10 Best 6X4 Storage Sheds in 2021 [Buyers Guide and Reviews]

Yard equipment, larger tools, and even seasonal decorations take up a lot of space and can be difficult to store. A 6X4 shed can be the perfect solution, offering enough room for sufficient storage without taking up too much of your yard.

A shed this size is easy to put together and affordable with many options available. So, which should you choose? To help you decide, I’ve reviewed 10 of the best cheap sheds, comparing their important features.

But if you’re still on the fence about whether a 6X4 storage shed offers enough space, let’s start by discussing exactly what you can fit in a shed this size.

At a Glance: Our Choices for Best 6X4 Storage Sheds in 2021:

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Best 6X4 Storage Sheds

What Can You Store in 6X4 Shed

Gardening/Yardwork Equipment – You can easily fit an assortment of gardening and yard equipment in a shed this size. There’s plenty of space for rakes, shovels, weed whackers and more.

Patio Furniture – Have any patio furniture that you only use occasionally? You can easily store it in your 6X4 shed with plenty of room to spare.

Push Mower – A standard push lawnmower will take up less than one-third of the space in your shed, leaving plenty of room for other equipment.

Bicycles – Bicycles are pretty large, but you can fit several of them in a shed of this size.

Riding Mower – You’ll be close to filling up the floor space in your shed, but if you can fit it through the door, your riding mower will fit inside of a 6X4 shed.

Wheelbarrow – A stray wheelbarrow in the yard isn’t the most attractive lawn ornament. Luckily, it will fit inside a small cheap shed like the ones we’re about to review.

10 Best 6X4 Storage Sheds Reviews

For your equipment that’s too large or too dirty to bring inside, a small shed is inexpensive and convenient storage space. The following reviews will compare some of the most popular and best 6×4 sheds on the market to help you determine which one is the best option for storing your gear.

1. Suncast 6’ x 4’ Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

With 98 cubic-feet of floor space, the Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed is a great option for storing all of your extra gear or tools.

The entire front opens into two swinging door panels that allow you entry at the full width of the shed. This makes it easy to store your largest equipment like bikes, push lawnmowers or even a riding mower since you have plenty of room to push or ride it right on inside.

For even more access, the entire roof slides open, giving you a completely open space to organize how you see fit. Since it’s just five feet tall, you’ll likely be able to use the opening roof feature, but you won’t be able to store anything tall standing up, such as a step-ladder.

This shed features a heavy-duty reinforced floor. This ensures that your gear is completely sealed off from the elements, as well as any insects or critters that have an interest in your shed. If they can’t get in through the floor, then there are not many places for them to enter.

Since they’re crafted from durable resin, the panels of this shed are very resistant to weather and age well. They don’t corrode, rust, or mold, and they even feature UV-resistance to help them stand up to the sun’s rays.

You can fit a bicycle, push lawnmower, and all of your gardening tools inside this shed simultaneously with some room to spare, making it a great choice for anyone who needs a bit more outside storage space.

Assembly Time: About an hour

Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Multi-walled resin panels are strong and durable
  • Heavy-duty reinforced floor
  • The sliding lid gives complete access


  • Poor quality control
  • Only 5’ tall


2. Keter Factor

Keter Factor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Shed

With a full-height that reaches just over seven feet, the Keter Factor shed has plenty of room for you to stand up in or store your larger equipment. Even your largest gardening equipment like weed whackers and shovels can stand in this shed with room to spare.

There’s a full-size front door that allows you plenty of room to enter and exit, but it doesn’t span the entire width of the building, so you won’t be able to fit a riding mower through the opening. While the door limits you from entering with your largest equipment, it doesn’t reduce your total storage capacity.

The Keter Factor shed has a total volume of 140 cubic feet, offering enough space to start stacking some of your belongings so you can squeeze more inside.

Steel reinforced walls with polypropylene resin plastic panels provide you with the best benefits of resin and metal sheds. You get the rigidity and strength of steel framing with the weather-resistance of resin. This means your shed is water-resistant, UV-resistant, won’t mold or rot, and is plenty strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions like heavy wind or snow.

To help you make use of that extra vertical space, the Keter Factor shed also includes adjustable brackets for shelves that let you set them to whatever height best fits your needs.

To ensure that no moisture is retained inside to allow mold to grow, a vented window allows for adequate air circulation. There’s also a skylight in the ceiling to allow for ample lighting so you can see your equipment.

Assembly Time: 2-3 hours

Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Seven-foot ceiling height
  • Adjustable shelving brackets included
  • Ample light and ventilation


  • The front door isn’t wide enough for a riding mower


3. Suncast Cascade Storage Shed

6x4 plastic shed

Though it’s dimensions are just 6’ X 3’, the Suncast Cascade Storage Shed is deceptively spacious inside. On paper, it may seem smaller than some of the other sheds on this list, but it’s got an impressive 171 cubic feet of total storage area, which is rather substantial considering this shed’s small footprint.

Part of the way the Suncast Cascade shed manages to fit so much storage space into a small shell is by giving it a tall, steepled roof. Reaching 8.5’ at the pitch of the roof, this shed offers space to even store items over your head, freeing up more ground space for the larger items that can’t be lifted.

While some sheds open on the shorter side, this shed has a set of double doors on the wide side, offering you close to five feet of entry space so you can wheel your largest equipment inside with no problems. Even a riding mower would make it through the doors. Unfortunately, with a depth of just three feet, it won’t fit inside of this shed for storage.

With a reinforced floor built-in, you won’t have to worry about your heavy equipment damaging it or any bugs or rodents, making your storage shed their new home. It’s strong enough to withstand hundreds of pounds of equipment.

A small vent at the top of the roof keeps the air circulating inside and two windows on the doors offer light without sacrificing structural integrity. Overall, it’s a very spacious shed with a compact footprint.

Assembly Time: 4+ hours

Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Wide opening double doors
  • 171 cubic feet of storage space
  • The tall roof provides ample height


  • Less floor space than other sheds


4. Palram Skylight 6′ X 4′ Lean-to Shed


Palram Skylight Lean-to 6X4 Shed

If you’re already short on yard space but you need a discrete way to store your gear, the Palram Skylight Lean-to Shed offers an unassuming shed that will easily blend into your home. It can be installed directly against your house and will look like it’s always been there.

The Palram shed is a bit shorter than its advertised dimensions of 6’ X 4’. It’s a few inches short each way, but it makes up for it with nearly seven feet of vertical space, meaning you can store your larger gear and equipment without any trouble.

Built to withstand any type of extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, heavy snow, and even hail, the Palram shed should hold up through years worth of adverse weather. It’s got front and back vents to keep the shed ventilated and ensure that even if things get moist, no mold or rot will grow in your shed.

To make it more convenient with the layout of your home, the door of this shed can be installed on either end. It can also be set to open either direction, so you get a lot of flexibility with how you enter and exit this shed.

The siding on the Palram shed is meant to emulate standard vinyl siding, helping this shed blend into your home’s exterior without standing out. But it also offers excellent all-weather protection since the panels are made from durable polycarbonate. They are a little bit thin compared to some of the competing sheds, though.

Assembly Time: 4+ hours

Warranty: 10 years


  • The door can be installed on either end
  • Durable all-weather construction
  • Blends into your home without sticking out


  • Walls are very thin


5. Suncast 6’ x 3’ Vertical Shed

Suncast Vertical Outdoor Storage

With just over 7.5’ of interior ceiling clearance, this Suncast Vertical shed offers more than enough height to store any of your tall equipment like rakes, shovels, step ladders, extension poles, and more. But this shed has a footprint that’s just 6’ X 3’, so you will be losing a little bit of total storage area. However, it still manages to provide 94 cubic feet of interior storage space, so there’s plenty of room.

One of the primary features of this shed is the large double-door opening on the wider 6’ side of the shed. The doorway spans 4’9” across and 6’ in height, offering ample room to push anything inside. Push mowers, bicycles, and large trash cans will have to problem fitting through these spacious doors.

The Suncast Vertical shed isn’t very susceptible to the weather. It’s made with multi-wall panels that are strong and stable, crafted from all-weather resin. This means it can resist UV rays, water, mold, rot, and anything else that mother nature tries to throw at it. Since it’s so strong, even snow weight won’t collapse this shed.

To help utilize the interior space to its fullest capacity, built-in wood shelving supports are included. Once you install a few shelves, you’ll be able to store your stuff up to that full interior height of over 7’.

Ensuring that your gear is safe from wandering eyes and hands, a padlock hasp lets you lock the shed up completely. And those durable walls won’t be letting any intruders in either.

Assembly Time: 2-4 hours

Warranty: Ten-year limited


  • Over 7’ of vertical space inside
  • Large double doors provide plenty of room to enter
  • Durable all-weather construction is built to last
  • Built-in wood shelving supports


  • Less floor space than other sheds


6. Keter Manor 4×6 Resin Outdoor Shed Kit

KETER Manor 4x6 Storage Shed

Offering 131 cubic feet of total storage capacity, this storage shed from Keter offers ample room for all of your extra gear that’s in need of a home. Inside, the roof is almost 6.5’ high, so you’ll likely be able to stand without stooping, and your equipment will fit with room to spare.

This shed is made from polypropylene resin plastic, giving it all-weather resilience that isn’t susceptible to water, rot, rust, or even UV damage. To make it even sturdier, steel reinforcements were added, giving you the peace of mind that your shed is built tough enough to withstand anything that may happen.

The exterior walls of the Keter Manor shed are meant to look like wooden siding so that this shed can blend in with any home. But since it’s not wood, it won’t require any maintenance and it will never break down.

There’s a built-in floor that protects your equipment and is also strong enough to store your heaviest gear without worrying about damage. But the door on this shed is pretty slim, so your larger stuff may not even fit through the door to begin with.

Another drawback I noticed with this shed is that no shelving options are available. Even though it’s steel-reinforced, there is no way to hang shelving from these walls. Personally, I prefer the sheds that include shelving options since it multiplies the total storage space inside the shed.

Assembly Time: 1 day or less

Warranty: 10-year limited


  • 6.5’ of interior height
  • 131 cubic feet of total storage
  • All-weather resilience


  • No shelving options
  • Small doorway


7. Rubbermaid Storage Shed 5×6 Feet

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

Thanks to its slightly larger footprint of 6’ X 5’, the Rubbermaid Storage Shed offers an impressive 159 cubic feet of interior storage space. It’s also got plenty of vertical space with a height of 6’. Inside, you can fit quite a few items, even large ones. A bicycle and push mower will fit side by side in this shed with plenty of room leftover.

Many sheds have small openings that don’t allow you to make use of the entire interior dimensions. But the Rubbermaid storage shed features double-doors on the front that open all the way, providing complete access to the 52” of interior width. Since the entryway is so spacious, you can drive your riding mower inside with room to spare so you can still comfortably dismount and walk out.

In its base form, this shed is somewhat plain. The interior walls don’t offer a lot of storage space as they are. However, you can add shelves, racks, and pegboard using the Rubbermaid wall anchors. They’re not included, but you can purchase them separately and multiply your shed’s storage abilities by hanging a lot of your smaller stuff on the pegboard or setting them on shelves. This frees up your floor space for the mower and bicycles.

To keep your stuff safe, the doors are lockable, so you can add a padlock and keep out intruders. Plus, all-weather construction protects from the elements, so your equipment will be well-protected.

Assembly Time: 2-4 hours

Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Can add pegboard and shelving for more storage options
  • Large double doors open to full interior width
  • 6’ of interior height


  • Shelving mounts not included


8. Suncast Everett


Suncast Everett

With a footprint that spans 6’X5’ and a peak roof height of 88”, the Suncast Everett shed manages to offer an impressive 180 cubic feet of interior storage capacity. That’s enough to fit your riding mower, bicycles, gardening tools, and more, all under one small roof.

To ensure that your stuff is kept safe from the elements, this shed is built with resin panels that are completely weather-resistant. The sun won’t damage them, rain and water won’t cause rot, they won’t mold or mildew. For extra support, the roof has a metal truss system built-in that can easily withstand the weight of accumulated snow or even a cat jumping up for a sunbath.

Very wide french doors on the front open to allow nearly the full width of the shed for entry. This makes it easy to ride your mower inside with plenty of clearance all the way around. Since this shed has a depth of five feet, your mower should even fit inside.

Lockable doors protect your equipment from other people. A reinforced floor protects your shed from your equipment.

Skylights and windows allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the inside of the shed, eliminating the need for lights and electricity. Small vents at the front and rear provide plenty of airflow, combating the effects of moisture so that your stuff stays safe and dry inside.

Assembly Time: 4+ hours

Warranty: 10-year limited


  • 180 cubic feet of storage space
  • Large double doors provide ample entry room
  • Plenty of vertical space


  • Tall height makes it hard to install roof


9. Rubbermaid Roughneck

Rubbermaid Roughneck

With a 5’X4’ footprint, the Rubbermaid Roughneck shed is a bit smaller than some of the other ones I’ve reviewed here. However, it still manages to offer a sufficient storage capacity of 106 cubic feet, so there’s still plenty of space to store what you need.

Inside, the ceiling is over 6’ high, meaning you get lots of vertical space if you can make use of it. Luckily, Rubbermaid has made that easy to do since they included their wall anchors with the shed. These wall anchors allow you to add pegboard, shelving, and other storage accessories, allowing you to utilize better the full height and storage space of this shed. To that end, Rubbermaid has a line of organizational equipment, such as power tool holders, tool racks, and accessory kits.

Since it’s made from durable resin plastic with double-walled construction, this shed is very strong and durable. The resin is completely weather-resistant, so it won’t rust, rot, corrode, or mold, like wood or metal are likely to do. Plus, it can be easily washed down with a simple garden hose or even a power spray.

This shed is ideal for those who don’t have much space and need a compact way to clean up their gardening tools or other equipment. It’s small enough that it’s hardly noticeable and it won’t stick out, but it’s large enough to provide enough space for storing all your gear.

Assembly Time: 3+ hours

Warranty: 10 years


  • Entire front opens for entry
  • Wall anchors are included
  • Impact-resistant floor


  • Slightly smaller footprint of just 5’X4’


10. ShelterLogic Pop-Up Shed Kit

ShelterLogic 4x4x6 Water-Resistant Pop-Up

Most of the sheds we’ve discussed so far are semi-permanent. They can be disassembled and moved, but it’s going to be a hassle. But the ShelterLogic Pop-Up Shed Kit is a more portable design that’s easy to set up and just as easy to breakdown if you want to relocate it.

This shed is so simple to build that you can put it together in just thirty minutes. It consists of a carbon steel frame with a cover that’s made from 300D polyester. The frame is powder-coated to resist corrosion and rust, and the polyester is water-resistant to help keep all of the moisture from even reaching the frame or your gear inside.

You won’t get quite as much total space with this shed since it’s just 4’X4’. But you will get 6’ of height, so larger equipment will fit inside easily. But since it’s not rigid, you won’t get any hanging options inside, severely limiting your organizational capacities. No shelves can be added and you can’t hang anything in this shed either.

One of the biggest draws of the ShelterLogic shed is that it’s dirt-cheap. It will fit in any budget, offering an affordable way for you to get your expensive gardening gear and other tools out of the elements, so your investments are protected.

Assembly Time: 30 minutes

Warranty: 1 year


  • Very quick and easy to set up
  • Affordably priced
  • Offers great sun and rain protection


  • Short warranty period
  • Can’t hang shelving


What to Look for When Choosing 6×4 Shed

Now you’ve seen some of the best cheap sheds available, but how do you pick the right one to fit your needs? There are a few important traits that you need to consider before you make your decision. If you make sure to prioritize these traits, you’ll get the right shed that’s exactly what you need.

Shed Material

One of the first things to consider when deciding on which shed to purchase is what kind of material it’s made out of. You can get sheds built from several different materials, such as wood, plastic, or aluminum.

Some plastic sheds also have metal frames or reinforcements, giving you some of the best properties of both materials.

Plastic or resin sheds will last for a long time and won’t be damaged by water, but the sun can wear on them over time. They aren’t susceptible to rot or corrosion, but they also aren’t as strong as other shed types.

Wood sheds are very sturdy, but they’re not as water-resistant as plastic. They are often coated to improve their water-resistance, but they can still get rot, mold, or deteriorate from prolonged exposure to water.

Metal sheds are sturdy but susceptible to corrosion. They’re generally coated to resist corrosion, but rust is always a possibility with metals that live outdoors.


The height of your shed is another important factor to give some thought. If you’re going to small only smaller items, you may get a shorter shed that’s possible to keep hidden behind your fence.

On the other hand, if you have large items to store, you’re going to need a taller shed with some clearance.


Shelves can be a great way to increase the storage capacity of any small shed. Some sheds even come with them included, saving you time and providing ample storage space as soon as the shed is built.

You can always add shelves to a shed after the fact, but you’ll have to be careful since not all sheds are built to support weight in that manner.


Your shed is always going to be outside where it’s open to the unfortunate possibility of intruders. Many sheds include locking mechanisms so you can lock it and keep your belongings secure. This is an important feature that should be on any shed you purchase.


You may decide that ventilation isn’t the most necessary feature. But if your shed isn’t properly ventilated, there’s a much greater chance you’ll find mold, mildew, or worse growing inside.


Not all sheds come with floors. If you want to save some money, you can choose a shed with no floor since they tend to be cheaper. But if you want to keep out bugs and critters and have a nice clean floor to store your stuff on, then look for a shed with a built-in floor.


A small shed can be an inexpensive and simple way to keep your gear that doesn’t fit inside safe from the weather and any prying eyes or hands. Some of them offer large ceiling heights and open entryways while others prioritize a compact footprint or low cost.

The Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed is a great choice for storing your gear. It’s completely weather-resistant and durable with multi-walled resin panels and a reinforced floor. Plus, the entire lid opens to provide you with unfettered access to all of your equipment.

Another great option is the Keter Factor shed, which has an impressive 7’ ceiling height with 140 cubic feet of total storage space. Adjustable shelving brackets are even included to help you make the best use of the space possible.

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