10 Best 8×12 Sheds for Your Yard [Buying Guide and Reviews for 2021]

Perhaps your garage has become so crammed with stuff that you can longer pull your car into it. Or maybe you’ve finally decided it’s time to have a new base for your workshop. Maybe your wife wants a garden shed and it’s time to deliver. Whatever the case, you want a new shed, and you want the best 8×12 shed you can afford.

But which shed should you go with? You’ve heard resin sheds are low maintenance and easy to assemble, but will resin hold up? Do you need the strength of wood? This guide will review the options you should consider when looking to buy an 8×12 shed and provide you with our list of the best 8×12 sheds.

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Best 8×12 Sheds

What Can You Fit in an 8×12 Shed?

With an 8×12 you can generally expect to have 96 square feet of space to work with; however, there are a few other things to consider. First of all, you may not have access to all of that space. A woodshed that uses 2×4 construction, for example, will take up some of that 96 square feet of space.

Also, consider the volume of the shed, which is the total amount of free space from floor to roof. A higher roof means more volume and more storage.

Even the roof pitch can have an impact. A gambrel roof provides more overall volume than a gable roof, allowing for space in the roof area of the interior. However, the shorter walls of the gambrel roof style will mean less wall space for hanging items and reduced accessibility.

Once you’ve determined how much space is available, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re going to be able to fit in that shed. Will it house a workbench and all of your tools? Can you fit a mower and all your yard equipment in there? The best way to answer these questions is by creating a mock-up of your shed floor.

The simplest way to create a mock-up is by using your driveway or garage. Borrow your kids’ sidewalk chalk and outline an 8×12 space. Next, gather all the equipment you plan on putting in your shed and attempt to place it in the outlined area.

Keep in mind that you will need space in the shed for you to move around and have access to the stuff you put in there. You don’t want to be climbing over things or emptying your shed every time you need access to your wheelbarrow. Consider where you might place large equipment. If you’re storing a riding lawn mower in your shed, will you be able to get it in and out of the building?

Best 8×12 Shed Reviews

Now that you’ve determined how you’ll use that 8×12 space let’s take a look at the shed options that are out there.

In this section, we will review our top 10 best 8×12 sheds. We’ll look at resin, wood, and fabric material sheds. You’ll find that the sheds on my list are built for a variety of uses. Some are best suited for storage, while others are designed specifically for gardening.

There is also a broad range of prices represented in this list. From affordable fabric storage tents to extravagant cedar gardening workshops, this list includes an 8×12 shed for every budget.

1. LIFETIME 6402

8x12 shed kit
If you’re looking for an easy install process and worry-free maintenance, then check out Lifetime’s 6402 Outdoor shed. This shed is constructed entirely of plastic resin that’s designed to hold up against all kinds of weather conditions.

This makes the aptly-named Lifetime tough to beat in terms of durability as it won’t have the same maintenance demands as its wood counterparts. No need to repaint the exterior or worry about wood-destroying insects with this shed.

I know what you’re thinking. But is plastic strong enough to ward off high winds and would-be intruders? No worries here. The floors and walls are double-walled for increased strength while the roof is reinforced with steel.

As for security, the 6402 is fortified with lockable steel-reinforced doors, while the windows are shatterproof polycarbonate.

Accessibility is also a positive here. Large double doors make garden tools and equipment easily accessible. A gabled roof rises to an 8’ peak for added clearance. As for storage, the 6402 includes a built-in shelving and storage system. Additional shelving and accessories can be purchased separately.

Five small skylights add natural lighting while two screen vents provide ventilation. Assembly-time is a relative breeze with the 6402. You and a friend can complete this build in a day. The Lifetime 6402 is also backed by a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Plenty of skylights and windows
  • Steel framed roof
  • Easy Assembly
  • Inexpensive


  • Limited interior storage shelving
  • Can get hot in southern climates


2. Suncast Tremont

8x12 storage shed

Want a shed that’s visually appealing, durable, and low maintenance? 13×8 Tremont storage shed offers the durability of plastic without a look that screams plastic shed.

That’s all thanks to the design considerations put into the Tremont. A wood board pattern molded into the plastic resin and a shingle-style roof gives this shed a more natural look than other plastic sheds. It’s certainly a shed that will add to the aesthetics of your property.

The Tremont also offers some nice features for lighting and ventilation. Vented panels promote airflow through the shed while eight skylights provide natural lighting during the daytime. No need for running dangerous and unsightly extension cords from the house with this shed.

The Tremont is one of the stronger plastic sheds you can buy thanks to multi-paneled walls, a reinforced floor designed to support a lawn tractor, and a metal truss system for the roof.

Accessibility is excellent with wide double doors; however, storage is limited. The shed includes two small corner shelves for storage. Additional shelving, a loft kit, and hook and basket accessories are available but must be purchased separately.

As with most plastic sheds, security isn’t great; however, the Tremont will discourage intruders with a solid padlock hasp.

Assembly requires just a screwdriver and construction can be completed in a day with the help of a buddy. The Tremont includes a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Easy assembly
  • Attractive for a plastic shed
  • Steel reinforced construction
  • Vented roof and eight skylights


  • Very Expensive
  • Limited storage shelf space included


3. Keter Factor

8 by 12 shed

This modest 8×11 shed couples clean a classy look with solid construction for an attractive and durable shed.

The Keter Factor is a resin shed you’ll be proud to have on display in your neighborhood, thanks to some nice design features, including natural wood grain molded planks in the walls and attractive pulls on the shed doors.

It’s also one of the stronger plastic sheds you can buy with a steel-reinforced frame and durable polypropylene resin walls.

As with the other plastic sheds on this list, durability and low-maintenance are a plus. Most plastic sheds are easy to clean and maintain, and this Keter Factor shed is no exception. It’s UV resistant to maintain its color for many years.

Natural lighting is a bit limited. Though the Keter Factor does include a skylight and side window to help illuminate your shed, other plastic sheds offer multiple skylights. The roof does include multiple vents for fresh air circulation.

As for accessibility, the large double-door opening makes it easy to get large equipment in and out of the shed. Interior storage features include two storage shelves. A substantial metal hasp provides security when paired with a padlock.

Assembly is a breeze with the Keter Factor. You can have this shed up and ready for service in about a day. The Keter Factor 8×11 shed comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Attractive Design details
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Plenty of vents for airflow


  • Limited storage accessories included
  • A little smaller than other sheds in this class


4. Little Cottage Company Gambrel Value Shed

8x12 wood shed

If you’re looking for a great value, then consider this gambrel-style shed from Little Cottage Company. This kit comes with everything you need to do your backyard barn raising in your backyard. This includes all the hardware: screws, latches, handles, and nails.

Well, not quite everything. You’ll need to supply your shingles, paint, drip edge, and floor. But unlike the plastic shed kits on this list, with this shed, you can customize your color scheme to match your home. And all materials are pre-cut, which helps to speed up assembly.

This shed offers a considerable volume of storage space thanks to its 8’ tall peak and 4’ high knee walls. A wide barn door makes it easy to store a lawn tractor. Plan on either squinting or providing your lighting as this shed does not include any windows or skylights. There are also no vents built into the shed.

A metal hasp provides security when paired with a padlock.

Keep in mind that delivery is a bit more complicated with this kit. You need to be present when the truck arrives and have at least one extra set of hands with you to assist in unloading the kit, which is done piece-by-piece.


  • Durable all-wood construction
  • Spacious interior
  • Pre Primed exterior pieces
  • All pieces are pre-cut and trusses are pre-assembled


  • Complicated delivery process
  • No vents or windows


5. Best Barns Danbury 8’ X 12’ Wood Shed Kit

12x8 shed kit

With solid construction and an attractive look at a price point well under $2,000, Best Barns Danbury 8X12 Wood Shed Kit is one of the better deals you can find in 8×12 sheds.

The Danbury comes with pre-cut wood framing and trim, including the roof sheathing. Pre-built barn doors that are ready for install are also a nice touch. All necessary hardware is also included.

Storage is also maximized with 6’3” sidewalls that rise to an 8’ peak. No awkward knee walls to deal with here. Wide double doors allow for tractor storage.

The Danbury also includes some nice design features. The exterior siding is embossed with a cedar texture, and the door is an attractive barn style.

This shed offers excellent value, but it is missing some features of other 8×12 sheds. The Danbury does not include any windows or vents, which could create problems in hot and damp climates. It also means no natural lighting.

Best Barns offers an unbeatable 15-year limited warranty in its sheds, a step up from the 10-year warranty that other company’s offer. As with most wood sheds, assembly is a little more involved and will take longer than plastic sheds. Reserve a weekend with a friend to knock this build-out.


  • Attractive design features
  • Reasonably priced
  • Exceptional warranty
  • Roomy interior


  • No vents or windows
  • Shingles not included


6. Cedar Shed 8 x 12 ft

8 x 12 ft. Gardener Storage Shed

The aptly named Gardner from Cedar Shed might be the perfect She Shed for your wife. This is certainly one of the most attractive sheds you can put on your property. Rustic Cedar siding with a gable roof pitch adds an appealing rustic touch to this shed. The Dutch door is a nice feature as is the paned window with planter box. This shed will certainly beautify any backyard.

This is also one of the more durable wood sheds you can buy, thanks to the natural weather-resistant properties of it 100% western red cedar exterior.

Assembly is relatively easy with all shed parts pre-cut and all assembly hardware included. No complicated shingling here. This kit includes pre-shingled roof panels that are easy to assemble.

This shed is also customizable with a whole host of options that can be added, including cupolas, potting benches, larger doors, weathervanes, and high wall kits.

The narrower door allows for more function in the interior. There’s plenty of room for a potting bench and ample wall space for garden tools.

Just keep in mind that this kit is designed for gardening and therefore is more functional as a workspace than a storage space. Don’t expect to store a riding lawnmower or other large pieces of equipment in this shed.

Cedarshed covers all of its products with a one-year warranty for defects in manufacturing and workmanship.


  • Beautiful garden shed
  • Cedar exterior means low maintenance
  • Excellent workspace
  • Roof included


  • Very Expensive
  • Small door limits use as storage


7. 8×12 SunShed

8'x12' SunShed Garden Building

If you’re looking for a gardening shed that will also serve as a greenhouse to start those seedlings in early spring, then you might be interested in the SunShed from Outdoor Living Today.

The aptly named SunShed is equipped with six Lexan skylights and eight wraparound windows, allowing it to function as a pseudo greenhouse for starting seedlings in the spring while at the same time providing plenty of natural light for your workspace. And, unlike other sheds, all eight windows are functional and include screens.

SunShed also outfits the inside of the shed for a workspace. A built-in workbench runs the entire length of one wall, providing plenty of storage space for plants and tools. An eight and a half foot ceiling gives this shed a more open feel that other wood sheds, which is a nice feature for a workspace.

Just keep in mind that you won’t be storing large equipment in this shed. This is a pure workspace design.

In addition to being functional, this shed will also make an attractive addition to your backyard with its half-inch thick cedar siding, Dutch door, and window boxes.

Assembly does take longer with this shed; however, all pieces are pre-cut. A floor frame of 2’x4’ cedar joists and floor runners is included. SunShed covers this shed with a one year warranty.


  • Plenty of skylights and windows
  • Can function as a greenhouse
  • Full-length workbench included
  • Cedar exterior adds durability


  • Very expensive
  • Small door limits accessibility


8. LIFETIME Storage Shed 60223

LIFETIME Storage Shed 60223

This storage shed from Lifetime offers plenty of space for your wife’s gardening needs at a price that’s more affordable than the real wood options out there.

An open workspace is essential in a gardening shed, and this layout is perfect for that. This shed is designed with a gable roof pitch and entrance that is positioned on the side of the shed as opposed to at the gable end. The space next to the door is just right for a potting bench, while the small window allows for natural lighting.

This is also one of the more attractive plastic sheds, with walls molded to resemble vertical planks and a molded roof that resembles shingles. The shudders on the window are also a nice touch, but it’s the attractive carriage house style double doors with windows and a gabled roof that is the showcase of this shed’s design.

While the door location does better serve for a workspace, it’s not the greatest layout for the storage of large equipment, such as a riding lawnmower. You’d be hard-pressed to maneuver a tractor into this shed.

An integrated metal latch on the double doors is a nice design feature and offers solid security for the shed when paired with a padlock. Two large handles give you something substantial to grab when opening up the shed.

Be prepared to navigate some vague directions or hunt for help on YouTube during assembly. Lifetime sheds come with a 10-year warranty.


  • Solid construction
  • Attractive design
  • Good layout for workspace
  • Large doors for accessibility


  • Unsuitable layout for storage
  • Poor assembly instructions


9. Cedar Shed: Rancher Storage Shed

8 x 12 ft. Rancher Storage Shed

Rancher Storage Shed differs from the other cedar sheds on this list in that it is better designed for storage as opposed to gardening. Accessibility is a priority with this model. The 60” wide large double doors at the gable end of the shed allow for optimal access for large equipment like a riding mower.

Aesthetically, the Rancher sets itself apart from other more utilitarian looking wood storage sheds on this list. With its rustic cedar look, you won’t feel like you’ll need to tuck it into the back corner of your yard. The barn doors are a nice touch, as is the wide window with shutters and box planter. It’s a beautiful shed that will certainly add to the aesthetics of your property.

Cedar, with its natural weather-resistant properties, offers superior durability over your standard woodshed. Just remember you’ll pay considerably more for a cedar shed. The Rancher costs nearly twice as much as a standard wood storage shed.

Cedarshed takes the headache out of the assembly process with its kits coming panelized. And, as with other wood sheds, this shed is customizable. Cedarshed offers several different accessories ranging from additional windows to taller walls.

As with the other Cedarshed products on this list, be aware of the company’s very limited warranty. Cedarshed covers its sheds with a one-year warranty for defects in manufacturing and workmanship.


  • Cedar durability
  • Accessibility for storage
  • Attractive appearance
  • Side window


  • Very limited warranty
  • Expensive


10. Abba Patio Storage Shelter

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter

If your storage needs are temporary, and you don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for permanent storage, then you might opt for this patio storage tent from Abba. While this storage tent won’t win any beauty pageants, it will get the job done.

This storage tent provides a full enclosure from the ground to the top. Accessibility is ample with a 5’x7’ wide opening, making it a great option for storing a riding tractor, motorcycle, or even a small car. The large front flap also zippers shut, to fully protect your vehicle from the elements.

While not offering the durability of other permanent structure storage sheds, this tent is no slouch. It features a 1.5” steel frame and triple-layered heavy water-proof polyethylene fabric. A gable-style roof line prevents rain and snow from building up on the top.

This tent is designed to be portable, so assembly can be completed in about an hour with an extra set of hands. This, of course, means you can take it with you for other uses. In addition to being portable, this tent-style shed also runs at just a fraction of the cost of permanent sheds. Abba covers this product with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Portable
  • Cheap
  • Durable (for a tent)
  • Large opening


  • Vulnerable to extreme weather
  • No windows or ventilation


What to Look for When Choosing the 8×12 Shed

Perhaps the first thing to consider when shopping for a shed is material. Shed’s come constructed out of plastic, wood, metal, and fabric. Each has its pros and cons.

Shed Material


This is the standard for most sheds. Wood is strong and durable. Wood, unlike plastic and metal, is also customizable. Want to add a window? Go for it.

Want to construct a built-in workbench or shelves inside? Do it.

Such is not the case with resin or metal sheds, in which even adding a hook to hang a rake might require the purchase of an expensive accessory.

That said, wood is also plagued by issues that don’t affect other material types. Wood can warp or bloat if not vented properly. Wood can also rot if exposed to too much moisture. It is also susceptible to damage from pests.


Resin offers the least amount of maintenance. The resins used today are designed to retain their color and look for many years. They are also impervious to water damage and won’t attract pests.

They do lack strength. Although advancements in resin technology have made these sheds much more durable than they once were, they still are not as strong as wood or metal sheds and can be more easily damaged by wind.

Resin can also fail under temperature extremes, melting or warping in intense heat or cracking under intense cold.


Metal, like wood, is very durable. It’s also the strongest of your material options. This is why resin sheds are often reinforced with steel trusses and supports. That’s not to say that metal doesn’t have its downsides.

The walls of cheaper metals sheds are typically thin and prone to denting, which isn’t hard to do given what a shed is used for. They can also corrode and rust in humid climates.


As the weakest of the four material options, fabric shelters are typically used for one purpose: to protect a vehicle from the rain. Typically fabric storage tents are used to provide shelter for cars, lawn tractors or motorcycles. High winds can do significant damage to a fabric shed kit.

Shed Accessories


Since your shed is used to store things, interior shelving is a must. Shelving in wood storage sheds can be built into the shed itself. Most resin and metal sheds include minimal plastic shelving as part of the kit; so, you’ll need to spend on accessories that are designed to attach to the interior of a plastic shed if you want more shelving.

Windows and Skylights

Windows are very important if you plan on being able to see inside your shed without having to use a flashlight or wire your shed for electricity. The best plastic storage sheds are built with multiple skylights for optimal natural lighting. Most wood storage sheds have windows to help supply natural light as well as ventilation.


It’s essential for fabric storage sheds to have anchors to prevent them from literally blowing away. These anchors should be auger-style so they cannot be easily pulled out of the ground.

Roof Strengthening Kits

For some resin sheds you may want to reinforce the roof strength of your shed, especially if you live in an area that sees heavy snow accumulation during the winter. These kits typically strengthen the roof by adding steel support beams.


If you plan on storing a lawn tractor in your shed, you’ll need a ramp. If you don’t plan on building one yourself, consider purchasing a ramp add on accessory.


I hope this guide has helped you decide what shed is right for you. Whether it’s a barn style woodshed for a workshop, a cedar garden shed, or resin storage shed to store your riding mower, there are a variety of shed types to suit any need.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and please feel free to offer any thoughts about my selection of the 10 best sheds in the space below.

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