21 Impressive Deck Color Ideas for Your Next Project

Your deck isn’t just a great space for relaxing during the warm summer months; it’s also a design feature. By embracing the right deck color ideas, you can elevate your home’s curb appeal, add a dramatic flair, or coordinate your deck with other features, like your house’s trim.

But what deck color schemes work well with your house? Are certain options better than others?

Ultimately, there is a slew of deck colors available, which can make it hard to decide. Plus, your home’s color does play a role. If you’re trying to figure out what to do, here’s some inspiration.

21 Impressive Deck Color Ideas

1. Traditional Warm Wood with Dark Trim Boards

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Warm wood hues with hints of amber can be an excellent choice for any traditional style home. However, when it comes to wood deck color ideas, this design takes it up a notch.

The edge and trim boards are a hair darker than the majority of the deck, adding a degree of visual interest. It’s a subtle choice that makes a significant impact, while also making it possible to highlight steps and even create a faux area rug look.


2. Varied Wood-Look Deck Boards

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While the deck is made of composite, it looks like wood. The boards feature color variations, ranging from a mid-level hue that leans orange to a deeper, warm chocolate brown.

By having several shades, the look seems natural, even if the material isn’t. When a hue is too uniform, it can seem overly artificial. Plus, it gives the deck texture and depth, which can be visually appealing.

Coupling the wood tones with white railing also adds contrast. It’s another way to add visual interest, albeit somewhat subtly.


3. Taupe and Red Wood Toned Boards

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If you’re looking for deck colors for a tan house, this could be a contender. The deck’s surface is taupe, offering up hints of brown and gray. This makes it incredibly versatile and could allow it to blend seamlessly with a tan exterior.

The addition of the reddish wood railings, skirt, and hot tub surrounds a splash of subtle color. The wood hue is natural but also contrasts well with the lighter decking and home exterior coloring.


4. Vibrant Red and Orange Deck

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While this look can be achieved with wood stain, the end result seems much more dramatic. The deck boards have fiery red and orange hues blended into brown tones, making the final look warm and inviting.

This is another option for anyone looking for deck colors for tan houses. It pairs well with any earthy hue, ranging from lighter sand to a deep chocolate brown. It stands out visually without overpowering the space.


5. Contemporary Deep, Uniform Brown Deck

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When the color of your deck is more uniform, the look tends to lean toward the modern. By opting for a chocolate brown, the final look is contemporary. This is especially true since the deck’s design is incredibly linear, and it’s placed next to sections of concrete.

The brown also contrasts dramatically with the concrete. It adds warmth and a sense of nature while the concrete slabs offer up something cooler and an industrial edge.


6. Organic, Flowy Reddish Brown Deck

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By going with a warmer tone, the surrounding plant life stands out dramatically. It serves as a counterpoint to the green due to the reddish undertones, upping the contrast. Additionally, since there is variance in the coloring, it adds visual interest.

The curved section of the deck also makes the entire design seem more organic. This can be ideal for anyone who prefers their deck to blend into the landscape a bit instead of standing out against it.


7. Mid-Toned Cool Brown Deck

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If you’re looking for deck colors for a white house, this is an option worth exploring. The wood is more of a mid-tone and leans cooler, featuring a grayish tint. This can work well with white homes, offering up a subtle contrast.

Additionally, the trim boards and railings can all be white, which can make it integrate well with the structure. However, that doesn’t mean this approach is off-limits for other color homes, as it could be a sound choice for a tan, gray, and most other neutral exteriors.


8. Light-Colored Wood

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If you want your deck to have a beachy vibe, light-colored wood can be a great choice. It has a brighter feel and blends well with a coastal aesthetic.

By adding boards that are just a slightly different color, you can create borders and stripes. The look is subtle, making it refined.

While this works well on a lighter house, choosing a light-colored wood deck can be a dramatic approach if your home is darker. Pairing it with a navy blue or forest green would create a ton of contrast, potentially looking at a contemporary vibe.


9. Honey-Hued Boards

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A mid-toned deck featuring honey hues adds warmth without being as overpowering as red tones. It also blends well in natural settings or with a range of neutral colors, including working as a deck color for a white house.

In this design, the boards are linear and surrounded by gray planters, giving the area a modern feel. However, it could easily work for a rustic or industrial exterior space as well.


10. Nearly Black Deck

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If you’re looking for an option that contrasts with a white home, this nearly black deck is worth considering. Technically, the shade is a very deep brown, in a hue that’s neutral, if not slightly cool. Pairing it with a white pergola and posts takes a look up a notch and makes the deck seem even darker by comparison.

This could also work for nearly any other lighter colored home. However, it might not be ideal against dark house colors, so keep that in mind if you’re considering this design.


11. Natural Mahogany Deck

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If your deck happens to be made of mahogany, why not let the natural look of the wood shine through? Since the color falls in the mid-toned range, with hints of gold and honey, it’s a flexible color. It could pair well with neutral or cool house paint, depending on the exact shade.

However, it might not be a great choice for certain warm exterior colors. For example, it might not coordinate with red brick or yellow paint. But, if your house is white or blue, it could be an attractive choice.


12. Flat Bluish Gray Deck

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If you aren’t afraid of painting your deck (or going with a strong wash), this option could be an excellent choice for a white home or a range of other exterior colors. The shade is a bluish-gray, making it fairly neutral yet also dramatic.

With the matte finish, the look can be adjusted. Depending on the furniture pairings, it can look contemporary, country, or industrial.

Just be aware that painted finishes may be more maintenance-intensive than wood stains. If scuff marks or chipped away sections are going to bother you, you may want to go another route.


13. Gray Stain Deck

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Another beachy look, a gray stain, can be reminiscent of driftwood. This can make it an excellent option for coastal style homes, especially in areas that get a lot of sun.

However, this look also works well with contemporary home designs. The gray gives it a modern edge, especially when the boards are linear.

You could also pair this deck with bright or dark house paints. It would contrast well with navy, charcoal, or even black exteriors. If you prefer turquoise, coral, or bright exterior colors, this deck is neutral enough to mesh with those, too.


14. Two-Toned Multi-Level Deck

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By using two shades of brown – one lighter with a reddish tone and the other darker and closer to a neutral – you can create a deck with traditional styling. Plus, you can frame each level and highlight the stairs, the latter of which can boost safety.

With this approach, the uniformity of the board colors works in your favor. It lets each shade stand out instead of blending, making the look a hair dramatic without being overwhelming.


15. Contemporary Light Greige Deck

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When it comes to flexible colors, greige is hard to beat. It’s a tad warm without picking up too much red or yellow, allowing it to remain neutral. Plus, the hint of gray ensures it coordinates with cooler colors.

Ultimately, a greige deck is a great option for anyone who prefers a lighter color but isn’t sure how best to coordinate it with their home’s paint. It’s practically a foolproof option.

Additionally, greige works well with most brick colors, aside from possibly yellow. You can blame that on a similar tone strength but a slightly different shade.


16. Golden Herringbone Deck

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For a traditional or transitional look, the golden-hued deck is a solid choice. The coloring is similar to oak, making it feel incredibly classic. Plus, if your home has oak floors, you can make your living space feel more expansive by blending your indoor and outdoor areas.

The herringbone pattern on some of the levels adds visual interest. Additionally, it makes the design feel even more traditional.

The color is also fairly flexible. It can combine well with cooler house colors, including mid- or lighter-toned blues and greens.


17. Charcoal Gray Deck

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For a contemporary look, it’s hard to beat a charcoal colored deck. It’s a dramatic approach, especially when paired with clean lines and white trim.

Using it more like a wash, it’s a highly modern wood deck color idea that keeps the grain texture intact. This adds visual interest while also softening the look, just a tad.

As long as your home is a lighter color, this shade can be ideal. Deep grays are excellent for strong contrast but don’t require you to go as far as black.


18. Cedar Deck and Pergola

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For damper climates, cedar is a solid building choice. The material is naturally water-resistance, allowing you to enjoy it for longer.

The color is also incredibly warm, featuring golden and red hues. Cedar can also have magnificent natural texture, giving it a rustic edge.

This deck also features some craftsman styling. The post details feature classic arts and crafts motifs, and the railings do as well. In some ways, they even lean toward Asian design, which some people may appreciate.


19. Contemporary Two-Level Deck

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With lighter coloring and a linear design, this wood deck feels very modern. The privacy fencing runs horizontally, which is a more contemporary approach. Similarly, the glass railing at the end creates a clear view without impacting the styling.

While the wood hue is lighter, it’s also fairly flexible. It has a combination of slightly red and barely golden hues. Along with working well with white, it could also be paired with deep colors, like navy blue, for intense contrast.


20. Gentle Gray Wash Deck

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By going for a gray wash look, the result is neutral without being overly flat. The grain of the wood creates slight color variations, softening the appearance of the deck.

Couple that with the curved edges, and the deck has a slightly modern vibe that isn’t necessarily out of place on a traditional home. Ultimately, it’s a flexible and adaptable choice, potentially working with any house color or architectural style.


21. Warm Beige Deck

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If you want a uniform, lighter brown deck, this beige option is a great choice. The color isn’t overly warm or cool, allowing it to blend with nearly any house color. Plus, since the color is consistent, the look is softened.

While it would be easy to assume that this deck approach could get boring, that doesn’t have to be the case. By adjusting the direction of the boards on each level and adding the compass rose design, there’s enough interest to ensure this deck feels refined instead of bland.


If you weren’t sure which deck color ideas could work for you, you shouldn’t have any more doubt. Review the options above and choose a direction that works best for your home.

I hope you enjoyed the decks in this list. If you’d like to share your thoughts on the designs or discuss your ideal deck color scheme, head to the comments section below. Please share this list with other deck owners, allowing them to see if one of the options above could work for them.


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