17 Modern Concrete Patio Ideas

Many homeowners adore their patios, as they’re the ideal spot for entertaining, relaxing, barbecuing, and much more. But not every patio is as enticing or inviting as others. Fortunately, designing a new one or updating an existing one is reasonably straightforward, and a slew of modern concrete patio ideas can guide the way.

No matter the style of your home, the right concrete patio design can elevate your outdoor living space. Here are 17 modern concrete patio ideas to help inspire your design.

17 Modern Concrete Patio Ideas

1. Organic Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamping concrete is an easy way to add a little flair to the surface. The repeating and interlocking pattern mimics stock pieces, breaking up the large slab while creating visual interest. It also adds a little texture, which elevates the design.

Another intriguing feature of this patio is the overall organic shape. Instead of straight lines, there are curves, not unlike what you’d see in natural stone slices. That helps the overall look feel more natural while being a relatively minimalist way to add a sense of movement.

2. Streamlined Patio with Firepit

The look of this patio is highly contemporary and leans into an industrial aesthetic. It features large concrete slabs that look like massive tiles thanks to the seams. That makes the base incredibly clean and streamlined.

On the surface, you also find a simple concrete firepit. The material blends with the concrete patio floor, and the blocky nature maintains that modern industrial edge. The firepit is also short enough to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the amazing view, and the overall look aligns well with the home’s aesthetic.

3. Concrete and Stone Veneer Patio

With this patio, you have a stamped concrete base in an organic shape featuring curves reminiscent of a pond or naturally-smoothed rock. The built-in bench curves along the edge long enough to seat a large party. The round firepit creates a source of warmth on cooler nights.

The stone veneer visually separates the bench and firepit from the patio surface. The façade adds a bit of natural flare, and the warmer tones help the space blend with the natural setting.

4. Sleek Modern Concrete Patio

This concrete patio is incredibly sleek, giving it textbook modern vibes. The flooring is a series of equally spaced concrete squares with gravel between them for a bit of design flare. The concrete firepit blends with the overall aesthetic of the patio surface and offers the same square shape as the flooring.

The hard angles are highlighted by the wood bench, which is also stained to match the privacy fence. The hue of the bench also works well against the natural backdrop created by the nearby trees and lawn, elevating the design.

5. Contemporary Patio with Koi Pond

The overall design of this concrete patio is highly contemporary, featuring dramatic angles and a minimalist aesthetic. The cutout section makes it stand out, which reveals a koi pond below. A few plants add a little color, too.

The concrete is balanced with a small wooden deck, making it more visually interesting. While the patio is modern, the rear wall also has a lot of natural texture. That ensures the space doesn’t feel too sterile, adding an organic element to create balance.

6. Modern Covered Patio with Hanging Fireplace

This contemporary covered patio offers clean lines, intriguing angles, and a bit of mid-century modern flare. The seating is highly geometric, and while the bulk is gray, the pop of red adds a little fun. The lighter-colored walls and roof ensure the area feels spacious but offer some privacy and shield the homeowners from the weather.

However, the most intriguing feature is the hanging fireplace. The design has a distinct mid-century modern energy, an unexpected stylistic touch that undeniably delights.

7. Concrete and Brick Patio

With this concrete and brick patio, you get a mix of contemporary and traditional aesthetics. The concrete surface has a modern feel, but using a brick-set pattern makes the design feel more transitional. However, the position of the concrete walkway’s layout is highly contemporary, adjusting the overall vibe.

Plus, the brick retaining wall in the rear has a distinctly traditional feel. It’s park-like and seems like it’d be at home in front of a library or historic college campus. But when brought together, all of these elements work, creating an intriguing and functional space.

8. Simple Concrete Patio

Sometimes, a simple concrete patio is the perfect choice for a space. In this case, you have relatively basic concrete slabs near the pool, creating enough room for several seating areas. The mid-toned gray visually blends with the sand of the court and the gray on the fence and home trim, making the yard feel expansive.

Additionally, the relatively neutral flooring helps other elements stand out. The blue skies and green of the trees pop. Similarly, the bright orange on the chairs catches your attention, making the seating feel warm and inviting.

9. Contemporary Concrete Patio

Here, you have a modern patio design coupled with a contemporary home. The patio is incredibly clean looking, offering simple slabs in tones that feel at home in the surrounding desert. A stone section between the house and the patio creates a channel for rainwater, which is a wise feature.

Overall, the colors are also incredibly subdued. None of the home’s elements detract from the natural setting by doing that route. The patio also creates a highly functional space for relaxing, ensuring homeowners can enjoy their views easily.

10. Xeriscape Yard with Concrete Patio

The homeowner took the xeriscape approach with this backyard, opting for light-colored stone over a lawn. The cream and beige colors align well with the large concrete patio, creating a functional seating space while keeping the look neutral and relatively seamless.

Since the patio and landscaping are largely tonal, and the home is a classic white, the green plants genuinely pop. Plus, it makes the overall aesthetic highly modern and clean.

11. Concrete Patio with Sunken Firepit

This patio offers up a modern vibe with Zen-like features. The concrete slabs are surrounded by darker-toned gray stone, breaking up the space visually. The gazing balls are an intriguing visual element but aren’t disruptive to the look, and the plants help add a sense of nature.

One of the standout features of this patio area is the sunken firepit with a bench. By having it a few steps down, it keeps the overall height of it lower, keeping the look clean. Plus, by going with white instead of gray, it catches your attention and invites you in, making the spot feel welcoming.

12. Warm-Toned Concrete Patio

Most concrete patios are predominately gray, visually making them look cold. This one makes the space warmer thanks to the beige tone used for the concrete. The color is close to sand and pairs well with the home and barbecue’s stone cladding.

There are also charcoal gray elements in the overall design. Along with the chairs, the spaces between some of the patio sections are filled with deep gray stones. That creates a sense of separation, allowing different areas to serve unique functions.

13. Large Concrete Patio

Designing a large concrete patio can work in your favor if you have an expansive yard. There’s enough space to divide the patio into sections, using dark stone to showcase different areas. Then, each spot can serve a unique function, such as one for dining and another for lounging.

Going with beige concrete over gray also makes the space seem warmer visually. It also ensures that the design doesn’t feel overly industrial, instead allowing a modern design to shift into transitional territory.

14. Concrete Patio with Turf

With this concrete patio, you have a highly contemporary design. The concrete sections are stacked, creating a grid pattern that feels modern. Plus, the firepit and built-in bench are blocky, another mark of a contemporary aesthetic.

While a portion of the patio area looks black in the photo, that’s because of a shadow. That area is artificial grass. Adding some color creates a natural feel without the hassles of dealing with genuine grass, making the patio lower maintenance overall.

15. Small Modern Patio

Here, you have a small modern concrete patio. It’s large enough to create a seating area but not so big as to overtake the yard. It also blends seamlessly with the design of this contemporary home. The color is highly similar to the house’s exterior, which was designed to resemble concrete.

The color of the home and patio also help make the wood elements stand out. Plus, while the house is distinctly modern, the color choices keep it from feeling out of place in a natural setting.

16. Concrete Patio with Metal Pergola

Overall, the design of this patio is distinctly contemporary. The concrete patio has clean, straight lines accented by artificial grass. The large yellow wall segment adds a pop of color and draws the eye, creating even more of a modern edge.

The metal pergola has coloring similar to brushed copper, adding a sense of warmth. Plus, it offers a bit of shade during the height of the day, which makes the space more usable.

17. Concrete Patio with Fireplace

This simple concrete patio has a slightly warmer tone, not unlike sand. Along one corner, there’s a tall wall in similar hues with stacked stone-like construction, adding texture. Plus, there’s a fireplace built into the wall, creating an inviting space for lounging.

Thanks to the colors, the space feels more transitional than definitively modern. That means it can work with nearly any home aesthetic, as the design is highly versatile.


The modern concrete patio ideas above can inspire any homeowner to create their dream outdoor living space. Plus, many options above work with any style home, ensuring you can find a starting point that works with your broader aesthetic.

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