a material list. This would be a great starter project for someone who wants to get into the building.

Build this shed

36. 12 x 8 Free Gambrel Shed Plans

12x8 Free Gambrel Shed Plans

Want the barn look for your shed, but without all that high-maintenance wood? Well, these plans have you covered! This shed has everything you’d want in a barn, from the contoured roof to the wide entry for larger equipment. And it’s made out of sheet metal!

The plans take you through each step from the foundation to the finishing touches. You’ll find it difficult to get lost trying to build this awesome addition to your home.

Build this shed

37. 8 x 12 Value Shed Building Plans

8x12 Value Shed Building Plans

If you’re not looking for anything too involved, give these shed plans a look. It’s a simple square design, a spacious 8’x12′. There’s plenty of room to park your motorcycle or a four-wheeler or your riding lawnmower.

Since this shed doesn’t have any windows, then you probably won’t be using it for a workshop. Then again, it would be nice for someone who doesn’t want any outside distractions, I suppose. The plans include a full shopping list and a balance of graphics and written instruction.

Build this shed

38. How to Build an 8 x 10 Storage Shed

How to build 8x10 Storage Shed

Many people love the sound of rain on a metal roof (and I’m no exception). This shed design calls for a corrugated iron roof and also has a window for some natural light. If you’re looking for a quiet place to concentrate and draw inspiration, this might be the shed for you.

It’s a good-sized shed at 8’x10′ and the plans are fourteen pages long. They are not in PDF format, so you will need to print them directly from the website prior to building.

Build this shed

39. 16 x 24 Shed with a Beveled Overhang

16x24 Shed with Beveled Overhang

For this shed, you’re going to want a little more experience or at least have someone to help you out. The instructions for this one can get a little hairy at times.

Sometimes you’ll need to lift great sheets of siding and measure them against the half-completed structure. Although it may not be heavy, it could be unwieldy and difficult to keep steady by yourself.

The plans for this shed not only include graphics and detailed written instructions. It includes photos of each step as it is actually built!

Build this shed

40. 10 x 12 Backyard Storage Shed With Porch Plans

10×12 Backyard Storage Shed With Porch Plans

You’ll have all the comforts of a vacation deep in the heart of the forest…in your backyard! If you’re a creative type looking for a writing studio all your own, then this is the shed you’ll want to build! It looks just like an idyllic cabin.

This shed is 10’x12′, so it’s big enough for a writing desk and even a sitting area and bookcase. It’s got plenty of natural light from the skylights and the windows. Also, the double doors slide to the side for easy loading and unloading of furniture for your space.

And you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you reclaim inspiration on your front porch!

Build this shed

41. Adorable 10 x 12 Hip Roof Storage Shed with Dormer Plans

10×12 Hip Roof Storage Shed Dormer Plans

This shed looks like its own mini house. With its hip roof, standard door, and full lifting garage door, it’s ready for whatever you throw at it. And all while looking fabulous!

This shed design is for people who do sculptures (which can get a little bigger than a standard-sized door). This design is also for people who work on cars or need a place to park their riding lawn mower or motorcycle.

This design has plenty of graphics to assist in the building process, but it looks like you’ll need to print directly from the website.

Build this shed

42. 12 x 30 Insulated Work Shed

12x30 Insulated Work Shed

The worst part about working on a project in the winter is the cold. Your fingers get numb and it’s difficult to grip your tools. Also, you have to take lots of breaks to warm up, which makes the project take longer to complete.

Instead of going through all that, why not build this awesome shed? The plans are simple to follow and each step includes a picture of the progress.

Build this shed

43. 8 x 8 Easy Gabled Roof

8x8 Easy Gabled Roof

What I like about this shed is that it doesn’t look boring. Both the roof and the door contribute to this building’s unique style. The roof almost looks like it curves and you wouldn’t know the door was there if not for its frame.

How did they accomplish this look? It’s easier than it appears, especially if you have a pneumatic nail gun.

Build this shed

44. 10 x 16 DIY Modern Shed Project

10x16 DIY Modern Shed Project

This storage building design is awesome because it has tons of natural light. The only downside is that the instructions are pretty spare, but there are loads of pictures. If you aren’t experienced in building structures yet, then this might prove a little challenging.

However, the finished product is a gorgeous garage area. The wood siding gives it a homely feeling while the large garage door makes loading and unloading a breeze.

Build this shed

45. 16 x 24 Humble Shed

16x24 Humble Shed

This small shed is perfect for a novice builder. The detailed instructions explain each step without complicated jargon. The author of these plans also tells you what to expect going into each step, warning you of certain mistakes that are easy to make while working on this shed.

At the end of the plans, there are blueprints and a complete shopping list of everything you’ll need to build this project.

Build this shed

46. Hip Roof Shed Plans 6 x 6

Hip Roof Shed Plans 6×6

My first thought when I saw this shed was that it looked a lot like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. (It’s a British TV series.) This 6’x6’ shed has no windows in the design, only a standard door. It may look small, but it’s bigger on the inside.

Most of the instructions are implied in the graphic, so this isn’t a plan I’d recommend for a beginner.

Build this shed

47. 8 x 8 Gable Storage Shed

8x8 Gable Storage Shed

This plan doesn’t skimp on the visuals in the least. Almost every page of this design features a graphic labeled with care and precision. If reading instructions bores you to death, these plans will be a breath of fresh air for you.

This storage shed is 8’x8’, so you’ll have plenty of room to store whatever you like. Since this project calls for double doors, you also won’t need to worry about it being a pain to load larger objects into the shed.

Build this shed

48. Drive-Thru Backyard Shed

Drive-Thru Backyard Shed

If you’ve got a sloped lot and you’re on a tight budget, this “drive-thru” shed is your solution! There are a lot of reasons why someone might want a drive-thru shed, but the biggest reason is accessibility. You won’t have to move your car or lawnmower in order to get to the snow shovel on the other side of the garage. Having two entrances means a lot less work on your part!

Build this shed

49. 7 x 4 Small Narrow Shed

7by4 Small Narrow Shed

If you don’t have a lot of room in your yard for a shed, you might be able to get away with this 7’x4’ storage building. It’s perfect for someone who only needs to store some small ticket items like shovels, spades, potting soil, and so on.

The plans for this shed are seven pages long and are equal parts of graphic and written instruction.

Build this shed

50. 8 x 8 Gambrel Storage Shed

8x8 Gambrel Storage Shed

There’s something about a gabled roof that makes me smile. They have so much character and dimension. The plans for this shed build an 8’x8’ storage area that looks like a miniature version of a barn. The double doors take the struggle out of loading and unloading larger items, too, so this would be great for a woodworking shop! (Or to store motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, or ATVs!)

Build this shed

51. 8 x 8 Lean-To Shed

8x8 Lean-To ShedThese plans might put off less experienced builders or builders who hate long written instructions. But if you prefer written explanations to graphics, then it’s time to try your hand at building this lean-to!

The door is standard size and there’s only one small window at the front, so this won’t be practical for storing a riding lawnmower. A good way to use this shed would be as a home office or art studio. You could even make it into a personal library!

Build this shed

52. The Narrowest Shed

Narrowest Shed

I believe this shed is the slimmest model I’ve seen in my shed plan travels thus far. At only three feet deep and 8 feet across, you’re not parking a motorcycle in there. Instead, it would make a nice space to lock up your bicycles or your trash cans. (A 32-gallon trash can is just under 2 feet in diameter.)

The lean-to design makes it ideal in climates that see heavy snow or rainfall. The author of these plans explains everything in a friendly voice without a lot of complicated jargon. There’s a lot of great pictures to help you understand each step, too!

Build this shed

53. Woodshop Shed Build

Woodshop shed build

If you want to learn how to build a 12’x16’ workshop from someone who will make you laugh the whole time, give these shed plans a try! They also use several pictures to help you understand each step as construction continues.

These plans are also excellent for someone who might be struggling with an uneven lot. These plans show you a way around doing all of that expensive, time-consuming grading work.

Build this shed

54. 8 x 16 Shed with a Solid Foundation

8x16 shed with Solid Foundation

The author of this shed design cut no corners when erecting their structure. They’ll show you how to create squared forms, reinforce with extra rebar, and pour a level concrete foundation. If you take nothing else from these plans, at least pay attention to this foundation process!

They also show you how to add hurricane ties to the roof trusses in order to keep your roof in place during storms. Honestly, this is one of the sturdiest shed plans I’ve come across!

Build this shed

55. A Shed For Beginners

Shed For Beginners

This shed is great for a beginner’s first bigger project. It’s a fairly small lean-to shed that would be great for storing yard waste containers, tools, or even kids’ outside toys. The original builder made a few mistakes with this shed, which they mentioned. The good thing about that is that you’ll know the pitfalls to avoid when building this yourself!

Build this shed

56. Spacious Playhouse

shed playhouse plansThe written instructions for this shed are pretty spare, but it shouldn’t be a problem for a more experienced builder. The dimensions are around 8’x6’. For this shed, the author already had a paver patio for their foundation, so these plans don’t cover the building or leveling a foundation.

Since there aren’t windows in this design, it probably wouldn’t make a great workshop unless you don’t mind not having natural light. It would make an excellent storage area or playhouse for your kids, though!

Build this shed

57. Two Sheds For One Deal

Easy wood shed plans

These designs show you how to build matching sheds that serve different purposes. The shorter shed is great for storing pool toys and flotation devices. The taller shed can be used for supplies for your pool, like chemical treatments and nets for cleaning the water.

Don’t have a pool? Use the shorter shed for your deck furniture’s cushions and the taller one for yard work tools! The plans for these sheds are super easy to follow and understand. Even a beginner shouldn’t have too much trouble with this project.

Build this shed

58. A Serious 10 x 12 Shed

10x12 shed plan

We’ve been covering a lot of smaller sheds for a while, but this 10’x12’ structure is for someone who needs space. The double doors make it easy to catch a breeze if you’d like to use this as a workshop or office, too. There are even windows for some natural light if you’d rather keep the doors closed.

A design like this is meant to blend well with your home. If the color scheme doesn’t work well with your current decor, it won’t take much to modify it.

Build this shed

59. Cushion Lean-To type Storage Shed


lean-to type shed

When this builder decided to build a deck in their backyard, they also built a small walk-through shed to store their patio cushions when not in use. The plans are simple and explained well, accompanied by numerous pictures. They even show you how to waterproof the shed to help prevent mold and mildew.

Build this shed

60. A Slight Lean

Slight Lean

This lean-to almost doesn’t qualify as a lean-to, it’s slope is so slight! The wide double doors nearly take up the entire front of the shed, too. Finding what you need shouldn’t take much rummaging. Something like this could have several different uses. Store your garbage cans, bicycles, hand tools for yard work, or all of the above. There’s more than enough room!

Build this shed

61. 8 x 12 Idyllic Mountain Shed

8x12 Mountain Shed

The author of these plans built this breathtaking shed in the mountains. It features a metal roof, sliding vinyl windows, and a home-style door with small windows for extra natural light. I can’t think of a more picturesque building to use as a home office. They elevated this shed off the ground using concrete pillars and the varnished wood steps are the last welcoming touch.

Build this shed

62. DIY Shed with Steel Roof and a Ramp

DIY Shed with Steel Roof

Both the plans for this storage building and the finished product are praise-worthy. The author explains every tiny step of the process and also gives you the reason behind each step. Understanding why a step is important helps new builders to remember it. Plans like this one are great for new builders!

The shed itself has a broad double-door entrance for easy loading and several windows. There are double-hung windows on every wall in addition to a clerestory window. So there’s plenty of natural light, but you also have the opportunity for plenty of fresh air!

Build this shed

63. 10 x 16 Massive Garden Shed

10x16 Massive Garden Shed

The author of this shed design shows you how to build a gorgeous 10’x16’ storage building. If you wanted to repurpose this as a home office or studio, then I would choose a different style of windows. The windows in this design do not open, so there’s little to no ventilation.

As a garden shed, this design works well since it has the larger double-doors and two windowless walls. Having somewhere to hang garden tools or erect shelving is a great space saver!

Build this shed

64. 12 x 18 Fairy Tale Shed

12x18 Fairy Tale Shed

This shed is way too extravagant to waste it by using it for storage. It’s 12’x18’ with eight-foot-tall walls and a cupola! Above the double doors is a wide swathe of clerestory windows for some natural light, too! There’s also a couple of double-hung windows. So, if you decide to use this as an art studio, you can air out the fumes from your paints or chemicals.

The cedar shake siding really brings it all together, in my opinion. If you’re planning on building this shed, expect it to take a little more time and money. But it’s way worth it!

Build this shed

65. 8 x 6 Distraction-Free Zone

8x6 diy leanto

Usually, when you see a small lean-to storage building, you think it could only be used as a tool shed. But this one has enough windows and space to be used as a tiny office area. The clerestory windows over the door provide extra natural light. Double-hung windows on two sides offer more light and the opportunity for some fresh air.

This is a small area, but it would be ideal for those who find themselves distracted by the slightest temptation. There’s only enough room for yourself and a few other things, so distractions are at a total minimum.

Build this shed

66. Cabin Staycation

Shed with pergola

So, these plans aren’t going to show you how to build this shed from scratch, because the author renovated their existing shed. However, it will show you how to remove stucco and erect a pergola! This shed idea is amazing, though. An experienced builder who doesn’t need detailed instruction could probably eyeball this design and build the shed.

Build this shed

67. 10 x 12 Unique Lean-To

10x12 Unique Lean-To

This lean-to shed is more interesting to me than others I’ve seen because it has an entrance on the shorter wall. Usually, with such a small shed, you only see designs with one entrance, but this one has two. The other entrance uses a sliding barn door style, which adds some extra character to this project.

Build this shed

68. DIY Stylish Skillion Shed

DIY Skillion Shed

Like the last shed, it also uses a sliding barn door for the entrance. The windows in the door is the only source of natural light, so you might want to consider running electric to this shed. Even in the day, it might be difficult to find something in here without a flashlight.

This is a pretty simple design to follow if you’re new to building. The author includes a picture for every step of the process.

Build this shed

69. Home Office/Tiny House?

Home Office Shed

This building is large enough to become anything you want it to be. The author ran electric to it, too, which makes it even more livable. The style of this structure even looks like a house! This would be excellent as a home office, art studio, workshop, or even extra living space for aging parents.

Build this shed

70. Modern 8 x 10 Shed

Modern 8x10 Shed

The author says that this was their first attempt at construction, but this shed looks like it was built by a pro! The entire front of this 8’x10’ lean-to are double-hung windows. They also included a sliding glass door for the entrance, as well, maximizing on their opportunity for natural light and ventilation!

The style is chic and rustic at the same time, something to which the cedar shake siding contributed, I’m sure.

Build this shed

71. Inside, Too!

garden shed design ideas

A lot of shed plans will show you how to build the structure and then they leave the interior up to you. In this design, though, the author shares what they did with the inside. You’ll get some ideas about where to put electric outlets, the fuse box, the shelves, and a lot more.

But keep in mind that they are only ideas. You can do whatever you like with the interior of your structure!

Build this shed

72. Funny Shed Plans

Funny Shed Plans

The author of these shed plans is an absolute riot! Even though their first language isn’t English, you can hardly even notice. This person explains every single step of the process to build this gorgeous shed while making you laugh the entire time.

The final result is a massive living space with stylish cladding and a patio area to enjoy nice weather with your favorite beverage.

Build this shed

73. 4 x 12 Tool Shed

4x12 Tool Shed

This is a small shed, but its wide face, windows, and double doors make it look a lot bigger than it is. I love the natural wood look and think that it gives it a more luxurious look than if it was painted. The double doors have a barn style to them, which casts a down-to-ear air on the structure.

This would make an excellent storage unit for unused patio furniture or long-handled garden tools.

Build this shed

74. 8 x 12 Charming Storage Space

8x12 shed plan

The plans for this tiny shed include a window for natural light. The door is standard-sized, which shouldn’t be a problem considering that this shed is on the smaller side. You probably won’t be storing anything too large in there.

The author used concrete posts to build the foundation for this shed. They go through each step of the process with explanations for why they chose to do things the way that they did. They included a ramp in this design, too, so you can use a dolly if you need to.

Build this shed

75. Metallic Shed

12x12 metal shed design

This 12’x12’ shed is clad head-to-toe in metal, so make sure you have good insulation if you want to use it as an office. The design only has one window, but you can modify it if you’re experienced or feel confident in your skills.

This is a lot of space and the wide door coupled with the ramp would make this a nice storage building for your riding lawn mower, motorcycles, or other large items.

Build this shed

76. Garage, Storage, & Possibilities!

20x12 lawn mower shed

Who doesn’t like versatility? This epic shed plan features a garage door with a ramp, a standard sized front entry, and double-hung windows! To top it off, it’s a whopping 20’x12’! Run some electricity to this and you’ll have a workshop, a studio, or even some extra living space! The possibilities are endless!

Build this shed

77. Gambrel Shed with Overhang

Gambrel Shed with Overhang

This beautiful structure allows you to have your very own driveway for your riding lawnmower! The plans for this shed describe how to build the trusses for this interesting style of roof, as well as how to attach gussets. A lot of times shed plans will skimp on these details. If you’re new to building, this is a fine project to get you started!

Build this shed

78. 8 x 10 Backyard Office Build

8x10 Backyard Office Build

This is a small building with many windows, so you won’t even really need to turn on the lights during a bright day. The original builder wired it up for electricity because they intended to use it as an office building. They even show you how to install an air conditioner in the structure.

The only thing I would add to this cute office is some insulation, especially if you live somewhere with bad winters.

Build this shed

79. 16 x 12 Shed with Drawing

16x12 Shed with Drawing

This is one of the first shed plans I’ve seen where the author included not only a full shopping list but the price he paid for the materials. This shed also has an attic with sliding doors for access, which I thought was a really fresh and interesting idea.

The total size of this structure was 16×12, but keep in mind that half of it isn’t enclosed. It’s split down the middle, so that half is for a driveway area.

Build this shed

80. 16ft x 8ft Tall Barn Style

16ft x 8ft Tall Barn Style

In this design, the author chose to tighten the pitch on their gabled roof and the result is stunning! Bear in mind that the steeper the pitch, the easier it is to lose your footing when placing the shingles. If you plan to build this shed, then make sure you have someone with you in case of a fall.

This storage building is 16’x8’ with thirteen-foot high walls. There’s lots of storage space, but at thirteen feet tall, be careful on that roof!

Build this shed

80. Spacious & Convenient

super simple shed design

Here’s an amazing design for a super simple shed. These plans detail how to prepare the base for a concrete foundation, as well. By the end of it, you’ll have a 10’x12’ workspace with a concrete ramp.

This is especially helpful for those who plan to use their shed for storage purposes. It is also helpful for those who might need to wheel heavy office furniture into the shed.

Build this shed

81. 10 x 7 Hillside Storage

10x7 Hillside Storage

Is your side yard not only tiny but also on a steep grade? You might have given up on the idea of ever building a shed there. Well, the author of this shed design shows you how to build a level foundation on a hill that will fully support some extra storage space!

The best thing about building this shed (or any shed, really) is that it’s fully customizable. For example, the original builder chose a pale blue for the paint and added some cedar shingles. You could choose to do your entire shed in cedar siding or change the color or whatever you like!

Build this shed

82. Quick Shed for Tools

Quick Shed for Tools

The author of these plans built this shed in eight hours by themselves. However, this builder seems experienced in carpentry work already. That, coupled with the sparse photographs and written instructions, could lead to confusion for a newbie. I suggest inviting a more experienced builder to help you build this small lean-to unit if this is your first big project.

The double doors of this building are nice because you can clearly see and reach everything with ease. This is an excellent idea for garden tools and supplies!

Build this shed

83. Outdoor Storage Locker

Outdoor Storage Locker

Here’s a fun spin on a lean-to storage unit! The author of this design used another design as its base and modified it. The original design is from The Family Handyman, but that design did not include ventilation. The author of the modified design added those themselves.

This design shows you how to create a level, square foundation as well as anchor it to the ground. Even though it doesn’t have any windows, the plastic corrugated roof will provide more than enough natural light during the day.

Build this shed

84. 12 x 16 Summer Shed Building Project

12x16 Summer Shed Building Project

This 12×16 design has space to spare! Looking to get some sentimental clutter out of your house (but can’t bear to throw it away)? Need a special place to concentrate, work out, or focus on your dearest hobby? With this shed plan, you won’t have to sacrifice on account of too little space!

With seven foot walls and 8/12 pitch roof, make sure you have a spotter nearby in case you slip while installing the roof. This took the original builder around three solid weeks to build by himself with minimal help from their wife. To speed up the process, you could always invite over a friend!

Build this shed

85. Shed of Doom?

Shed of Doom

The author of this shed sounds hilarious. You’ll have a lot of fun following their directions to build this epic lean-to style building!

Following this person’s instructions to build a shed is like watching a very entertaining misadventures series. There are a few good things about this, two of which are 1) you’ll stay interested as you read the instructions, and 2) you’ll know what not to do!

Build this shed

86. Bike/Toolshed Project

Bike Toolshed Project

How many times have you had to take a door off the hinges to squeeze through a larger object? I’ve done it countless times.

Well, with this bright and cheery lean-to plan, you won’t have that issue! The main entry is a roll-up shed door! That means that you’ll never have to worry about the door getting in the way again when you’re trying to load/unload something.

This design also shows you how to install a window and some shelving. The only thing I might add is an entry ramp.

Build this shed

87. Push Mower Storage

Push Mower Storage

This shed design shows you how to build a small lean-to that’s perfect for storing your push mower! You can also store smaller items you might need under the roof/lid of the unit since this design shows you how to build a shelf there.

The coolest thing about this shed is the retractable ramp. The original builder used a plank of thick wood and a pair of hinges to accomplish this.

Build this shed

88. House of Chicken

Chicken Shack

Why give your chickens a drab old coop when you could give them their very own house? That’s what the original builder of these shed plans did! There are two windows for natural light in the front as well as a standard sized door for easy entry.

In the back, the chickens have their own chicky-door on a set of hinges. The builder also laid down linoleum for easy clean-up and installed two sizable roosts for their seventeen chickens!

Build this shed

89. 16 x 16 Greenhouse Potting Shed

greenhouse potting shed

There’s something so satisfying about looking at this 16’x16’ shed. The original builder built this alongside their wife and I have to say that the wife’s cosmetic taste was impeccable. The stained cedar siding really brings this whole thing together!

I particularly like the awning style windows that are set within panes of stationary glass. It’s unique and gives the shed it’s own kind of personality!

Build this shed

90. Fairytale Cottage

diy fancy shed

Honestly, the windows for this shed is what really sells it. Instead of the typical double-hung or awning windows, the author of these plans used cathedral windows with extended legs. The unusual shape of these wood windows really makes everything else pop a little more.

The wood french doors help tie it together even more, so even the modern metal roof doesn’t ruin the effect.

Build this shed

91. Lawn Mower Shed Build

Lawn Mower Shed build

Here’s a small shed to store your push mower! This is a little less involved than the other push mower shed we looked at, so it would be a good project for a beginner. Or it might be just what you’re looking for if you don’t need the extra shelf space or a lift-away roof.

On the side of this shed, the designs show you how to build a small containment area for your trash bins. This is great if you want to designate a place to store the bins when not in use.

Build this shed

92. Grandfather Shed

DIY sentry shed build

You want a place to put the rake, shovel, and hoe. You don’t need a lot of room or anything, but if you step on that rake in the yard one more time, you might scream. The author of these plans has you covered!

Here’s a super slim storage building that looks a lot like a grandfather clock from days of old! It’s easy to put together, so you’ll likely only need one good day of hammering nails to finish this project!

Build this shed

93. Pallet Man Cave

Man Cave Shed

The author of these plans built this over the course of a year, but it could be finished in a weekend. The author is a self-proclaimed procrastinator! This is an excellent design to follow if you have a bunch of old pallets laying around with which you aren’t sure what to do.

Pallets are even great for creating rustic-looking siding! Give these plans a look if you’re interested in building a small room to escape or store tools!

Build this shed

94. Unattached Lean-to Garden Shed

Unattached Lean-to Garden Shed

Even if you don’t want to build this particular shed, the author of this design imparts some great wisdom. For example, they give you an idea for what to do with perfectly good sod when preparing the base of your shed.

In another step, they remind you to check with your city to see if you might need a permit. In this design, the original builder didn’t attach the shed to their house as they first planned, because they would have needed to build the foundation beneath the frost line.

Build this shed

95. DIY Garden Shed

DIY Garden Shed

This is an excellent project for a beginner as it doesn’t have a lot of complicated or tricky steps. These plans will help you get organized for your gardening forays in the spring and throughout the summer.

They show you how to build a modest storage building with double-doors, hanging basket-drawers, and hooks for smaller hand tools. This is also a relatively inexpensive project to undertake, so you might want to check it out if you’re on a budget.

Build this shed

96. Camo Shed

Camo Shed

The original builder designed and built this unit in order to give them a place to work on creative projects. However, the mossy green color gave me the idea that it could even be a good hunting blind (with slight modifications, of course).

The door is standard-sized, but the original builder chose to make it into a double door. It does add some style to the shed, but you could easily install a pre-made standard door if you liked it.

Build this shed

97. Hide The Mess

small shed

There’s stuff everywhere. It’s in your yard, on your tiny porch, and crowding your one-car garage. You also have only a tiny bit of space to build a shed. Well, the original builder of this design had that same problem and they show you how to fix it.

And if money is an obstacle, they’ve got you covered there, too. They give you some great cost-saving tips like going to a salvage yard to use reclaimed windows and doors.

Build this shed

98. Recycled Water Shed

Recycled Water Shed

The design for this shed goes pretty in-depth about how to prepare the foundation of your shed, so that’s super helpful! However, the rest of the instructions are a little spare, so you might want to go into this project with a little more experience in carpentry work.

The author of this design built this to water their garden they plan to plant on their new property. They show you how to collect rainwater in four large barrels using your gutters. This is an excellent plan for anyone who wants to minimize their city water usage for their gardening needs.

Build this shed

99. Diamond Shed

Diamond Shed

This shed is made entirely of diamonds, so expect a budget of…

Just kidding! The author of these plans designed this shed to be in the shape of a diamond, though! It looks really neat, snug in the corner of their yard, tucked close to the fence line. It even gives the roof a more rounded look, which helps it to stand out a little more than a traditional shape.

Build this shed

100. Tool Storage with 3D Plan

Tool Storage with 3D Plan

This is the most luxurious looking tiny lean-to I’ve come across yet. The full cedar shake siding and the traditional three-dimensional asphalt shingles make it look like more effort than it is. The double doors with small windows give the impression of a miniature house in an old, well-to-do neighborhood.

Its dimensions are fairly small (36″Dx70″Wx70″H), but if you’re looking for a stylish place to hide gardening supplies, machinery, or the trash bins, you can’t go wrong with this easy design!

Build this shed

101. Pop A Wheelie!

48 wide by 55 shed

This shed is different from the rest because it’s mobile! Your neighbors will be so jealous when you can move your shed to another part of the yard, but they can’t. Foundations have their uses, but they have their drawbacks, too!

This is a brilliant solution for someone who might need a shed only during the spring and summer months (gardening). This is especially true if you usually use the space where your proposed shed might go for something else in the fall and winter.

Build this shed

102. Cheap, Massive, & Sturdy 10 x 10 DIY!

10x10 shed

This 10’x10’ shed is going to take some time to build if you’re working alone (four months), but it’s well worth it! The original builder only spent around $500 to build it and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

The French doors are full glass, so if you’re going to keep something expensive or valuable in it overnight, make sure you build it inside a fence. This design also includes a couple of windows, so natural light is just pouring into this shed!

Build this shed

103-112. 10 Amazing Firewood Storage Shed Plans

firewood storage sheds plans

This collection of ten different shed plans show you how to build areas for your firewood, garden/farming tools, and even a home office and/or guest house! Firewood is often a must if you live out in the country in a big, aging house. And keeping that firewood dry and ready to use at once is imperative!

This collection also gives you a range of lean-to and gable-style designs from which to choose. If you need a place to store your hunting gear, animal feed, or you want a man cave or she shed, this is the list for you!

Build this shed

113-135. 23 Massive Shed Designs

shed designsIf you’ve been looking through this list and thinking to yourself, “It would be perfect if only it was a little bigger,” then check out these designs! Each of these plans call for much larger dimensions than many of the shed designs we’ve already discussed.

For example, there are plans for pole barns in dimensions of 39′ x 60′ and 52′ x 60′. There are also feeding barn plans that help you build a unit as large as 30′ x 56′! If you’re looking for plans with a little more heft, check these out for sure!

Build this shed

136-159. Mailboxes & Shed Shelves

free shed plansWe haven’t really looked closely at how to build the shelves for your shed once they’re completed, have we? Well, let’s make up for that with these 23 plans that cover everything from building mailboxes to barns to firewood storage to…

Yes! Building shed shelves! Building shelves might sound like a simple thing, but these plans could give you more creative ideas! There’s even one design with a built-in work table!

Build this shed

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this list? One of my biggest obstacles, when I was looking for designs for my own shed, was finding ones that were free. I knew that if I was having trouble, someone out there might be having the same issue.

Let me know what you thought of this article in the comments. Did you have a favorite design? Is there one in here that you think would be perfect for you? And if you liked this list, share it with your friends on social media!

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