35 Deck Fire Pit Ideas and Designs [With Pictures]

Nothing takes a deck to the next level like a cozy fire pit. It makes for a perfect outdoor gathering place, allowing you to stay warm as the temperature cools, make amazing fireside snacks, and converse in the glow of a roaring fire.

But what deck fire pit ideas are right for you? Are some decks with fire pits designs better than others?

When it comes to putting a fire pit on a deck, you have a ton of options. If you want to make sure you end up with the right design for your yard, here are some of the best ideas around.

Deck Fire Pit Ideas and Designs

1. Curved Deck with Raised Fire Pit

deck fire pit ideas

When it comes to decks with fire pits designs, this one is all about gathering together. The fire pit is a beautiful feature, with the metalwork giving it a sense of warmth and weight.

The bench curves around a circular central design on the floor, ensuring that all focus is on the central fire pit. With the pyramid-shaped post caps, space has a slight regal edge, feeling just a bit like a castle wall.

2. Stone Gas Fire Pit

decks with fire pits

This fire pit on wood deck design toes the line between traditional and modern. The floor is laid in a herringbone pattern, adding visual interest. The planters along the side ensure the garden is part of the look.

However, the overall design remains very clean and mainly linear, allowing the space to have a contemporary vibe. While the fire pit is round and made of natural stone, the stacked approach works well with modern or traditional homes.

3. Glass Circular Fire Pit

deck fire pit

Fire glass is a breathtaking option for an outdoor fire pit design. It adds sparkle and shimmer, though keeps the overall look clean and crisp. Plus, it’s a great contrast to the natural stacked stone, making the fire pit visually intriguing without it being overly busy.

The deck design itself also feels incredibly contemporary. The curved lines and two-toned wood create a strong look without being cluttered. The steps and bench essentially frame the fire pit, ensuring it is always the main focus.

4. Outdoor Living Room with Fire Pit Table

fire pit on wood deck

If you’re looking for a fire pit for a deck that can double as a usable surface, this design is ideal. It’s more like a piece of furniture, working as a coffee table thanks to the tile surround.

Overall, this design creates an outdoor living room vibe. The benches are strewn with comfy pillows, making it inviting. The same goes for the rug under the fire pit. It softens the space, making it feel even more comfortable.

5. All Stone Circular Fire Pit

deck firepit ideas

This fire pit on wood deck design draws the eye to the fire. The deck boards are set in a contemporary chevron-like design, allowing them to function like an arrow.

However, the fire pit is a bit more rustic. It features stones in different sizes, making the look very organic. It feels like the homeowner may have hand-shaped the bricks. Even the tabletop surround is just a bit uneven, ensuring the aesthetic feels modern, yet comfortable.

6. Stone Slab Fire Pit

deck fire pit designs

If you’re looking for a unique fire pit on wood deck design, this is a great option. It looks like rough stone slabs have been hand-stacked to create a space for a cozy fire. While it doesn’t look like it would protect the deck from the blaze, it does.

The deck itself is very modern. The curved bench and contrast wood flooring create a near-circular space. Additionally, the railing is fairly simple, allowing the fire pit to take center stage.

7. Stepped Fire Pit

decks with fire pits

Built along the edge of the deck, this stepped fire pit provides a substantial amount of warmth to a cozy seating area. There are three levels, each of which can be used to expand the size of the fire.

As far as the aesthetic, this one leans rustic. The stone tiles have rougher edges, making them appear hand-hewn. Couple that with the wood railing and siding, and the country cabin vibe is strong.

8. Modern Fire Pit Bench

how to build a fire pit on a wood deck

Part seating area, part fire pit, this fire pit bench is the epitome of modern design. The wood sections are incredibly linear. When combined with the concrete structure, the result is very contemporary.

As a bonus, this design relies on propane. That makes it very easy to control. Plus, you can substitute the darker volcanic-style rock in the fire pit with fire glass, giving you a chance to add some sparkle if you’d like.

9. Octagon Tile Fire Pit

decks with fire pits designs

Another option that encourages people to gather, this octagon fire pit features faux stone tile. That makes the surface durable and easy to care for, making it perfect for heavy use. The small square tiles add visual interest, keeping the fire pit from receding visually.

The octagon shape and tile color and design give this fire pit a traditional vibe. The tiles also create usable surface, which can be ideal for preparing fireside snacks or, when not in use, holding drinks.

10. Ground-Level Fire Pit

fire pit built into deck

This fire pit design uses a different approach. The deck features a cutout that acts as a raised side to the ground-level fire pit. There’s a circular stone surface on the ground, and a curved piece of metal along the deck cutout, enhancing overall safety.

The fire pit itself sits in the middle of the stone circle, ensuring there’s enough space while also allowing the heat from the fire to reach people on the nearby benches.

11. Sunken Gas Fire Pit

sunken firepit

If you’re looking for a sleek design, consider this one. The firepit is sunken into the deck a bit, allowing it to sit nearly at floor level. The surround has the look of white stone, keeping it clean and crisp. Plus, you’ll find a pop of color thanks to the fire glass.

The fire pit is center stage, but it doesn’t necessarily dominate the space. However, it might not be ideal for households with pets or small children since it’s so low to the ground.

12. Southwest-Style Fire Pit

deck designs with fire pits

If you love the look of terra cotta or want a fire pit with a southwest flair, this is the one for you. The fire pit itself resembles a terra cotta dish thanks to the coloring, imbuing extra warmth into the space.

However, the design is also very modern. The lines are clean and crisp, thanks to the rectangular deck and concrete pads. The two frosted glass panels are incredibly contemporary as well, while also adding a bit of privacy.

13. Steel Fire Pit

deck fireplace ideas

Wood and metal can be a great combination. With this deck fire pit idea, you get the natural wood decking to imbue warmth in the space. Combine that with the steel fire pit, and the area takes on a hint of a modern industrial vibe.

This fire pit unit is also a bit on the smaller side, making it a good choice for slim decks. It also relies on gas, so you don’t have to worry about keeping firewood around.

14. Deck with Copper-Toned Fire Pit

modern fire pit ideas

Hammered copper is a classic look for a fire pit. The warmth of the metal mimics the flames, while the hammered sections ensure that it doesn’t look dirty when left out in the elements.

With this copper-toned fire pit, the look resembles a wood-burning fire. However, it’s gas, which many people favor. Additionally, it works like a piece of furniture. You can move it around with ease and, when a fire isn’t going, use the edges like a tabletop.

15. Modern Concrete Fire Pit

ground level deck with fire pit

Concrete can have a very contemporary vibe. With this fire pit, the modern look goes a step further thanks to the clean lines and simple design and the very neutral color palette.

Curved concrete legs support a central dish, making sure the fire itself is what captures your attention. The bowl has a slightly rusted appearance, creating some interest and preventing it from looking too refined. Plus, the design is incredibly sturdy, resistant to wear and tear as well as toppling.

16. Simple Dish Fire Pit

Simple Dish

While this fire pit may be labeled contemporary, it’s pretty versatile. The design is a simple dish, featuring an aged copper, brass, or bronze-style hue. That allows it to work with nearly any aesthetic and causes it to blend a bit with the wood decking.

This fire pit for a deck also sits low to the ground. While it is ideal for supporting conversation across it, it does mean it may not be suitable for homes with pets or small children.

17. Fountain-Flanking Fire Feature

Fountain-Flanking Fire Feature

More of a fire feature than a fire pit, this design features a multi-tier waterfall design flanked by two fire features. It’s meant to serve as a focal point instead of a conversation area, something that many homeowners would prefer.

While the lines are clean and modern, the tile choice gives this fountain-flanking fire feature a traditional bend. However, you could adjust it by going with different tiles, allowing you to coordinate it with any home aesthetic.

18. Large and Low Fire Dish

Large and Low Fire Dish

Another flexible option that can work with nearly any design style is this fire pit. It’s a large and low fire dish with a wooden deck, creating a cozy outdoor space.

There’s a long bench on one side with a bit of an Arts and Crafts vibe thanks to the slats. The flooring has a herringbone pattern at the center, drawing the eye from the bench to the pit and beyond.

19. Long and Lean Modern Fire Pit

Lean Modern Fire Pit

If you’re looking for a slim design, this long and lean fire pit could be a great choice. The light gray and white stone design is very clean and modern, allowing it to work well in a contemporary or minimalist space. However, the stacked stone approach also makes it feel natural, so it could work in a transitional or nature-inspired yard, too.

The blue fire glass mimics the tone of the nearby pool. However, you could go with any other color, including a neutral like black or clear, depending on what’s in your yard.

20. Glass and Steel Portable Fire Pit

Portable Fire Pit

If you want a fire pit on your deck but don’t want to commit to something permanent, this is the right option for you. The deck itself is very contemporary, featuring clean lines and strategic lighting for a fresh look.

As for the fire pit, it’s a portable unit. The base is polished steel, giving it a great sheen. The top has a glass surround, allowing it to radiate warmth while keeping the flames contained.

21. Contemporary Fire Pit Table

Contemporary Fire Pit Table

With this fire pit, you also get a usable table. The flames are limited to a smaller section in the center, allowing you to take advantage of much of the surface space.

The design itself is incredibly modern industrial. It’s a substantial piece with clean lines and hard angles, causing it to dominate the seating area a tad. Plus, it coordinates well with the wood decking and building’s architecture, coordinating and contrasting at the same time.

22. Trendy Fire Pit Table

Trendy Fire Pit Table

If you want your fire pit to look like a piece of modern art, this is one of the deck fire pit ideas for you. The wood has a very warm glow, with hints of red and orange. The octagon on the floor draws the eye to the fire pit, ensuring it takes center stage.

The fire pit is a marvel. It features the look of matte steel, allowing it to reflect the flames without being too shiny. The blue fire glass acts as another source of contrast, bringing in cool element to the mix.

23. Built-In Gas Fire Pit

Built-In Gas FirePit

When it comes to decks with fire pits built-in, this contemporary approach is a great option. It creates a clear seating area with room for a large sectional for lounging. The decking itself features clean lines and warm wood hues, making it inviting.

In one corner of the elevated section sits the fire pit. It has a smooth, wide surround that gently reflects the light. The fire pit has fire glass, amplifying the glow and keeping the full look highly modern.

24. Rustic Stone Fire Pit

Rustic Stone Fire Pit

This fire pit and deck design is a great choice for anyone who enjoys a hint of rustic flair. The deck itself is very linear and tonal, causing it to blend in a bit with the natural surroundings.

However, the fire pit, while natural as well, stands out a bit. The stone is in a range of colors, making it interesting. Plus, it’s fairly substantial, making it a feature.

The hot tub surround is meant to mimic the stone. That makes it feel cohesive, even if it isn’t an exact match.

25. Hot Tub-Side Fire Pit

Hot Tub-Side Fire Pit

While most deck fire pits are positioned near a seating area, this one is a bit different. It allows the glow from the flames to be best enjoyed by those in the hot tub, making it a unique approach to deck design.

As for the fire pit itself, it’s clean and crisp. The body has the look of concrete, giving it a modern edge. The shape is also very contemporary, but its simplicity allows it to work with nearly any style of home.

26. Small Deck Fire Pit Brazier

Small Deck Fire Pit

An option for any homeowner that doesn’t want a permanent fire pit on their deck, this option uses a brazier instead. It’s a simple metal structure with a compact chimney that can also work as a rain shield. The dish is generous without being overly large, making it ideal for smaller decks.

The wood deck is comfortable without being overly large. Its design leans contemporary thanks to the minimalist railing and linear floor.

27. Sunken Fire Pit Seating Area

Sunken Fire Pit

This fire pit seating area creates the feel of a multi-level deck, even though the height difference is subtle. A set of steps leads to a sunken seating area, with benches on all four sides.

In the center is a built-in gas fire pit. The main body of the fire pit features the same wood as the deck, allowing it to blend in with the structure. However, the top features the natural stone in shades of gray, ensuring it stands out.

28. Curved Minimalist Deck with Fire Pit

Curved Minimalist Deck with Fire Pit

Another modern yet flexible approach, this ground-level deck features clean lines and simple design. There’s a subtle two-tone approach to the wood surface, allowing darker pieces to frame sections of the deck.

Toward the center of the deck is a curved cutout that frames a stone circle. In the middle of the circle is a wood-burning stone fire pit, a design choice that adds a touch of rustic flair to the overall look.

29. Fire Pit with Deck Surround

Fire Pit with Deck Surround

While this looks like a sunken fire pit, it really isn’t. The copper-toned fire pit is ground-level, surrounded by a bench on all four sides, ensuring ample seating.

Technically, the nearly ground-level deck is surrounding the fire pit, elevating it above the seating space slightly. It allows the gray-toned deck to act as a frame, drawing the eye toward the inviting seating area and warm fire.

30. Corner Fire Pit

Corner Deck Fire Pit

A mix of concrete and pebbles, this corner fire pit nestles up against a built-in seating area. The longer side features a gentle curve, softening the look and adding visual interest. With the nearby wood elements, the final aesthetic is almost spa-like.

The material choices can feel a bit modern or minimalist. However, they are also very neutral, so they could work with a traditional home.

31. Slab Stone Ground-Level Fire Pit

Slab Stone Ground-Level Fire Pit

With a simple, circular ground-level deck, this fire pit is the focal point. It features the stacked stone in slate colors, giving it a rustic cabin vibe. The tones work well with the natural environment, allowing them to blend without fully fading away.

The deck design offers enough room for seating, making it gathering-friendly. However, it’s also a bit compact, so it can work well with a smaller yard.

32. Minimalist Bowl Fire Pit

Minimalist Bowl

Another option for anyone looking for a minimalist design, this fire pit is a simple, smooth concrete-style bowl. The color of the dish falls into the greige territory, making it a bit warm and a bit cool simultaneously. That makes it a flexible choice that could work with nearly any palette.

In the middle are simple pebbles. That gives the fire pit a very natural element and softens the overall look.

The decking is a deep, slightly reddish-brown. It imbues warm into space while also receding visually.

33. Modern Square Fire Pit

Modern Square Fire Pit

This deck and fire pit design almost resembles a sauna. All of the wood has the look of fresh cedar, giving it a spa-like appearance. The fire pit material blends seamlessly, allowing it to almost recede into the deck visually.

As for the fire pit, you have a natural rock on the interior. The glass surround enhances safety and warmth without interrupting the clean, modern look.

For added convenience, the benches have built-in storage. Whether you want to keep outdoor pillows, fireside cooking utensils, or anything else within arm’s reach, it’s possible with this approach.

34. Mediterranean Deck and Fire Pit

Mediterranean Deck and Fire Pit

The warm color palette and roof times give this entire deck a Mediterranean vibe. The wood decking completes the look, while the brown railing provides safety without taking away from the other visual elements.

The included fire pit acts more like furniture. It has a usable tiled surface on the top and interlocking circle design on the side. Since its colors mimic the rest of the space, it adds texture without being overwhelming visually.

35. Stone Slab Fire Pit Table

deck fire pit ideas

With this stone slab-topped fire pit table, you get a ton of usable space. The fire pit is limited to a circle that’s positioned slightly to one side. It creates a sense of warmth without dominating the area, making it a feature instead of a strong focal point.

While large, this fire pit table is movable. However, since the surface is a single stone slab, it would be heavy, making repositioning awkward.


If you were looking for amazing deck fire pit ideas, you should now have a ton of outstanding options to explore. Check out each of the designs in the list and see if they would be the perfect approach for your outdoor space.

I hoped you enjoyed learning about each of the decks with fire pits designs above. If you know of any other stellar deck fire pit design ideas or what to discuss your thoughts on any of the ones in the list, take a trip to the comments section below. Also, if a family member or friend is looking for great fire pit options, send them this list. They’re sure to appreciate it.


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