15 Cool Under Deck Storage Ideas

For many homeowners, the area under their deck feels like wasted space. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Some genuinely amazing under-deck storage ideas can give you a convenient place to store various items, keeping them shielded from the elements and secure.

Whether the area on your deck is small or expansive, there’s a design that can meet your needs. Here’s a closer look at 15 cool under-deck storage ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

15 Cool Under-deck Storage Ideas

1. Simple Sliding Wood-Look Drawers

When the space under your deck is relatively slim, using drawers to turn it into storage is a simple solution. The drawers in this design are fairly large, offering enough space for seasonal throw pillows and other seasonally-colored accessories.

While the draw fronts look like genuine wood, they’re a synthetic product like what you find for deck floors. That ensures the drawer fronts hold up against the elements but lets them have a more traditional look. Add in the large handles, and they’re easy to slide open and close, too.

2. Under-Deck Stairs Storage

With this deck, the area beneath the deck itself is tall, making it a usable area for relaxing. However, the space beneath the stairs could easily end up wasted. Fortunately, this under-deck storage idea lets a homeowner make the most of the area beneath the stairs.

Overall, this solution is incredibly simple, as it mainly relies on a wood-clad door to turn the space under the stairs into storage. The storage space also extends back into the area beneath the small landing deck. As a result, it’s large enough for bigger items like a kayak.

3. Shed-Style Under-Deck Storage

The under-deck storage design looks like a shed thanks to the traditional doors positioned at the bottom of the stairs. It allows homeowners to use a slightly sloped space that’s too short for a lounge area. Plus, the use of more traditional siding shields everything inside from the elements.

This under-deck storage idea also creates a large space for holding items. You could store outdoor sporting equipment, lawn care tools, and more, allowing you to keep a substantial amount of outdoor products out of the house.

4. Lattice-Covered Under-Deck Storage

One benefit of using lattice is that it allows for better airflow, which can be helpful if you need to store damp items and want to let them dry. It also avoids moisture accumulation beneath the deck boards, which may reduce issues like rot.

The space created with this under-deck storage option is also pretty large. It could easily hold bigger pieces of sporting equipment or big lawn care items like lawnmowers. The lattice also helps create some privacy, ensuring what’s stored below isn’t particularly visible at a glance.

5. Storage Shed Beneath a Deck

With this under-deck storage option, you essentially have a shed built into the space. The sides of the shed have traditional siding, ensuring what’s inside is well protected. The door into the shed is also quite large and very robust, making this a solid solution for more expensive lawn equipment, tools, or sporting goods.

One nice feature here is the roll-up door. That allows you to move large items inside without the door ending up in the way. Plus, these doors feature sturdy construction, so they aren’t especially susceptible to damage.

6. Under-Deck Boat House

This deck and boat house combination is built into a sloped part of the yard. As a result, a space in the backyard that would be too angled to make it a usable recreational space can now hold a lovely seating area, which is excellent for entertaining.

Beneath the deck, you essentially have a garage. Along with room for a boat, there’s enough space for other equipment like water skis or fishing gear. The railing extending out of the garage makes it easy to get the boat down toward the water, which is a nice touch.

7. Under-Deck Dry Storage

This under-deck storage idea is designed to protect the area beneath the deck from the elements. As a result, the homeowner can store outdoor textile items and furnishings, like extra seating for when they’re entertaining. Plus, it’s bigger than many sheds while making use of an area that would otherwise go unused.

Another great feature of this under-deck storage solution is that it’s highly discrete. If the hinges were wood-toned instead of black, many people wouldn’t even notice it’s there. Instead, it would just look like siding at a glance.

8. Stone Veneer-Clad Storage Area

The stone veneer on this under-deck storage shed helps it blend in with the environment while shielding the area from the elements. Plus, it creates a relatively large storage space, and the double-door entry makes it easy to get big items into the shed area.

With the stone veneer, many of the structural elements of the deck are also disguised. This creates a cleaner look overall, which some people prefer.

9. Bi-Directional Steps with Doorway

By taking advantage of the top platform on these bi-directional steps, these homeowners were able to add a decent-sized door to access a storage space beneath the deck. The sides are brick and synthetic siding, both of which are weather-resistant. As a result, the storage area remains reasonably dry.

While there isn’t much height to this storage solution, there’s still enough room for some larger items. Fitting a lawnmower beneath this deck wouldn’t be an issue. Similarly, large outdoor sporting equipment like kayaks under the deck would be simple.

10. Sizeable Shed Under a Screened-In Porch

The yard at this home is sloped, which doesn’t make it ideal for a large shed. However, the space under the screened-in porch is an ideal alternative, offering ample space that’s also protected from the elements.

The shed is clad in siding, ensuring it remains reasonably dry. The blue door adds a quirky pop of color, and its size makes it easy to get large items into the space. Essentially, it could hold any lawn equipment a homeowner may need, keeping it in a convenient location.

11. Petite Under-Deck Storage Shed

Overall, this under-deck storage shed is smaller than some alternatives, but it takes advantage of an area that may otherwise be underutilized. The deck area is essentially a landing between the stairs and the screened-in porch above. As a result, the shed design uses structural supports while disguising them a bit.

By choosing siding that matches the home, this shed also blends in a bit. The white door is also discreet, so it doesn’t disrupt the overall look while being large enough to ensure easy access.

12. Privacy Fenced Under-Deck Storage Area

This under-deck storage idea uses privacy fencing to disguise a space for keeping items like lawn equipment, sporting goods, and more. Plus, the gaps between the boards and the diamond cutouts allow for airflow, which is beneficial in areas where humidity could be an issue.

Another nice part of this design is that it doesn’t look like storage at a glance. The door is made of the same fencing material, so it doesn’t stand out visually. Plus, the door is large enough to fit big items through with ease, making it a functional choice, as well.

13. Under-Deck Storage with Sliding Doors

What makes this one of the more unique under-deck storage ideas is the use of sliding doors. The large panels can move across relatively long tracks, making it easy to access the storage area below from either side. That makes it a solid choice for larger outdoor toys or sporting goods.

Inside the storage area, you also see the same tile-style flooring installed in other areas at ground level. That option is incredibly durable and reasonably simple to clean. Plus, the flooring is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry much about damage due to the elements.

14. Stone-Clad Deck with Storage

The stone cladding on this deck makes the design aesthetically appealing, effectively disguising some of the structural elements of the deck. By adding a door under the top landing of the stairs, it also makes the area under the deck accessible, allowing it to serve as storage.

Ultimately, this deck is shorter, but there’s still enough room for big items like lawn equipment or kayaks. The stone cladding will shield anything within from the elements, which is a nice bonus.

15. Top-Access Under-Deck Storage Drawers

While most types of under-deck storage are accessible from beneath the deck, these drawers allow the homeowner to reach stored items while on the deck. A step on a multi-level deck is turned into a large sliding drawer. Each storage section is designed to keep water out, ensuring the items stay dry, too.

When the drawer is slid back under the deck, it blends into the stairs. As a result, most people wouldn’t even know it’s there.


Ultimately, the under-deck storage ideas in this list show options for nearly any potential need. Whether you are looking to safeguard small items or want to secure far more, a suitable option can help the space under your deck do more than it’s doing today.

Did you enjoy checking out all of the under-deck storage ideas above? Did any of the designs specifically grab your attention? Are you having trouble choosing between more than one option? If you have a good time exploring these ideas, please let us know if the comments. Also, if you know someone looking for an under-deck storage solution, take a moment to share the article.

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