42 Simple DIY Firewood Rack Plans, Ideas and Designs

Cut, split, stacked! Now what? Getting your wood in for the season to dry is an important yearly routine. Having it piled outside somewhere is great, but what if you need it close by? You don’t want it falling on someone or rolling underfoot! What do you do?

I’d pick up some lumber and make a rack to go near the door, in the garage, or even inside. There are many firewood rack designs, ideas and free plans to store logs that are easy to make and don’t require much expertise. Some even give you extra seating or a work surface.

There are too many sites to choose from. To help you out, I’ve collected 49 sites that give you great ideas and even free plans. Check them out!

1. Simple Firewood Storage Rack

firewood storage rack plans
If you need something small and compact, this firewood rack is right up your alley. The finished product is about the size of a small kitchen island and comes with a flat top, creating a function surface for serving drinks or similar activities.

It’s a relatively easy build, and the supply costs are low, so it is a great option for beginners or anyone dealing with a particularly tight budget.

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2. Bench with Firewood Storage

bench with firewood storage
A multifunctional piece, this bench with firewood storage provides you with extra seating as well as a place to store your wood. The design is incredibly simple, but it does involve techniques that many beginners might not be comfortable using. Additionally, a picture does not accompany every step, so you need some construction know-how to fill in the gaps.

If you are familiar with DIY construction and have the right tools, this can be a fun project to tackle.

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3. Firewood Log Rack

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log RackThis 8-foot rack can hold approximately 2/3 of a cord of wood. It features tubular steel, making it strong and durable. Also, the rack won’t degrade with exposure to the elements and requires very little maintenance to keep it in good condition.

All of the parts arrive together, so you don’t need to take a materials list to the store. The instructions are clear and fairly simple too. Plus, you don’t need a lot of tools to put everything together.

Just make sure any smaller sticks are at least 14 inches long. Otherwise, they may slip through the bottom bars.

See Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack on Amazon


4. DIY Firewood Rack

DIY Firewood Rack
Another simple storage option without a roof, this firewood rack could be ideal for keeping on a covered patio. The construction is also incredibly simple, relying on 2×4’s and some connectors. That also makes this storage unit pretty inexpensive, making it ideal for budget-conscious DIYers.

Beginners could easily manage this project by following the instructions. Also, it’s a quick build, so you’ll have a usable firewood rack in just a couple of hours.

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5. Cheap Firewood Rack

Cheap Firewood Rack
Another low-cost project, this cheap firewood rack is inexpensive but doesn’t look it. Also, the instructions provide handy tips for buying wood, making it an excellent reference for those who aren’t sure what kind to purchase. You’ll also find additional tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the instructions, helping you improve your skills.

The drawing is clear and complete, and the steps easy to follow. Moreover, it’s one of the most comprehensive free plans out there, so every important detail is in the instructions.

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6. 4ft Outdoor Firewood Log Rack

4ft Outdoor Firewood Log RackMeasuring 4 feet high and 4 feet wide, this metal firewood holder features steel construction, making it incredibly robust. The black powder-coated finish is also very durable, protecting the underlying material from the elements and making the rack attractive.

The instructions are clear, and there aren’t a lot of parts, so many people can put the wood holder together in about 10 minutes. Once complete, you could store up to ¼ face cord of firewood on the rack, making it great for firepits or outdoor fireplaces.

If you need something larger, an 8-foot option is also available.

See AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Outdoor Firewood Log Rack on Amazon


7. Fire Wood Holder from Plumbing Pipes

Fire Wood Holder from Plumbing Pipes
If you need to store wood indoors near your fireplace, this firewood holder is a simple project for doing just that. Most of the construction involves plumbing pipes so that finding materials will be easy for most shoppers. Plus, the addition of casters on the wood base makes this rack incredibly mobile.

Since it is meant to be indoors, it’s also very attractive. It would blend with a range of décors as shown or simply choose a different paint and stain to create your ideal look.

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8. DIY Indoor Firewood Rack

Indoor Firewood Rack
Here’s another DIY firewood rack that could be suitable for indoors. The design is simple, yet classic, so it would blend with a range of interiors. Also, you can paint or stain it any color, letting you get the perfect look for your needs.

There are a few techniques that may be beyond a beginner’s experience in the plan. However, the instructions are clear, so an ambitious beginner with the right tools might feel comfortable taking this project on.

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9. Tubing Roller Log Rack

diy outdoor firewood rack
This simple yet elegant log rack could be ideal for indoor or outdoor wood storage, though it will need to be under cover if you use it outside. While the design is simple, you do need a tubing roller and a welder to complete the project. If you don’t have access to those, then this isn’t the log rack design for you.

If you do have the right tools, then the build is very easy.

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10. Modern Indoor Firewood Holder

Indoor firewood holder
If you need an attractive and convenient way to store split firewood near an indoor fireplace, this wood rack is a great option. The design is simple, resulting in a fast build. Additionally, the pictures accompanying the instructions make it easy to follow each step.

Also, the end result blends with a variety of décor. Just choose a stain or paint color that complements or matches your interior, and you can customize the final look.

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11. Log Rack Bracket Kit

Firewood Log Rack Bracket Kit

If you need a basic wood rack, this bracket kit significantly simplifies construction. Made of powder-coated steel, they are incredibly strong and durable. Plus, the brackets have pre-drilled holes, so you won’t have to drill your own during construction.

The brackets can be used with 2×4’s of a variety of lengths, giving you the ability to customize your design, but those must be bought separately. Additionally, the brackets don’t come with screws, so you’ll need to purchase those as well. However, that can all be found at practically any hardware or home improvement store.

See Sunnydaze Steel Firewood Log Rack Bracket Kit on Amazon


12. DIY Firewood Rack with Roof

DIY firewood rack with roof
This compact firewood rack features a shingle roof, making it a great option for outdoor firepits, wood stoves, chimneys, or fireplaces. It has a main shelf for seasoned firewood and smaller storage areas for kindling, allowing you to keep everything separated and accessible.

There aren’t clear instructions or measurements for the build. However, if you have some construction knowledge, it isn’t overly challenging to figure out from the pictures and the diagram.

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13. Wood Racked

Wood Racked
With clear instructions and product recommendations, this wood rack plan is an excellent choice for beginners who appreciate a fairly thorough walkthrough. The top is just a metal grate, creating a usable surface. This can be ideal for patios where having a functional tabletop could be helpful. However, it won’t protect your firewood from the elements, so you’ll need to place this rack under cover if you want to keep your wood dry.

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14. Indoor Firewood Storage Rack

Indoor Firewood Storage Rack
This indoor firewood storage rack features a compact design with curved arms, achieving a look that may qualify as mid-century modern. While the design is relatively easy, you do have to cut the curves, so some beginners might not want to tackle this project if they aren’t comfortable taking that on.

However, the instructions are pretty detailed, so ambitious novices should not automatically forgo this option. In the end, you get an attractive place to store firewood, so it could be worth a try.

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15. Combination Wood Rack and Kindling Storage

DIY Firewood Rack and Kindling Storage
Another combination solution, this compact firewood rack also features space for two boxes that can hold kindling. Additionally, you get a functional surface out of the deal, allowing it to potentially pull triple duty.

The instructions are comprehensive, so you won’t have to guess about any step. There are also a lot of helpful pictures and diagrams, giving you great references to help you figure out what you need to do or simply to keep you on track.

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16. Aluminum Firewood Rack

Firewood Rack from aluminum mouldings
This firewood rack uses aluminum moldings for the frame. While the build is simple, you do need to have an angle grinder or chop saw with a metal-cutting blade on-hand to complete the project. If you have at least one of those, you can finish this wood rack in just a few hours.

Once built, you can paint the rack any color you’d like. This lets you customize the final look while also protecting the underlying material.

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17-20. Outdoor Wood Rack Plans

outdoor wood rack plans
Featuring a two-tiered design, this firewood storage unit gives you space for split wood and kindling. It was designed to make the most out of the 2×4’s, resulting in no leftover pieces. Plus, you could potentially have all of the cuts made at the hardware store, so you might not even need a saw.

In the end, you can house about a half rick or wood in the rack, making it a great option for households that only need to store a bit of firewood.

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21. Wood Stores

Fire-Wood Stores
If you are looking for helpful advice and examples of firewood storage option, this site could be ideal. Multiple designs made their way into the forum, and many of the users provide guidance that can help you store firewood more effectively.

Since many of the examples aren’t full plans, you’ll need to figure out the construction yourself. However, experienced DIYers should be able to work most of them out from the pictures alone.

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22. DIY Fire Log Holder

DIY Fire Log Holder
Constructed of spindle parts, this DIY fire log holder is relatively easy to build. Since it’s relatively compact, it’s definitely a project a person could handle alone, likely in just a couple of hours.

The instructions are clear, and the pictures help guide you through the building process. When you’re done, you can paint or stain your log holder in essentially any color, allowing you to choose a finished look that feels right to you.

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23. Wooden Rack for Firewood

Wooden Rack for Firewood
This design is incredibly adaptable. The instructions don’t include measurements, giving you a chance to select dimensions that meet your needs.

Overall, the build is pretty straightforward, and the pictures help guide you along. However, if you need an explicit step-by-step guide, you’ll likely find the instructions a bit lacking and incredibly vague. DIYers with some experience should be able to fill in the gaps, but beginners may struggle to follow these plans.

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24. Outdoor Firewood Rack

Outdoor Firewood Rack
If you want to build a firewood rack quickly or are a beginner that is just starting out in the DIY arena, this wood storage option is perfect for you. You only need basic tools to complete the build, and the supply cost is fairly minimal.

For being a short project, the instructions are still reasonably detailed. You’ll know exactly where to make cuts and can review the pictures to see where to place the hardware.

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25. Repurposed Firewood Holder

repurposed firewood holder
If you have an old trampoline and want to get something out of the frame, here’s a plan for turning it into a firewood rack. Since you are upcycling, the cost is low. However, you will need to buy some materials to finish the project.

Additionally, the tool requirements are a bit beyond what most beginning DIYers will have on-hand. For example, you need a welder and a drill press. If you don’t already have these tools, the price could go up quick.

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26. Reclaimed Firewood Storage

Reclaimed Firewood Storage
Capable of storing about one cord of unseasoned or seasoned firewood, this firewood storage unit is mainly built from reclaimed fencing. However, if you don’t have the materials lying around, you can also purchase them, as items like fence pickets and 2×4’s are available at nearly every hardware store.

This design does rely on an existing fence to make the back, so it isn’t ideal if you don’t have a wood fence on your property.

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27. Metal Firewood Rack

Metal Firewood Rack
A relatively low-cost project, this metal firewood rack uses aluminum molding for the primary structure. A handy sketch provides an overview of the project, including some measurements, and the instructions are relatively detailed.

Since you are working with metal, you will need a saw blade that can handle the cuts. Otherwise, the tool requirements are pretty basic, so most homeowners could likely create this DIY rack with what they have available.

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28. DIY Wood Storage

DIY Wood Storage
The instructions for this DIY wood rack are entirely based on the pictures. They do show you the majority of the steps, so it isn’t overly complicated to recreate the design. However, you don’t get measurements or a materials list.

Experienced DIYers shouldn’t find this to be a problem, allowing them to create a system for storing kiln-dried wood. The design is basic, so working it out shouldn’t take long.

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29. No Tools Firewood Rack

No Tools Firewood Rack
If you need a way to store firewood and don’t have a single tool, this project is for you. While you will need to cut 2×4’s, you can typically request a few cuts when you visit the home improvement store to buy materials.

This project only uses concrete blocks, landscape timbers, and 2×4’s, so it’s relatively inexpensive. Plus, since nothing is screwed together, you can take it apart and relocate it with ease.

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30. Stainless Finished Wood Stand

Stainless Finished Wood Stand
If you need a place to store dry firewood indoors, this attractive rack stand only takes about an hour to build. However, since you need to cut some pipe, you do need a saw and blade that can handle metal.

The instructions are detailed, and the materials list is both written and picture-based, making it easy for beginners to know what they need. As a bonus, this plan is adaptable, so you can adjust the size to meet your requirements.

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31. Diy Log Holder Project

Diy Log Holder Project
This project was tackled by people new to construction DIY, making it suitable for beginners. Additionally, the materials list is short, so it’s easy to make sure you have everything you need.

The instructions are basic but detailed enough to follow as long as you reference the pictures. It’s also a quick project, likely only taking a couple of hours to complete. In the end, you get a solid rack for storing split firewood.

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32. Ingenious DIY Firewood Rack – No Tools, Cheap

Ingenious DIY Firewood Rack
Another cheap project that doesn’t require tools, this DIY wood storage option holds cords of wood. It’s incredibly large for a rack, so it’s great if you have a lot of unseasoned firewood to store. Also, since you don’t need any tools, practically anyone can take it on.

There are a few cuts involved, but most home improvement stores will handle them when you make a purchase. Just make sure to bring your measurements along when you shop.

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33. Do-It-Yourself Firewood Holder

Do-It-Yourself Firewood Holder
A two-tiered design, this firewood holder lets you separate your split logs from your kindling. It does involve some curved cuts, so beginners may be intimidated by the project. However, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. The use of curved window wells creates an attractive final design with an industrial edge, making it a fairly unique choice for firewood storage. It could even serve as a feature near a firepit, adding an architectural element to your outdoor space.

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34. Log Storage with Green Roof Area

Log Storage with Green Roof Area
This is a smaller design that features a planter on the top. It’s isn’t technically a free firewood storage plan, but the product images could help an experienced DIYer to recreate the project with relative ease.

Since it isn’t actually a project, you will need to determine your materials and measurements yourself. However, the design appears to be very adaptable, so you could make one in a size that meets your needs instead of stressing over the actual measurements.

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35. Super Strong DIY Wood Rack for About $12

Strong Cheap DIY Wood Rack
Another design that can hold multiple cords of firewood, this DIY wood rack is incredibly simple to build thanks to its 2×4 construction. In most cases, you could complete the project in just an hour or two, so it’s also pretty quick.

The materials list is detailed, and the steps are clearly numbered to keep you on track. For added convenience, the plans even identify the parts numbers at Lowes making it easy to ensure you purchase the right items.

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36. Simple Pallet Firewood Storage

Simple Pallet Firewood Storage
If you have some pallets around or know where you can get some for free, you can save a bundle by using this design. The construction is reasonably simple, and the pictures help guide you through the process along with the written instructions.

The end result shown in the example is more functional than attractive. However, if you work to hunt down pallets in good repair and with more consistent coloring, you could easily make it look better.

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37. The 30 Minute Firewood Rack – Pallet Style

The 30 Minute Firewood Rack - Pallet Style
Sometimes, speed is important. This project can take only about 30 minutes to complete, mainly because it relies on pallets for the construction. However, beginners may need more time, so allocate an hour or two if you aren’t as comfortable with tools or construction in general.

Overall, the instructions are clear, and the accompanying pictures help guide you through the build. The resulting firewood rack is highly functional but isn’t the most eye-catching design.

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38. Gas Pipe Firewood Holder

Gas Pipe Firewood Holder
Ideal for indoor firewood storage, this holder uses black steel pipe and a simple wood base. The materials list is highly detailed, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything important when you shop. Additionally, the instructions are clear and precise, and the accompanying pictures make it easy to follow along.

Even though this project is small, it does have quite a few steps. The full project could take a couple of hours (not including drying time for the stain), so keep that in mind before you take it on.

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39. Outdoor Firewood Organizer

Outdoor Firewood Organizer
With the number of angled cuts, this project might not be ideal for beginners. However, if you decide to go for it, you do get a unique organizer, thanks to its octagonal design. It also has multiple sections and shelves, allowing you to separate firewood from kindling. You can also add hooks to provide some tool storage options.

If you follow the instructions precisely, the end result is about 5 feet wide. But, the dimensions can be scaled, so, if you need something bigger or smaller, that is an option.

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40. Interior Wood Rack – Indoor Firewood Box

indoor firewood box
Part wood storage, part usable surface, this interior wood rack resembles a piece of rustic furniture when complete. The design is adapted from a sliding door console plan, so you need to know enough about construction to fill in the gaps, as the wood rack instructions aren’t overly detailed. However, the pictures make that easier, allowing you to have a visual reference as you work through the project.

Since the project is painted, stained, and coated in poly, you do have to account for drying time in your timetable.

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41. Concrete Log Holder

Concrete Log Holder
If you aren’t afraid of working with concrete, this is a great project to consider. It does take a substantial amount of time, largely because the concrete has to dry. However, it isn’t overly complicated and is inexpensive.

DIYers with some experience could likely take it on, especially if they have worked with concrete in some form or fashion in the past. The instructions are straightforward, and the materials list is comprehensive, so, even though it’s not a small undertaking, keeping up is pretty easy.

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42. Outdoor Firewood Rack with Cover

Outdoor Firewood Rack with Cover

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, this two-tiered rack provides a reasonable amount of firewood storage as well as a fireplace tool set. The design is both attractive and functional. Featuring an additional shelf, you could separate kindling for split logs or simply use it for storing dry firewood.

The rack has four side hooks and comes with a poker, tong, broom, and trowel. This means you get a complete kit delivered straight to your door. Also, putting everything together is simple. You should be able to start stacking firewood in as little as 5 minutes.

See Pinty Ultra Duty Outdoor Firewood Rack with Cover on Amazon

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