21 Cool Patio Under Deck Ideas

With taller decks comes a fantastic opportunity. Along with an excellent entertaining space above, you have the ability to turn the space below into something special. By creating a patio, you have an area for lounging out of the sun. Plus, it can let you dine, read, or play outdoors, even during inclement weather.

At times, figuring out how to turn that space under your deck into a fun patio seems challenging. Fortunately, with the right ideas, it’s a breeze. Here are some patio under deck ideas to inspire you.

21 Patio Under Deck Ideas

1. Two-Level Covered Deck and Patio

With this patio option, you aren’t just getting one covered area, but two. The deck above is also protected from the elements. However, thanks to several skylights, light pours in on the deck above. On the underside, can lights illuminate the area below.

One standout feature of this patio is the two-level stone fireplace. Both the patio and the deck share a chimney, keeping the look streamlined while adding exceptional coziness. Couple that with comfortable seating, and you have space to lounge whenever the mood strikes.

2. Patio with Kitchen Area

When the space under your deck is this large, taking advantage of every square foot is essential. Along with a comfortable dining area, this patio has an outdoor kitchen. There’s a grill along the outer edge, along with some counter space.

If you prefer, you could actually wrap the counters around the corner. Then, you could easily add an outdoor sink, small fridge, or other convenient items. However, even as it is, the cooking potential is there.

3. Patio with Stately Columns

If your home is traditional, this under-deck patio with stately columns could be a great choice. Along with some elegance with the supports, the gently arched openings give this patio that extra bit of style. Couple that with a trellis along one side, making the space more private, and you have a great spot for relaxing or outdoor dining.

Another nice feature of this patio is the three large fans. That promotes better air circulation, making the patio more comfortable on hotter days.

4. Putting Green Patio

For homeowners that would like to add some fun to their patio area, this putting green option is a great choice. The seating area tucked in the back gives you a place to relax, while the rest of the space features turf to create a smooth surface for putting. By adding three holes, multiple people can have some fun at the same time.

Another benefit to this patio is that it’s low maintenance. Turf doesn’t require any mowing, and river rock doesn’t need much work to keep it looking good.

5. Patio with Under-Stair Storage

Many homeowners need their spaces to pull double-duty. With this under-deck patio, you don’t just get a nice covered seating area; you also get convenient built-in storage. The spot below the stairs becomes convenient closets. By adding decorative touches to the doors, it also adds some flair to the space.

The faux candle chandelier is also a lovely touch. It adds a bit of sophistication and visual interest, all while ensuring the space is suitably bright at night.

6. Large Patio with Fireplace and Bar

The space under this deck is large enough to support several functional areas. First, there’s seating next to a massive natural stone fireplace, creating a cozy spot for relaxing even during cooler nights. Second, there’s a bar area with seating.

While this bar is mainly serving as a dining space, it could potentially accommodate more. There’s enough room to make it wide enough to add a cooktop or mini-fridge, for example. However, that’s purely optional.

7. Simple Patio with Water Feature

When it comes to this patio, the space is pretty simple. There’s enough room for a seating area or dining table, all illuminated by an overhead light. The stone border wall also adds visual interest and potentially seating, making it suitable for larger groups.

One unique aspect of this patio is the nearby water feature. While it’s off to the side of the patio, it’s easily viewable. Plus, the sound of the water would carry into the space, blocking out extraneous noise to make the spot more tranquil.

8. Screened Under Deck Patio

If you want a relaxing space that’s all free of bugs, this screened patio under a deck is an excellent choice. It’s large enough to have seating for four to six people, depending on the seats you select. Plus, it’s screened on three sides, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor air without having to worry about bugs.

By having storm doors on two of the sides, it’s also easy to navigate to different parts of the yard from this patio. That increases the convenience while giving you the functionality of a screened-in porch.

9. Under Deck Patio with Hot Tub

For anyone who enjoys a nice soak in a hot tub, setting one up on a patio under your deck could be an excellent choice. It allows you to keep the hot tub covered, making it more pleasant to use during inclement weather or colder times of the year. Plus, there’s still enough room for a small dining or seating area.

This patio also extends far beyond the deck above. As a result, it gives you room for a small firepit, allowing you to enjoy your yard in yet another way.

10. Under Deck Patio with Beverage Station

When you’re entertaining on your patio, keeping guests hydrated is often essential. While coolers can do the trick, they aren’t always ideal, depending on what you’re serving. Plus, soaked cans or bottles in ice means the exteriors are wet, which isn’t the best.

That’s why this patio is such a solid choice. Along with ample seating, a fireplace, and a television, it has a built-in beverage station. The mini-fridge keeps drinks cold without the hassle of a cooler, enhancing your entertaining capabilities.

11. Simple Paver Patio

For anyone who wants to make use of the space under their deck but wants to keep things simple, this paver option is a great choice. There’s enough room for a dining table and a chair for lounging. Plus, you can protect your grill from the elements, which is convenient.

By curving parts of this patio, it also makes the space feel a bit more elegant. However, the design also seems classic, allowing it to work well with many home styles.

12. Poolside Patio with Swing

This poolside patio features natural stone flooring, creating an organic look. With its generous size, there’s also plenty of rooming for dining, grilling, or lounging, all with the added convenience of overhead fans for comfort.

When it comes to a standout feature, the porch swing is a nice addition. It adds a bit of fun and whimsy without going overboard. As a result, you create a space that people of all ages will enjoy.

13. Timber and Concrete Patio

Overall, the design of the patio itself is very minimalist. Along with timber supports, which add a touch of color and a natural feel, there’s a sleek concrete floor. That combination is ultimately incredibly versatile.

With this design, the homeowner opted for brightly colored furnishings and a large art piece. By doing so, the neutral backdrop is infused with energy. However, you could also opt for something more subtle if that better aligns with your aesthetic.

14. Poolside Under Deck Patio with Fireplace

If you have a ground-level pool, making use of the space under your deck is essential. With this option, there’s a large seating area all focused around a fireplace. Plus, there are convenient amenities like a drink fridge, ensuring anyone enjoying the pool doesn’t have to go inside to get a beverage.

In this example, the space above the fireplace also has a television. Since the deck is larger, you can also build in speakers, allowing you to enjoy music, television, or movies all while sitting outside.

15. Slim and Simple Patio

With the deck above being a bit on the smaller side, slim and simple became the name of the game for the patio beneath. The flagstone flooring keeps the area feeling natural and neutral. The ceiling fans help ensure the patio stays comfortable during warmer weather.

In the end, there’s enough covered area for a dining table or potentially a hot tub. By extending the patio beyond the deck above, you can also create a seating area, giving you more functionality overall.

16. Café-Style Under Deck Patio

With this patio option, you get café styling with a Tuscan vibe. However, the reason for that goes beyond the patio, as other design choices and the surrounding yard shape the vibe.

The lighter stone can feel sophisticated or rustic, depending on other styling elements. The columns have an Arts and Crafts flair, though the arches add a touch of softness, increasing versatility. Couple that with wood ceilings that are as appropriate in traditional homes as they are in minimalist ones, and you can shape this space to align with your vision.

17. Simple Square Paver Patio

When you want a fast, straightforward option, this square paver patio is hard to beat. The flooring is in a neutral hue, allowing you to style it in nearly any way you choose. Couple that with the clean, white ceiling for the patio space, and you’ve effectively got a blank slate.

One nice thing about this patio is its size. You could fit a seating area and dining table with ease. You could also set up a hot tub if you prefer a place to soak.

18. Natural Stone Patio

Overall, the covered part of this patio is relatively slim, being just large enough to have a comfortable seating area. However, it has substantial amounts of style, partially due to the use of natural stone as a backdrop.

The wall along the house features large boulders, keeping the final look organic. Couple that with the stone along the small counter area and the concrete flooring, and the overall look blends well with the surrounding landscape.

19. Cedar Ceiling Patio

Another design that benefits from simplicity, this patio shines because of the cedar ceiling. It allows the natural material to take center stage, all while keeping most of the look very natural.

Along with that, you have a warm-toned concrete floor. The color also blends well, ensuring it doesn’t take away from the ceiling or surrounding landscape. However, it’s also durable and reasonably low-maintenance, which is a boon for many homeowners.

20. Traditional Screened Patio

Overall, this screened patio is a simple design, allowing the homeowner to enjoy the space even during poor weather. However, the tiny bit of flare on the screen door gives it a traditional touch. Couple that with the bright white paint, and a feature that can often look rustic comes across as sophisticated.

The porch area itself is pretty sizeable. It easily offers up enough room for a seating area, dining table, or potentially both, depending on the pieces.

21. Patio with Heaters

For homeowners in a cooler climate, adding heaters to an under-deck patio could be essential. This design features heaters along the outside edge, allowing it to direct warmth toward the patio and home, making the space easier to use year-round.

Otherwise, its generous size also allows it to accommodate a large seating area. The stone-style flooring keeps the look natural, while the faux candle chandelier adds a hint of elegance to the space. Overall, this option could ultimately work well in traditional, minimalist, or any other style home, making it an approach worth considering.


If you have a taller deck, the right patio under deck ideas can help you make use of a potentially underutilized space. Plus, by making that area as attractive as possible, you can increase your property value while adding some functionality to your yard.

Did you enjoy exploring all of the options above? Are there any patio designs that stood out to you, or are you finding that several could potentially meet your needs? If you enjoyed the list or want to discuss your opinion, reach out in the comments below. Also, if you know any who could benefit from some patio under deck inspiration, please share the article.

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