27 Deck Skirting Ideas and Options

Having a functional, attractive deck is the dream for many homeowners. Luckily, with the right deck skirting ideas, you can elevate your curb appeal.

Deck skirting options let you hide the empty space under your deck. This is particularly useful if you have utilities running underneath, such as electrical and plumbing connections for a hot tub.

But what are the best deck skirt ideas? What if closing off the bottom of a shed is your goal?

In either of those cases, we have you covered. Here are some options worth considering.

Deck Skirting Ideas and Options

1. Rustic Cedar Deck Skirt

deck skirting ideas

If you’re looking for a rustic approach that would work well on a farmhouse or cabin, this could be the deck skirt for you. It features lovely red cedar sections, with a few vented areas for airflow.

The vents have simple wire coverings, ensuring that animals don’t work their way under your deck. They also break up the skirt visually, giving it a bit of extra interest.

While the wood looks particularly vibrant against the cabin exterior, as it ages, it will blend more. As a result, it may eventually look as if this deck skirt was always in place.

2. Simple Deck Skirting

deck skirting material

Reminiscent of a white picket fence, this option could work well for closing the bottom of a shed or deck. It features simple vertical slats, with a little bit of space between each one for ventilation.

By painting the slats white, this deck skirt blends with the home’s trim and railing. Not only would it work well on a traditional home, but it could work for a farmhouse-style house or a contemporary home, too.

3. Horizontal Slat Surround

deck skirt ideas

This deck skirt puts a modern twist on the slat idea. Instead of running vertically, the white slats are mainly horizontal. This creates a long, clean line, creating a contemporary vibe. Plus, it visually elongates the deck, making it look particularly spacious.

However, since the design is so simple, it is stylistically flexible. You could add it to a traditional or transitional home, as well. By painting it to match the deck trim, it visually recedes, ensuring other features can take center stage.

4. Feature-Worthy Cedar Skirting

deck skirting options

While many homeowners opt to have their deck skirt blend in, this one goes the other way. The deep-hued cedar stands out against the white trim and railing posts, as well as the blue-gray home. This makes the skirting a feature as well as a functional element.

Again, this option using horizontal slats. This stretches the deck visually, making it seem even ampler.

While this deck is fairly modern, particularly with the cable running through the railing system, this deck skirt could work with any style of home.

5. Full Privacy Deck Skirt

skirting ideas

If you’re looking for deck skirting options that completely disguise the underside of your deck, this could be the one for you. The slats practically butt up against one other, ensuring that nothing in that space is seen.

However, it also has two convenient hatches on the side. This ensures you can access the underside of the deck when necessary, for one. For another, it could allow that space to serve as storage, creating an easy spot for outdoor items to live when not in use.

6. Lattice Cedar Deck Skirting

under deck skirting ideas

If your deck is high off the ground and you want to add a skirt fast, this approach might be perfect for you. It involves a simple frame system that supports a cedar lattice, allowing you to get a lot of coverage quickly.

Lattice is usually sold in sheets. As a result, you don’t have to nail up slats one by one. You cut the sheet to fit and attach it to the frame. It’s possibly the fastest approach around for larger spaces.

7. Stone Inlay Deck Surround

deck skirting ideas other than lattice

Another deck surround that’s rustic by design; this stone option would be ideal for cabin-style homes. It adds a natural element that contrasts well against a wooden deck and wood home siding.

Depending on the approach, this one may or may not work well for home improvement novices. If you’re using actual stone pieces, installation could be cumbersome. However, if you go for faux rock sheets, you could have a lot of coverage in no time flat.

8. Galvanized Aluminum Skirt

deck skirts

If you’re wondering what to put around the bottom of a shed, or want to add a rustic or industrial vibe to your deck, this galvanized aluminum skit could be a great choice. It’s weather-resistant by nature, which is convenient. Plus, installation can be quick since the aluminum comes in sheets.

If you’re worried about ventilation, don’t be. By leaving a small gap at the top and bottom, you can get a reasonable amount of airflow that works in most climates.

9. Privacy Fence-Style Surround

inexpensive deck skirting ideas

This cedar deck skirt is installed like many privacy fences. It has offset slats that alternate on the back and front, completely covered the area under the deck.

And, since the slats are separated, you get a solid amount of ventilation. Air can easily move through, so you reduce your odds of ending up with mold or mildew.

10. Simple Cedar Lattice Skirt

composite deck skirting

This deck skirt shows how well cedar lattice can work with an Arts and Crafts aesthetic. It complements the deck railing above, which has been stained to match the lattice. Classic black rails ensure that the cedar is what stands out.

Generally, most lattice installations are fast, but the result is still incredibly attractive. That makes this deck surround idea a great option for homeowners in a hurry.

Plus, lattice offers exceptional airflow. If you live in a damper climate, that could make this approach ideal.

11. Combination Deck Skirting

deck underpinning

With this deck, two skirting approaches are used. Along the stairs, you find a simple lattice, set on an angle to make the openings diamond-shaped instead of square. Under the main section of the deck, it’s closer to privacy fencing, fully covering the space on two sides.

What isn’t shown in the picture is the lower patio. The privacy skirting actually disguises a shaded spot where the homeowners can rest and relax. It ensures they aren’t in view of neighbors, giving them a quiet area away from potentially prying eyes.

12. Wide Plank Deck Surround

deck underpinning ideas

This deck skirting hides space under a deck that’s just barely above ground level. It features wide planks, positioned vertically, that completely enclose the area under the decking.

The neutral wood tone keeps it from standing out too much visually. It feels natural against the green lawn and blends well with the decking above. It allows the white railing to capture your attention, drawing the eye up and along the edges of the deck, making it feel expansive.

13. Deck Skirt with Access Door

stone deck skirting

If you’re looking for a classic deck skirt, this is a solid option. It features traditionally sized vertical slates, stained to match the surface of the deck. This allows it to recede visually, making it a subtle addition over a visual feature.

For added convenience, there’s a small access door on the surround. This could allow a homeowner to reach an exterior plug or water source, ensuring they can reach it when needed without having to leave it exposed.

14. Intricate Deck Skirting

vinyl deck skirting

If you’re looking for deck skirting ideas that are genuine showstoppers, this one needs to be on your radar. It features an intricate, cutout design, ensuring that it’ll get noticed by anyone who visits the yard.

While it may look like it would be difficult to install, this deck skirting isn’t unlike a lattice. It’s available in sheets, with the design laser cut into each panel. Not only will the design remain consistent from sheet to sheet, but the sheeting is also incredibly easy to install.

15. Rustic Farmhouse Deck Surround

skirting for decks

While the horizontal orientation of the boards usually leans modern, the material choice really gives this deck skirt a rustic feel. You can clearly see the knots in the wood, causing the surround to look more like farmhouse fencing.

Since the slats are widely spaced, ventilation isn’t an issue. Plus, this option can actually get put in place fairly quickly, which is convenient for busy homeowners.

16. Contemporary Deck Skirt

deck skirt board

Unlike the farmhouse example above, this horizontal approach has a modern vibe. The wood doesn’t have many knots, which makes the look particularly clean. Additionally, it’s coupled with cable railing, which also leans contemporary.

As with most slatted deck skirts, there’s space between the boards. While the coverage is substantial, airflow isn’t impeded.

Installation is also very straightforward. That means this could work as a project for novices, as long as you have the right tools.

17. White Vertical Slat Surround

under deck lattice ideas

Here’s another example of a simple vertical slat design that’s painted white to match the trim. There’s a decent amount of space between each slat, ensuring ventilation isn’t an issue. And the simple design can work well with any style of home.

What makes this option stand out is the railing above. It has a design that can look like a home’s windows. The pattern has a bite of a Craftsman feel, though it could work well on traditional, transitional, or contemporary homes, too.

18. White Lattice Skirt with Access Door

wood deck skirting

White is automatically clean, crisp, and vibrant. When applied to a lattice, the look is incredibly striking while remaining reasonably simple. This deck surround becomes a feature, drawing the eye toward the deck.

Since this deck is higher, the skirt features an access door. This allows the homeowner to use the underside of the deck for storage or, at a minimum, to access that portion of the home’s exterior wall.

19. Deck Skirting with Cutout

wood slats for under side of deck

If you’re looking for a country vibe, this deck skirting has it. It features a simple diamond cutout pattern, giving it a hint of charm. Plus, it creates holes for airflow, ensuring ventilation isn’t an issue.

The skirt is painted to match the deck and the home’s exterior. This allows the diamond-shaped cutouts to really stand out. Not only do they draw the eye, their positioning creates a makeshift vertical line, making the space look a bit wider as a result.

20. Traditional Combo Skirting

lattice skirting

This deck surround has a traditional feel. It’s made of cedar, which is inherently classic. Plus, the combination of various vertical slat sizes and lattice sections is a bit ornate, giving it a traditional feel. The lattice also promotes airflow, which is important.

On one side, there is an access door. This ensures the space underneath the deck remains accessible. Plus, it creates opportunities to use the area for storage, which is a nice bonus.

21. Slim Vertical Slat Surround

modern deck skirting

While many slat designs used mid-size to wide planks, this one goes with slim boards. That gives it a hint of modern flair, without it being overly dramatic.

The deck skirting is painted white, causing it to blend in with the screened porch above and the home’s siding. This keeps it from detracting from other home features. It’s a simple and effective approach, providing coverage while remaining subtle.

22. Modern Cedar Deck Skirt

decking lattice ideas

Horizontal slats generally have a contemporary vibe. However, it’s taken up a notch with this deck skirt. The alternative wide and slim planks have a distinctly modern feel. Even though the material is a classic cedar, the look feels edgy, even while being minimalist.

This approach is also incredibly functional. You get a lot of coverage without having to sacrifice style. However, since there are small gaps between the slats, ventilation is still covered, allowing air to flow freely.

23. Dramatic Lattice Surround

under skirting pics

When the lattice is positioned to create squares instead of diamonds, it generally feels a bit more modern. Then, if it’s also a deep color, particularly black, it becomes a dramatic feature.

The black lattice creates contrast, standing out against the warmer wood hue of the deck, supports, and some of the railing. It also coordinates with the rest of the railing, ensuring it feels cohesive even if it’s a stand out feature.

As with most lattice designs, installation can be quick. This allows you to get an incredible look in less time, which is perfect for busy homeowners.

24. Subtle Vertical Slat Skirt

metal deck skirting

While this vertical slat skirt is similar to a few of the previous options, it does offer up a few subtle differences. Primarily, this option stands out because it’s painted to match the deck, which is a similar shade to the home’s siding. This approach causes the railing, nearby fence, and other white elements to pop visually.

Otherwise, it offers a familiar design. The spacing between the slates promotes good airflow, but they aren’t so large as to hinder coverage of the area beneath the deck.

25. Modern Slatted Deck Skirting

deck skirt boards

Here’s another modern take on deck skirting. The slats are vertical and offer only subtle color variation, making the look clean. Plus, the slats are stained to match the deck above, which also keeps the look contemporary.

Couple that with the cable railing, and it’s a crisp aesthetic. It stands out even though it isn’t a vibrant design, giving this deck just a hint of something extra without being over the top.

26. Minimalist Cedar Deck with Surround

deck skirting panels

Overall, this deck’s appearance is on the minimalist side. It lacks railing, offering up only two mid-sized platforms and some simple staircases.

The deck material and the surrounding slats are all cedar. This allows them to blend a bit with one another, while also allowing the natural variations in the material to stand out.

The lack of knots helps keep the look contemporary. However, since this design is minimalist, it’s also highly customizable. Add a knotty wood, and it would feel rustic. Install some railings, and it may lean more traditional. The options are essentially endless.

27. Deep Red Deck Skirt

skirting ideas for deck

This deck is all about contrast. The deck, stair, and surround slats are all a deep, red-hued wood. This allows them to blend with the nearby fence and add some additional warmth to the design.

Since the wood is so dark, the railing, trim, and risers stand out. It adds a level of crispness and interest, ensuring that this deck isn’t boring. Plus, the white, vertical lines make this smaller deck seem larger, which is a nice bonus.


If you were looking for a stand out deck skirting ideas, you should have plenty now. Each of the options for closing off the bottom of a shed or deck above is worth considering. Examine these choices, and select the one that’s right for you.

I hope you enjoyed exploring the deck skirting options above. If you have new ideas that others may enjoy, share them in the comments section below. Feel free to share this list with anyone who may want to add lattice around the bottom of a shed or close off space under their deck. They’ll be glad you did.


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