21 Impressive Deck and Patio Combination Ideas

When it comes to spaces for entertaining or relaxing, few outdoor living areas are as ideal as decks or patios. But when you bring them together, it’s pure magic. There are plenty of impressive deck and patio combination ideas to make it easy, too, allowing homeowners to design their perfect space.

No matter your home’s style, you can find a deck and patio combo that works for you. Whether you need a simple deck-to-patio transition, a grand design, or anything in between, here are 21 deck with patio designs to spark your imagination.

21 Impressive Deck and Patio Combination Ideas

1. Traditional Covered Deck with Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete is a simple way to add texture to a concrete surface, and it pairs incredibly well with this covered deck. The concrete is dyed to include several colors, making the overall look more natural. There’s a simple brick-style border, which adds a bit of refinement.

For the deck, you have a relatively traditional design, but it also has some slight rustic flare. The height of the covered section also provides enough room for a ceiling fan, which is beneficial on warm days and nights.

2. Pergola-Covered Deck with Paver Patio

This deck and patio combo gives you a more contemporary look, but it also works well for transitional homes. The deck is just a few steps above the patio and features a classic pergola cover for shade. There’s enough space for an outdoor sectional, but it could also hold a dining table.

The patio features pavers in a mix of gray and tan, adding some visual interest. The curved edge keeps it from looking blocky and provides ample room for a table for six and a grill for outdoor dining.

3. Small Deck and Patio Combo

If you don’t have a large backyard, this combination deck and patio area is potentially perfect. The deck is relatively petite, providing enough room for a gill and a couple of chairs. The patio below adds more space for seating and dining.

The choice of paver design blends well with the home siding and trim colors. The pavers are generally greige, but the charcoal border gives it something extra while helping the patio match the house.

4. Large Gray Deck with Sunken Patio

This deck and patio combination design is a possible winner for backyards with ample room. The decking is a mid-toned gray, allowing it to blend well with many home colors. It’s sizeable enough to support seating areas, café tables, and more.

However, the standout feature is the sunken patio. It provides space for a brazier and has built-in bench seating along the edge. The high back of the bench seating also makes the patio and deck more private, shielding it from view.

5. Second Story Deck with Screened Porch and Patio

This option brings plenty to the table for a traditional deck and patio design. The deck is spacious, offering enough room for seating or dining. The lower flagstone patio is also sizeable, making it a great spot for lounging. The deck even covers a portion of the patio, which can serve as an excellent space for relaxing, or it could become storage.

Another nice feature of this deck is the screened porch area, which is ideal for times of year when bugs are common. Also, the wrought iron staircase makes transitioning between the deck and patio easy without too much space being overtaken by stairs.

6. Cobblestone Patio and Deck Combo

The cobblestone patio in this design has a built-in bench for seating. However, there’s enough room for more chairs or a dining table, so the space is versatile. The deck is similarly spacious, providing enough seating, dining, or grilling area.

The overall look of the patio and deck also blends well with the home’s siding and the natural setting. The wood and pavers are largely mid-toned, so they work well with the beige siding and mix of white and darker trim colors.

7. Deck and Multi-Level Patio

This deck and patio design helps overcome some of the challenges of a sloped yard. The second-story deck has enough room for some chairs and a table, making it a solid spot for relaxing. The deck also covers part of the patio, shielding the grill from the elements.

With this design, you also get a large patio area attached to the house, and there’s enough room for a dining table and more. But what makes this option stand out is the circular firepit area that’s slightly below the main patio, providing more room for relaxing even though the yard slopes.

8. Traditional Americana Patio and Deck

Overall, the design of this deck and patio is relatively traditional. The upper deck is sizeable, featuring a classic rectangular design. The lower patio is more organic with its slightly rounded edges. It also makes the retaining wall less noticeable while providing extra space for outdoor seating.

However, what stands out about this design is the color choice. The bright blue home and white trim are classic, but adding the red umbrella and chairs give the design some Americana flare.

9. Traditional Deck and Brick Patio with Firepit

With this deck, you have a relatively traditional design. The darker-colored support recedes visually, allowing the white railing to pop. It’s also sizeable, providing enough room for seating or a dining table.

About a half-story below the deck height sits the brick patio. It features curved edges, ensuring it doesn’t look blocky. Plus, a round built-in firepit in the center makes it the perfect spot for cooler nights. The patio bricks also blend with the brick portion of the home’s exterior, creating a sense of cohesion.

10. Simple Wood Deck with Paver Patio

Overall, this simple wood deck and paver patio design works well with nearly any style home. The wood color feels a tad rustic, but the overall design can also be traditional or transitional, depending on the styling.

With the patio, you have warm-toned pavers with enough color variation to make it feel natural. It becomes an ideal space for a grill, particularly when paired with a dining table on the nearby deck.

11. Accessible Deck and Patio with Circular Inset

There’s a lot to appreciate about this combination patio and deck. First, the gray deck is relatively simple but provides enough room for a dining table. The ramp makes accessing the space easy for anyone, including those with mobility issues or who use a wheelchair.

From a design perspective, the most striking feature is the circular inset on the patio. It features a color far darker than the rest of the patio but matches the deck well. It draws the eye to the brazier, showing it’s the spot to pick for a relaxing evening by the fire.

12. Curved Deck with Covered Patio

Here, you have a pretty classic deck design with a little flare. The outer edge of this deck is curved, so it’s a tad more elegant than your typical rectangular design. The color also aligns with the siding, making the look feel cohesive.

The bulk of the patio sits beneath the second-story deck, protecting the area from the elements. However, the outer edge could offer enough room for a chair or two, allowing the homeowners to enjoy some sunshine.

13. Petite Wood Deck with Traditional Paver Patio

Overall, this simple deck and patio design creates two functional areas. The deck has enough room for a couple of chairs, a small table, and a barbecue grill, while the patio has a brazier and extra seating.

What makes this patio area intriguing is the curved edge and the short wall. The wall helps define the space, while the curved side ensures the patio doesn’t seem too boxy.

14. Deck and Fully Covered Patio

This expansive second-story deck offers enough room for grilling, dining, or lounging. Its placement also created the opportunity for a fully covered patio. There’s enough room on the patio for a large sectional and a few chairs, making it an excellent entertaining space.

Another nice feature of this design is the cedar patio ceiling. It makes the space feel more finished and allows lighting and a ceiling fan to be added.

15. Deck with Surrounding Patio and Firepit

While many deck and patio combo designs feature a patio just to one side of the deck, this homeowner went a different direction. The patio surrounds the deck on three sides, creating plenty of room for entertaining or relaxing.

With this patio, you also get a section covered by a pergola, providing shade to a seating area. Plus, a rounded section at the corner is ideal for a brazier or firepit.

16. Deck with Column Supports and Cloud-Like Patio

Overall, this deck design is relatively straightforward, featuring classic straight edges. What makes the design stand out is the choice of supports, which are circular columns that add to the traditional feel.

Another intriguing element is the shape of the patio. The curved edges almost look like the shape of a cloud, making it far more interesting than your typical rectangle. Plus, the light color of the pavers keeps the space bright, making it welcoming.

17. Small Deck with Brick Patio

This design features a small deck in the recessed area created by the home. It’s slightly covered and has enough room for a lounge chair or two, making it a nice shady spot to relax on sunny days.

The attached patio features classic brick. The curved border makes the space feel more organic, while the edge brick defines the area and makes it look finished and refined. It also provides enough room for seating and a grill, ensuring it’s functional.

18. Deck with Two-Level Patio

With this design, you can take advantage of a multi-level yard. The deck is positioned over a lower patio, shielding it from the sun. However, an upper patio is also perfect for lounging in the sun, though it’s also large enough to hold a brazier.

Another interesting feature is that the upper patio is edged with planters. That creates the perfect spot for some ornamental plants, making it easy to elevate the design.

19. Second-Story Deck with Dual Patios

Second-story decks are ideal if you also want a covered patio space, as they can shield a patio below. This design takes it further by also creating a screened patio area below the deck, which can be ideal for areas where bugs are common.

However, an open patio is also large enough for dining and seating. The corner firepit also makes the space usable when it’s cooler, so it’s a nice touch.

20. Rounded Deck with Patio

This deck and patio combination has a lot of features. The upper deck is large, providing space for seating and dining. The patio is covered by the deck, shielding it from the elements.

But what stands out are the other features. The patio has a built-in bar featuring stone cladding and a slab top, making it a great place for casual dining. There’s also enough room for a hot tub next to the main part of the patio.

21. Pergola-Covered Deck with Large Patio

With this design, the deck is covered by a pergola, offering some shade to anyone dining on it. However, what genuinely stands out is the expansive patio. It provides plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining, and the pergola toward the side helps define the space.

This patio also features a built-in firepit along the edge. That makes it an excellent spot for gathering with family or friends and relaxing, even on chilly nights.


Ultimately, the deck and patio combination ideas above are enough to inspire any homeowner to design their own fantastic outdoor living space. Whether your home is traditional, modern, or another style, there’s an option that can work for you.

Did you have fun exploring the backyard deck patio combo options above? Did any entry on the list grab your attention? If you enjoyed this list, let us know in the comments. Also, if you know someone looking for inspiration for their perfect deck with a patio, please share the article.


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