21 Cool Covered Deck Ideas and Designs

Many homeowners enjoy entertaining and relaxing on their decks, but the space is hard to use if the weather isn’t on your side. Fortunately, with the right covered deck ideas, you can shelter a deck from the storm.

Plus, deck covering options can give you shade, keeping the space cooler during summer heat. If you want to find the best roofed deck design for your home, here are 21 to consider.

21 Covered Deck Ideas

1. Traditional Cedar Covered Deck

For a classic design, this traditional cedar-covered deck is a strong choice. It features slightly rustic support posts with exposed hardware. The ceiling is also cedar-clad, which makes the final look more refined.

Another nice feature of this deck covering is the lighting, which ensures the space remains suitably bright. There are also speakers built into the roof, giving the homeowners an easy way to enjoy music while relaxing or entertaining.

2. Modern Slatted Deck Cover

This design gives you a modern aesthetic with an industrial edge. The cover’s support structure is metal, either painted or powdered-coated black. Then, the roof features wood slats that match the color of the decking.

The benefit of a slatted design is that it provides shade while promoting good airflow. Additionally, slats keep the deck below from seeming too dark.

3. Pergola-Covered Deck

Going with a pergola to cover a deck has a lot of advantages. It’s an excellent option for providing some light shade without making the space feel dark. A classic pergola like this works well with various aesthetics, including traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

One nice feature of this pergola is the slightly extended rafters, which allow it to slightly shade a larger area and add visual interest. The pergola extends across the entire deck, so there are still spots for enjoying the sun.

4. Traditional Covered Deck with Fireplace

With this covered deck design, you essentially have an outdoor living room. The roof over the deck features a mix of painted white supports and natural wood, creating balance and preventing the supports from looking overly heavy. It’s also tall enough to provide space for ceiling fans that can help cool the area.

A fireplace extends up to the ceiling, with the chimney going through the roof. Along with providing a cozy fire, the fireplace has electrical to allow the homeowners to watch television while on the deck.

5. Transitional Shingled Deck Roof

Overall, the look of this deck roof is transitional, as the straightforward design could work well on traditional or contemporary homes and anything in between. A striking feature is the use of black hardware, wood, and metal railing.

The design also features a classic shingled roof, which will help it stand up to the elements. There’s even a gutter system to steer rainwater away from the deck, which is an excellent addition.

6. Contemporary Fabric-Covered Deck

This option could be a strong choice for homeowners who prefer clean but unconventional designs. The deck provides a bit of the unexpected, as the curved portion allows the wall and floor to come together without a corner.

As for the covering, it’s a simple fabric option in a sunny yellow. Along with providing shelter from the elements and a bit of shade, it allows for good airflow. Plus, since the fabric doesn’t block all light, it can keep the area from seeming dark.

7. Traditional Metal Roofed Deck

Here, you have a traditional deck design thanks to the style of the railing and the support posts. While portions of the railing and the supports are chunky, painting them white ensures they don’t seem overly heavy.

Covering the deck is a simple metal roof, a choice that can help funnel rainwater and has the potential to last far longer than a wood or shingled roof. The metal roof is also white to help prevent the space from seeming dark.

8. Fabric-Draped Covered Deck

With this covered deck, you have a modern aesthetic that gives the space a spa-like quality. Classic wood supports blend well with the deck color and sliding glass door frames, creating a sense of cohesion. Using wood makes the space feel a bit more natural, enhancing the Zen-like vibe.

For the coverings, you have fabric that’s just a bit billowy. The fabric curtains along the edge provide extra privacy and shade, too. Above are paper lantern pendants, which don’t disrupt the overall look while keeping the space warmly lit.

9. Glass Roof Deck

Covering a deck with a typical roof can make the space feel dark. But these homeowners found a way to keep the space bright. Instead of the usual roofing materials, they went with laminated glass, a safe option allowing light to easily reach the deck.

For the supports, there’s a mix of natural wood and black. By using black beams to support the glass, the supports don’t stand out too much visually. Instead, the natural wood base shines, serving almost as a frame for two chairs and the yard beyond.

10. Zen-Inspired Covered Deck

For this design, the homeowner wanted to turn their yard into a Zen-inspired space that felt clean and relaxing. The deck is classic wood, but two sides have Shoji-style walls that draw the eyes to the deck. Above, there’s a roof with exposed wood beams, providing shade and shelter from rain while maintaining the natural feel.

The choice of wood color works particularly well with the surrounding landscaping. Everything feels simple, bright, and fresh, turning the yard into an inviting space.

11. Rustic Deck with Roof

Here, the homeowners went with a very rustic design. The support posts and curved beam have a timber home quality, elevating the look and ensuring as much of the view beyond is enjoyable. The massive stone fireplace feels natural but also dramatic.

The roof is wood-clad, making it feel like a barn. Due to its height, it can support an antler chandelier and a few heaters to keep the space warm.

12. Contemporary Mixed Roof Deck

This deck fully embraces the modern aesthetic, offering clean lines and refined materials. What makes the cover intriguing is that it features two sections.

One area is solid and clad in dark wood, providing shade and shelter from the elements, while the other has black beams that allow light through. With the position of the black beams, they can also serve a function similar to a pergola, depending on the sun’s angle.

13. Asian-Inspired Covered Deck

While this deck could qualify as transitional, it has a bit of Asian influence, too. The edges of the pergola support beams are dramatically angled, adding visual interest without being overly ornate.

With this pergola design, the slats are also quite slim. They let through plenty of light but can still offer shade, keeping the deck more comfortable. Plus, they add some privacy, which may make lounging on the built-in benches more appealing.

14. Transitional Fabric-Covered Deck

This transitional fabric-covered deck is a solid choice for a flexible design that can work on nearly any home. The frame isn’t overly ornate, but choosing to paint ensures it doesn’t feel too rustic. Going with two paint colors also helps it match the deck’s look.

The covering is simple white fabric. While it’ll provide shade and some shelter from the elements, it also prevents the deck from seeming overly dark.

15. Minimalist Zen-Inspired Covered Deck

This covered deck design gives you a contemporary feel thanks to its minimalist aesthetic. Using one natural wood tone also gives the area a Zen-like quality, making the space relaxing and inviting.

Another nice feature is that the white roof keeps the space brighter. The roofing material also allows light through, preventing it from feeling heavy overhead. Plus, since it’s solid, it provides ample shelter from the elements.

16. Rustic Glass Roofed Deck

Here’s another option for anyone considering a glass roof for their deck. Going with glass makes it easier to enjoy the scenery and keeps the space brighter. Plus, it ensures that some rain doesn’t make the space hard to use.

With this design, the chunky wood supports also give this deck a rustic feel. This approach works particularly well for cabins or timber-frame homes, though it’s also a potential match for certain contemporary houses.

17. Modern Enclosed Deck

For a highly contemporary look, the deck design stands out. Instead of simply providing some cover, it makes the deck feel like a more conventional room instead of an outdoor area.

The wood-clad walls and ceiling have an industrial feel, but the clean lines ensure it doesn’t lean into rustic territory. Black frames also give it an edgy quality that’s undeniably contemporary, while overhead can lights make sure the area is never too dark.

18. Beachy Covered Deck

With this covered deck design, the homeowners created a very beachy feel. The decking and supports look sunbleached, which keeps the space feeling bright. Since you can see the grain, it feels more natural than painting the wood white.

For the covering, the homeowner essentially went with branches in a similar color. They add texture and allow some light to come through, ensuring the space doesn’t feel dark even though it’s well-covered.

19. Contemporary Covered Deck with Slatted Roof

This covered deck design has a roof that almost seems to work as well indoors as it does outside. Portions of the ceiling are smooth, just as you’d find in the interior. There are also can lights to keep the space bright.

However, the part that stands out is the slats. They won’t stop all of the light from entering the space but can provide some shade, ensuring the deck stays comfortable.

20. Transitional Deck with Roof

This design is transitional, as it can work well on many different home types. One of the more intriguing features is the deck railing, as using different baluster sizes adds visual interest in a way you don’t typically see.

This deck also features a relatively conventional roof. It’s solid, so it provides shade and shelter from the elements. By adding shingles to the top, the structure is well protected, ensuring it lasts.

21. Traditional Deck Posts and Metal Roof

What makes this covered deck traditional is the use of slightly ornate posts to support the roof. They almost have a Craftsman-like quality, but painting them white shifts them into more traditional territory.

For the roof, you have simple white metal. Since it’s solid, there’s ample protection from the elements, but the bright color helps ensure the space doesn’t feel too confining. Plus, it will provide plenty of shade, ensuring the deck stays cooler on hot summer days.


Ultimately, the covered deck ideas above are enough to inspire any homeowner. Plus, there are options for nearly any style of enclosed deck, ensuring you can find a design that works for a traditional, transitional, modern, or any other type of house.

Did you enjoy checking out the deck covering the options above? Did one stand out in particular? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you know someone who wants to find the right roofed deck design for their home, please share the article. 


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