17 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas for Every Budget

Hot tubs are an excellent place for homeowners to rest and relax, but that’s hard to do if the surrounding landscaping isn’t on point. By beautifying the surrounding space, you can enjoy views of lush plants and meticulously-designed hardscaping, making your time in the hot tub more enjoyable.

Choosing a landscaping design for the area near a hot tub doesn’t have to be challenging, as many excellent options are available. If you have a hot tub and want to update your yard, here are 17 hot tub landscaping ideas for every budget.

17 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas for Every Budget

1. Sunken Hot Tub with Multi-Level Deck

With this sunken hot tub, there’s a multi-level deck to make entering and exiting easier. The deck incorporates some lighting, illuminating the area after dark to make it easier to use at night.

Surrounding the deck is some fencing with taller plants, adding a degree of privacy. On one of the other sides, smaller plants fill out the area, and they’ll grow to create a lush covering in time. You also have a section featuring stone-like pavers, allowing people to move between the hot tub and home without walking through the grass.

2. Modern Deck with Sunken Hot Tub

This simple, modern deck design makes accessing the sunken hot tub simple. Plus, the decking can serve as a spot for keeping items like drinks close by, avoiding the need for additional surfaces or tables.

One intriguing feature is the window cutout in the privacy fencing along one side. This makes the plants in the planter box below viewable from the hot tub, adding a touch of nature. It also creates balance with the planter box near the dining set.

3. Country Hot Tub Garden

For homeowners that enjoy the look of meadows filled with wildflowers, this country garden is an excellent option for the area around a hot tub. The flower choice makes the design feel natural and organic, as it isn’t overly manicured. However, by using planter boxes on steps, it ensures everything remains contained, all while creating a sense of height.

The wood decking helps the hot tub blend with the overall design, while the stone steps and upper section keep everything feeling natural. The pair of rustic chairs create more opportunities to relax, while the fireplace surround adds a quirky, fun element.

4. English Garden-Inspired Hot Tub

This hot tub area has features reminiscent of an English garden. The stone walkway feels very natural and organic, softening the overall look. The lush plants add a sense of fullness without overwhelming the space, while the birdbath creates a focal point within the greenery. With the blue tile in the hot tub, there’s another pop of color.

The addition of the bench along the fence gives homeowners another spot to rest and relax. With the fencing, there’s also a lot of privacy, which is typically preferred when there’s a hot tub in the yard.

5. Rustic Hot Tub Landscaping

The design of this yard has a distinctly rustic vibe. The barrel-like design of the hot tub, coupled with the wood decking and earthy stone, has a sense of natural warmth. Couple that with the large plants that feel a tad unkempt, and the setting maintains an organic feel.

This landscaping also allows homeowners to take advantage of a sloped yard. The stepped sections create level areas. Plus, the higher decking that reaches the top of the hot tub serves as a spot for keeping drinks, towels, or other items.

6. Traditional Hot Tub Landscaping

With this landscaping design, the look is very traditional. The red brick patio feels clean and classic, and the variances in the brick color make it feel time-worn, softening the look. Along the hot tub is a bench with two planters, another highly traditional element that creates an opportunity for a pop of color.

Otherwise, the remaining elements feel like time-honored additions. The manicured lawn with brick edging around the trees remains in style year after year. Plus, the other planters create opportunities for strategic lushness, all without overwhelming the space.

7. Hot Tub with Stone Surround

With this hot tub design, using stone makes the look very natural. However, the stone also serves a purpose, acting as retaining walls and creating a landing near the top of the hot tub. The upper landing makes a good entry and exit point but can also serve as a spot for placing items.

The rest of the landscaping isn’t overly manicured. The ferns and trees feel like they happened to grow in those spots instead of intentionally planted, which augments the organic vibe. Plus, using a wood hot tub allows it to blend with nature, completing the look.

8. Lush Hot Tub Garden

If you prefer a lush, vibrant garden, the landscaping around this hot tub is a strong option. The plant placement is highly organic, much like you’d see in English gardens. However, while the design leans traditional, the plant choice creates moments that feel tropical, making it a bit unique.

The wooden hot tub blends with the surrounding stone, making it look cohesive. Adding a fire pit in the back portion of the yard also makes the broader space versatile, ensuring it can be enjoyed year-round.

9. English Garden Hot Tub with Pergola

This landscaping features classic elements of an English garden, including a meandering stone path and luck plants of several varieties. The path guides homeowners toward the hot tub, framed by a natural wood pergola. Due to its coloring, the pergola serves as a focal point, adding visual interest and a sense of height.

With this landscaping, the design also takes advantage of the trees in the background. Essentially, the trees serve as a somewhat tonal backdrop, all while creating a sense of privacy.

10. Stone and Greenery Hot Tub Surround

Overall, this hot tub area maintains an organic and natural feel. The rougher stone steps and pebbles along one side keep the space from feeling artificial. Couple that with the lush greenery along the stones and the outer perimeter, giving the sense of an oasis.

The color of the brick pavers and bench blend with the natural stone colors, too. The same goes for the edge along the hot tub, which meshes with the look and creates a convenient place for putting drinks and similar items.

11. Hot Tub with Wood Decking and Planter Boxes

This hot tub landscaping idea makes the most of a smaller yard. Most of the space is wood decking, creating multiple levels for enhanced usability. Plus, the coloring blends with the wood hot tub, keeping the look cohesive.

The addition of the built-in planter boxes creates opportunities to add greenery. That makes the space feel lush and lively even though there isn’t a traditional lawn. The look also complements the concrete-grey patio above, as the elements work well together.

12. Traditional Landscaping with Pond-Like Hot Tub

In this yard, you see many elements of more traditional design. The stone path has a meandering feel, much like what you find in English gardens. The plants along the fence are somewhat compact, making the area feel lush.

However, the most intriguing element is the design of the sunken hot tub. The shape and position make it seem more like a pond, giving it an organic feel that hot tubs can often lack. Plus, the in-ground approach makes entering and exiting easy, which is a nice bonus.

13. Built-In Hot Tub with Outdoor Fireplace

For homeowners with ample space in their yards, this hot tub landscaping approach is a potential winner. The hot tub is built-in, making it easy to exit and enter. Its position also makes viewing the other elements in the yard possible.

Near the hot tub is a substantial outdoor fireplace, creating another space for relaxing. A bit further back is a fountain with a highly organic design, making it look like a small natural waterfall. With the interspersed plants, there’s also plenty of greenery, ensuring a sense of lushness.

14. Rustic Hot Tub and Landscaping

Here, the hot tub landscaping maintains many of the elements seen on the nearby home. The house’s stone walls are complemented by the stone retaining wall and patio along the hot tub. Similarly, the wood and metallic elements of the hot tub feel cohesive with the beams on the house.

The landscape is simple, focusing mainly on ornamental grasses near the hot tub. The manicured lawn keeps the look clean, all while ensuring there’s plenty of usable space.

15. Faux Set-In Hot Tub

Many people prefer the look of a set-in hot tub, but not everyone has a yard or budget that makes that possible. With this approach, you end up with set-in hot tub landscaping on a budget. The use of boulders and plants around the above-ground hot tub makes it look built-in, even though it isn’t.

The stone choice also blends well with the multi-level paver patio, keeping the look cohesive. Plus, the lusher plants along the back and side of the hot tub add privacy, making it feel more comfortable overall.

16. Hot Tub with Industrial Arbor

Overall, the landscaping around this hot tub creates a park-like setting due to the tall trees and manicured lawn. The color of the stone patio is soil-like, allowing it to blend well with the environment.

One intriguing feature in this yard is the arbor, which is made of steel. That adds an industrial element to the design, particularly when coupled with the metal firepit. The handful of potted plants also brings greenery onto the patio, creating a sense of balance and lushness.

17. Contemporary Hot Tub Landscaping

With this hot tub landscaping, you get a more contemporary feel with a rustic charm. The wooden hot tub meshes well with the wood decking, creating a sense of simplicity that you typically find with modern design. The deck also adds several ways to enter and exit the hot tub, all while creating spots to place items.

With the built-in planter boxes and potted plants, there are plenty of opportunities to add greenery. The result is a space that doesn’t feel bland, making the yard incredibly easy to maintain.


Ultimately, the hot tub landscaping ideas above offer something that works with nearly any home style or design aesthetic. Whether you prefer minimalist and modern, lush and colorful, or anything in between, there’s an option that can meet your needs.

Did you enjoy seeing all of the backyard jacuzzi ideas above? Did any of the landscaping options in this list catch your eye? Are you having trouble choosing just one favorite? If you had fun with this list, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you know someone choosing landscaping for their hot tub area, please share the article.

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