21 Gorgeous Enclosed Patio Ideas and Designs

Many homeowners look for enclosed patio ideas to make sure that their outdoor living space is highly useable all year round. A patio enclosure also provides privacy, as it often visually shields the space from nearby properties.

Plenty of fantastic covered patio designs also ensure an option suits nearly everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 21 gorgeous enclosed patio ideas to get you started.

21 Gorgeous Enclosed Patio Ideas and Designs

1. Covered Patio with Outdoor Kitchen

For a top-notch outdoor dining space, this enclosed patio design is a standout. There’s enough space underneath the roof for a dining table. Plus, an outdoor kitchen along the wall provides a spot for grilling, cold drinks, and some prep work.

Another nice feature of this design is the firepit beyond the covered space. That can create some coziness on cooler nights, ensuring the patio is usable most of the year.

2. Traditional Screened Patio

Screened patios are excellent options for homes in areas where bugs become problematic during parts of the year. The screens keep the bugs out but don’t block the sun or stop breezes from coming through. As a result, they make an outdoor space more usable without completely removing you from nature.

This design also offers a fantastic stone wall with built-in planters. That helps keep the look natural while providing ample privacy.

3. Traditional Enclosed Patio with Fireplace

With this enclosed patio design, you get the feel of a traditional living area while still being able to enjoy the outdoor air. There are also large windows along the size, ensuring plenty of natural light. The space is ample enough to provide room for seating and a bistro table.

But the most intriguing feature is the traditional brick fireplace. The patio area is still an area the homeowners can enjoy even after the weather turns chilly.

4. Southwestern Enclosed Patio

For a patio area with southwestern styling, this patio fits the bill. It features multi-toned pavers as the flooring and a vibrant fence with a similar look. The entire space is shielded from the surrounding properties due to the fence, too, making the patio area incredibly private.

Another nice feature of this back patio area is the fireplace built into the fence. It can serve as a source of light after dark, and it helps keep the space warmer on cooler days and nights, ensuring the homeowners can enjoy their patio year-round.

5. Covered Outdoor Great Room

Homeowners with ample space in their yard will likely appreciate this outdoor great room option. The covered patio area has enough room for a large seating area, a place for dining, and a bar with room for stools, making it an excellent entertaining or relaxation space.

Plus, the patio extends beyond the covered section. That creates even more room for entertaining and provides space for additional seating covered by umbrellas.

6. Flexible Covered Sunroom

With this design, the homeowners don’t just get a patio enclosure; they have a flexible space to adjust. The two outer walls are made of folding glass doors. When pulled back completely, the area opens to the yard, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and gentle breezes.

The space is also ample. There’s enough room for seating, a bar with stools, and a small kitchen area. As a result, it’s an excellent spot for entertaining, casual dining, or relaxing.

7. Contemporary Enclosed Patio with Pool

This enclosed patio features a contemporary aesthetic with plenty of clean lines and a limited color palette. The covered area is substantial, creating an ideal spot for seating. The rest of the space is technically a screened patio, shielding the area from bugs and falling leaves.

The enclosure is also home to a pool, protecting it from animals, birds, or falling leaves. There’s also a spot for dining and several lounge chairs for soaking up the sun.

8. Modern Enclosed Patio

This modern enclosed patio is a winner for homeowners who prefer a modern aesthetic and the look of natural materials. The floor is slate, so natural color variations add a sense of warmth. The ceiling is wood paneled, enhancing the look and creating a wow moment.

The glass windows have as little framing as possible. As a result, the windows allow the homeowners to fully enjoy the view, all while being sheltered from the elements.

9. Small Covered Patio with Fireplace

This option works incredibly well for homeowners with less room for a patio. The covered area is enough for a small outdoor living room, ensuring the seating area is shielded from the rain and not overly exposed to the sun.

Plus, a fireplace will provide warmth on cooler nights, keeping the area cozy. This design also helps make the nearby pool a private space, as all the walls are solid, and any windows are curtained.

10. Classic Fenced Patio

Fencing can often do the trick when you want to make your patio area private. By going with privacy fencing, there aren’t any gaps that allow anyone nearby to peer into the patio area.

The patio space is also large enough for a dining table. While the homeowners when with a four-top, the area is large enough for a bigger dining table, too. Alternatively, it could hold a small dining table and have a separate seating area, making the space versatile.

11. Transitional Curved Enclosed Patio

Overall, the design of this covered patio is transitional, so it would work well with traditional and contemporary homes, as well as anything in between. What causes it to stand out are the curved edge and curved bar, and they feel cohesive while adding something unexpected to the design.

The patio also extends to each side of the primary lit section. There’s room for an outdoor kitchen, dining table, and extra seating, making this an ideal spot for entertaining.

12. Rustic Patio Enclosure

This enclosed patio is an ideal choice for an outdoor living space with a rustic aesthetic and protection from the elements. The ceiling looks like reclaimed wood, and the large brick fireplace is a focal point while providing warmth. There’s also painted brick along one side, giving the room more of a country feel.

Another nice feature is the massive windows. With larger glass panes, views aren’t interrupted by framing, ensuring the homeowners can appreciate nature while using the patio.

13. Brightly Colored Enclosed Patio

For homeowners who enjoy color, this vibrant patio could be the perfect choice. The ceiling is a lively orange, imbuing the space with energy. Couple that with the bright rug and other energetically-colored elements, making the area even more exciting.

This design is also a bit flexible. The walls could feature screens to let the homeowners enjoy the outdoor air, or they could hold glass, shielding the space fully from the elements.

14. Craftsman Style Covered Patio

With this design, you get elements that align with the Craftsman style. The fireplace and lower section of the support pillar feature rustic stone, and the ceiling is wood-clad, adding some of the natural materials you expect in Craftsman designs.

The wall extending from the fireplace adds privacy, but since it’s shorter, it doesn’t block all of the natural light or breezes that come without the area. The patio is simple concrete, but it would be easy to dress up.

15. Tropical Patio Enclosure

For a tropical feel, this patio enclosure is an excellent option. This lanai features tile flooring in a natural hue that works well with the wood door frames. The doors are also foldable, allowing the homeowner to completely open up the space to enjoy being outdoors.

Thanks to the lining materials, the roof over the patio also maintains that tropical lanai feel. The space is large enough for a dining table or living room-style seating, allowing the homeowners to choose how it’s used.

16. Mediterranean Enclosed Patio

This patio has a Mediterranean feel thanks to the fence material and other aspects of the design. The patio stone also gives the area a highly natural look, which many homeowners would appreciate. By using wicker furniture, the space also feels casual and inviting.

Overall, this patio is incredibly private, as the fending completely shields it from surrounding properties and passersby. The planters provide room for greenery, ensuring the area feels lively and lush.

17. Contemporary Patio with Metal Privacy Fencing

You have a highly modern design with an undeniably eye-catching privacy fence on one side. The metal is slightly bowed in various places, creating a wave-like look. The metal even goes around some of the tree trunks, which isn’t something you typically see.

The rest of the design is relatively minimalist. There’s a two-toned paver flooring and a simple privacy fence with horizontal slats. Overall, it’s a private area with plenty of room for seating, making it an excellent spot for relaxing.

18. Midcentury Enclosed Patio

Midcentury design is highly popular, and this homeowner made the most of the aesthetic when designing their enclosed patio. The lines are very clean, and the furnishings add intriguing pops of color. There’s also a simple fireplace to keep the area cozy on cool nights, which is a nice addition.

The roof provides shade and safety from the elements. Since one side is entirely open, it’s also an excellent spot to enjoy this property’s fantastic views.

19. Small Transitional Patio

This transitional patio is an excellent option for a small space with a lot of style. The privacy fencing has a contemporary feel since it uses horizontal slats. The pavers are placed in a circular design, adding visual interest and a traditional aesthetic touch.

While the area isn’t large, it provides enough room for outdoor dining. Alternatively, it could hold a small seating area to create an outdoor living room or a grill and some prep space for an outdoor kitchen, so it’s reasonably versatile.

20. Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen with Seating

With this enclosed patio, you have plenty of room for a large outdoor kitchen shielded from the elements. There’s enough space for a grill, a built-in mini fridge, and more. Plus, there’s enough room for some seating and a small table.

The slatted sides of the enclosed section make the area a bit more private without entirely closing it off. Additionally, they allow for good airflow, all while protecting the space from the rain.

21. Private Patio with Water Feature

Here, the homeowner designed a highly private patio area, thanks to the privacy fending. The various plants also make the space feel lush, while the flooring adds a bit of visual interest.

But what stands out most is the water feature. It’s a fairly sizeable fountain, elevating the space’s traditional aesthetic. Plus, there’s still room for a seating area and table, ensuring a perfect spot for relaxing or chatting with family and friends.


The enclosed patio ideas above can help inspire any homeowner, ensuring they can find their perfect design. Whether there’s a preference for modern, traditional, or anything in between, there’s an option on this list that can suit any taste.

Did you enjoy exploring all of the enclosed patio designs above? Did one specific design catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below, and if you know someone looking for a fantastic covered patio design, share the article.

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