21 Cool Front Deck Ideas and Designs

When people think of decks, they usually focus on the backyard. However, why not bring that feature to the front of your home? With the right front deck ideas, you can take advantage of potentially underutilized space. Plus, you can make your house more welcoming.

A deck in the front of a house can be an outstanding feature when done correctly. If you like the idea but aren’t sure how to execute it well, here are some cool front deck ideas and designs that can get you moving in the right direction.

21 Cool Front Deck Ideas and Designs

1. Stately Front Deck

For a bit of time-honored design, this stately front deck is a great choice. The railing and color section give this deck a classic feel, allowing it to work well on traditional and transitional homes. Plus, it connects directly to a wrap-around porch, creating a generous outdoor living area that isn’t available otherwise.

While the deck is a feature, it also doesn’t take away from other architectural elements. The stone columns and two-story windows still have center stage; they’re simply framed by the extended deck area.

2. Simple Cedar Deck

For those who appreciate a modern or contemporary vibe with some natural elements, this simple cedar deck is a great choice. The railing is chunky and runs horizontally, visually extending the space. The flooring also runs along the length of the front entry, creating a sense of greater depth.

Since the decking is natural, it’s got slight color variations. This ups the visual interest without going overboard, ensuring the space isn’t overwhelming.

3. Wide-Plank Wood Deck

Wide-plank decking inherently has a slightly rustic feel, making this front porch deck seem a bit more relaxed. Couple that with the lighter color, and it almost blends into the rest of the design. That allows the vibrant door to stand out, all while making the entire space feel warm and welcoming.

The deck railing features ornate spindles, which gives this deck a bit of a traditional flourish. That helps it blend with other classic touches, such as the slightly ornate oculus window.

4. Small Coastal Front Deck

This front deck is designed to increase the functionality of the front entry space. Since it’s covered, it gives you shelter from the elements when bringing in items and protects deliveries if you’re away.

The natural stone and shingle-style siding give the exterior a quaint cottage feel, too, which is augmented by the simple deck. Plus, the decking introduces natural wood tones to the overall design, which works well with the organic stone elements.

5. Large Front Deck with Matching Benches

With a larger front entrance deck, you have opportunities that don’t exist with smaller porches. Here, the homeowner added a pair of natural wood benches, opting for the same material as the decking. That allows the benches to visually recede, adding functionality while limiting their impact on the overall design.

Since this is a ground-level deck, there isn’t as much need for a railing. As a result, the homeowner was able to leave one side rail-free, making the space seem a bit more expansive.

6. Small Deck with Roof Extension

With this deck, you essentially get an extended covered front porch area. There’s enough room for some seating, all without obstructing access to the main entryway. Plus, the roof extension protects the space from the elements, making it easier to bring in groceries, keep packages dry, or remove muddy shoes before coming inside.

While the railing is pretty simple, there are a few traditional details. For example, the newel posts add a little something extra, as well as the caps to the posts disguising the downspouts.

7. Curved Front Entry Deck

This front deck design stands out for several reasons. The warm color reads slightly purple, making the hue feel very unique. Couple that with the small curved segment near the entry, and you increase the overall visual interest.

Another benefit of this front deck is its size. There’s enough space for a bench near the door, and a significant area is covered near the entryway. However, the rest provides ample room for lounging or entertaining, adding versatility.

8. Modern Front Deck with Built-In Seating

Featuring a modern aesthetic and added functionality, this contemporary cedar deck is a solid choice for many homes. The horizontal slats work well with any kind of home style, making this option versatile. Plus, the natural cedar adds a pop of color, brightening up the space visually.

One nice feature of this option is the built-in seating. There’s a sofa section with a chaise-style lounging spot, all with ample padding for comfort. Plus, there’s still room for extra chairs and a table, making it a great relaxation space.

9. Craftsman Front Deck

For fans of the Arts and Crafts period, this front deck design is a clear standout. It features deep wood tones on the supports and top edges of the rails, as well as the flooring. That’s coupled with wrought iron, adding a pattern that works well with Craftsman styling.

Functionally, this deck is a bit larger than you’d see on the front of many homes. It provides enough room for a seating area and dining space, making it easy to entertain or simply enjoy a meal outside.

10. Rustic Wood Deck

For a farmhouse feel, this rustic wood front deck is a solid choice. The lighter wood tones create a sense of lightness while keeping the look warm. The wider planks add to the country aesthetic, preventing the spot from feeling too formal. Couple that with no railing on the main seating area, and you can enjoy expansive views while relaxing.

To ensure proper ventilation and to provide access, some lattice is used on the underside of the deck. That adds just a touch more country flair, all while protecting the space underneath.

11. Deck with Craftsman Columns

An excellent option for anyone with an Arts and Crafts home, this deck features Craftsman-inspired columns to help it stand out. The design isn’t overly ornate, but it adds a bit of visual interest. Couple that with the clunky newel posts, and the look leans stately without going overboard.

Another reason this deck stands out is the vibrant white paint and gray decking. Against the deep red brick, it creates substantial contrast, turning the deck into a feature. Since it’s also a bit oversized, the deck is highly functional as well, providing ample room for seating.

12. Classic Small Deck

If you prefer a bit of a landing instead of just stairs up to your door but don’t have a lot of room to work with, this classic small deck is a great choice. The design is clean and straightforward, making it a solid option for nearly any type of home. The petite shape prevents it from overtaking the area, all while giving enough space to set items down when unlocking the door.

By painting everything but the decking to match the house, it also recedes visually. However, you could also go with an alternative color to turn it into a feature, if you prefer.

13. Minimalist Entryway Deck

When it comes to minimalist design, this front deck is a shining example. It’s a simple rectangle with a one-step front side, preventing it from standing out. The lack of railing keeps the look clean, allowing the black door and shingles and white trim alone to create visual interest.

By going with wood decking, the deck also blends well with the cedar shingles. That gives the home a beachy or rustic feel, depending on the rest of the design choices.

14. Large Front Deck with Decorative Corbels

Here’s a deck with some clear traditional features. The decking is a mid-toned wood with a high polish, making it look more like wood flooring than typical decking. The railing is straightforward, featuring mainly straight horizontal and vertical lines. However, the primary roof supports have a little something extra in the form of ornate corbels.

With the corbels, you get that little flourish that personalizes the space. However, by painting them white to match the home, they aren’t overwhelmingly ornate. Instead, they simply become a subtle element, giving the deck extra style.

15. Small Front Deck with Attached Screen Porch

With this front deck, the deck area is simple. It gives you enough room to place items while opening the door, adding some convenience. Plus, while the wood decking is beautiful, it doesn’t take away from the architectural elements near the door.

However, this deck stands out because it attaches to a well-designed screened porch. The design features make what can feel like a rustic space seem more classic or traditional, which may be a boon for certain home designs. Plus, it creates a usable living area, which is always a bonus.

16. Cabin-Style Front Deck

With the feel of a cabin, this covered deck has classic timber-frame design elements. The natural cedar draws the eye, offering up great color and outstanding texture. The stone and cedar siding complete the look, making the home feel incredibly rustic. Add the gable roof, and you get more visual appeal.

As for the deck area, it’s ample without feeling oversized. There’s enough room to relax, but it doesn’t dominate the front of the house, adding function without going too far.

17. Quaint Painted Deck

This front deck features a minimalist design, forgoing railing in favor of an open look. The stair risers are painted to match the trim, allowing them to blend a bit while ensuring the steps are easy to see. However, the decking is actually painted a khaki-green hue, allowing it to match the front door and garage doors.

The unique color helps the deck stand out but also allows it to feel like a cohesive part of the broader design. As a result, it’s just visually interesting enough without stealing the show.

18. Elevated Front Deck

With this design, you have a front deck that’s far higher than you see on many homes. That makes it a great choice for houses that need to be lifted, as it elevates the entry while creating a sense of grandeur. Plus, it adds plenty of room for seating, which is convenient.

Since the stair rises are painted bright white, they guide the eye upward to the ornate front door, making the entry feel a bit opulent. With the railing, the white portions pop while the wrought iron recedes, ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

19. Asian-Style Front Deck

If you enjoy Asian design elements, this deck could be a great fit. It includes plenty of clean lines, including a staircase that almost looks like it’s floating from the right angle. The attached planter extends the space visually, which is a lovely touch. There are also built-in benches, adding functionality.

However, the standout feature is the natural spindles that steal the show. They add a unique, organic edge that you don’t see on most decks, causing the design to stand out with ease.

20. Large Front Deck with Swing

For anyone looking for a sizeable deck, this option is worth considering. There’s ample room for seating, so much so that a porch swing was added to one end. Additionally, the decking was run to make the deck look wider, expanding the space visually.

Since the deck is covered, you also get the added convenience of protection from the elements. That can make bringing items home or receiving packages less of a problem, as everything is shielded from the weather.

21. Country Front Deck

For some rustic charm, this deck is a standout. The railing features a classic crossbuck design, imbuing it with a bit of country flair. The bright white color helps it stand out, while the wood tone of the decking gives the look a natural touch.

This deck also wraps around. As a result, there’s enough room for several seating areas, adding a level of versatility that you don’t necessarily find everywhere else.


Ultimately, there’s no rule that says decks are only for the backyard. Many of the front deck ideas above can help you make the most of that space, giving you more room for lounging, entertaining, and more.

Did you get a kick out of exploring all of the options above? Did any particular front deck design catch your eye, or could several of them potentially meet your needs? If you had fun reviewing this list or want to share your thoughts, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you know someone else who might enjoy this list, please share it.

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