17 Epic Bar Shed Ideas

When you want to turn your backyard into the perfect entertaining space, turning a shed into a fantastic bar can take your yard to the next level. You’ll have extra room for casual dining, making, and serving drinks in a small structure.

There are many outstanding pub shed designs, too, and you can find one that suits any aesthetic. Here are 17 epic bar shed ideas to explore.

17 Epic Bar Shed Ideas

1. Rustic Bar Shed with Vintage Windows

This design could be the perfect fit for homeowners looking for a rustic shed bar. It features a lot of natural wood, which imbues it with a country vibe. Plus, this idea uses rustic windows and doors, an excellent option for reducing waste and adding some personality.

The space is petite, but there’s enough room for seating inside. Outside, you have a fold-down bar top that can create a spot for casual dining, as there’s plenty of room for two stools.

2. Farmhouse-Style Party Shed

With this bar shed, you get distinct farmhouse styling. The wood interior is reminiscent of a barn, while the vintage drink signs add a bit of old-timey flare. But all the appliances are modern, so you can easily prepare meals or drinks.

Another benefit of this design is the long bar top and wide window. That creates ample room for casual dining and relaxing while ensuring it’s easy to entertain. Plus, you can use the drop-down windows to shut the space, providing plenty of protection during inclement weather.

3. Beachy Bar Shed

With this party shed, you get distinct beachy vibes. The cedar shake siding gives the exterior a relaxed, natural vibe, making the white trim and pergola pop. Along one side, windows can be raised to expose a bar top and make passing drinks and food from the interior outside easier.

This shed design also functions as a pool house. The interior has plenty of room for a changing space or area to store items, such as pool toys. However, it can still hold a small kitchen, making it incredibly versatile.

4. Colorful Rustic Shed with Bar

This rustic bar shed is more colorful than some alternatives. The bright red doors and metal cladding stand out against the gold-toned wood. Next to the bar and behind the doors, there are also charcoal-colored sections, creating more contrast.

With this design, you also get more than a bar top. There’s plenty of space for a dining table in the covered area, too, making it an excellent spot for entertaining.

5. Snack Shack with Bar Top

If you like vibrant colors, this snack shack is an excellent option. The bulk of the siding is a periwinkle blue, while the doors and windows are a lively lime green. Both work incredibly well with the white trim and create a highly energetic look.

When it comes to function, the bar top has enough space for four stools, and the seating area is covered to provide shade and shield diners from the rain. You also get plenty of storage in the back, which is a nice bonus.

6. Traditional Pool House with Bar

This pool house design is a solid choice for a more traditional shed with a bar. The bar is fully open, giving you enough room for at least four seats. Plus, the chairs and bar area are shielded from the sun and rain by the roof, making the space very usable, whether sunny or drizzly.

Behind the bar space is an enclosed room. It could work as a place to change before or after swimming or store various pool items when not in use.

7. Small Bar Shed

If you don’t have a lot of room in your backyard, this small bar shed could be a winner. The bar top still has enough room for two seats, and the interior could house a wet bar or even a small kitchen.

Another nice feature of this design is the attached pergola. That offers a bit of shade when it’s sunny and creates a spot for hanging lights, ensuring the bar is usable at night. The look of the shed also borders between traditional and farmhouse, allowing it to work for many aesthetics.

8. Traditional Bar Shed and Pool House

With this bar shed design, you get classic traditional styling. The columns and half-circle window are prime examples of that aesthetic, making the shed feel a bit more formal.

When it comes to function, you get a bar top with enough space to seat three. There’s also room inside for a small kitchen, storage, or changing area, allowing you to use it in a way that best meets your needs.

9. Cabana-Style Party Shed with Bar

Here, you have a design with classic cabana styling. The shake siding creates a beachy feel, while the lighter green paint and white trim make everything breezy.

The bar is sizeable, providing seating for up to five. The interior could become a small kitchen, but it could also be a multi-purpose area and storage for pool items. The double doors mean moving larger items in and out would be reasonably simple, though they can also make the interior more accessible to visitors during gatherings.

10. Shipping Container Shed Bar

For homeowners who enjoy an industrial aesthetic, this shipping container turned bar shed is an excellent option. There’s a small outdoor bar perfect for holding drinks, while an additional bar top inside could support seating. You’ll also find a small couch near the door, making it a prime spot for relaxing.

Another interesting feature of this design is the wood shutters. They provide a lot of contrast with the deep gray paint, adding visual interest.

11. Simple Rustic Bar Shed

This rustic bar shed is hard to beat for a simple design that’s easy to replicate. It’s open on two sides, providing ample room for a bar top and wet bar. Privacy slats on the other sides and the roof help shelter the space from the sun and elements.

Since this bar shed doesn’t have its floor, it works incredibly well as an addition to a deck. However, you could also place it in a yard on the grass or after creating a foundation, making the design versatile.

12. Traditional Pub Shed with Bar

Overall, the design of this bar shed is relatively traditional, offering classic styling options like columns. This one also has one of the largest bar tops of all the designs on this list, creating plenty of room for seating.

An extra feature of this shed is the storage area off to the side. It can hold supplies for the wet bar or become a spot for various pool items or a changing room, adding some versatility to this bar shed.

13. Stone Party Shed

Here, you get far more than a shed with a bar top; you get a full-blown outdoor kitchen and dining area. There’s ample counter space for preparation and serving and enough room for a dining table that seats six.

The standout feature of this party shed is the amazing natural stone walls. Coupled with the wood the overall look is rustic but still refined, making it a very comfortable space.

14. Contemporary Bar Shed

This contemporary bar shed is a must-see for those who prefer a more modern look. It features clean lines, a limited color pallet, and a barn door with glass inserts and sliding windows.

The bar area is mainly a spot to pass out drinks or snacks, though it could support a seat or two. The shed also has plenty of room for a kitchen or could serve as storage for pool items.

15. Divided Bar Shed with Storage

What makes this bar shed design stand out is the slightly divided approach. To the left, you have a large bar with enough space to seat four and plenty of room for preparing drinks and snacks. To the right, you have a small room, which could serve as storage or a spot to change.

The overall design aesthetic leans toward traditional. However, it can also work well with rustic homes since most of the structure features natural wood and stone.

16. Tropical Snack Shack with Bar

If you prefer the vibrant colors that come with tropical or tiki bar shed designs, this snack shack with bar is an excellent choice. It features Easter egg hues, including lavender, mint, and cotton candy pink. The white trim keeps the design light, too.

The bar top is shielded by the roof, providing shade and protection from the elements. There’s also enough space to seat four and enough room in the shed for it to work as storage.

17. Tiny Home-Style Bar Shed

With this design, you get more than a shed with a bar; you have a fully functional tiny home. It has a full kitchen inside, a living area, and a sleep loft, making it an excellent place to live or house visiting guests.

The bar top can comfortably support seating for two, though a third barstool may also fit. The window above makes passing through drinks and snacks a breeze, too, so it’s very usable.


The bar shed ideas can inspire homeowners to create their ideal backyard entertaining spot. Whether you prefer something contemporary, traditional, or rustic or want to design the perfect tiki bar shed, there are options on this list that can get you started.

Did you enjoy checking out all of the epic bar shed designs above? Did one specifically catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have a family member or friend who wants to add their bar shed to their yard, please share the article.


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