Best Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Sheds and Enclosures

There are a lot of reasons why you might be looking into garbage can storage solutions. One of the big reasons for me was to deter wildlife. I found a possum in the bottom of my trash can twice. The first time, it was dead, but the second time…

Have you ever watched a grown man try to tip over a trash receptacle with a five-foot stick? I’m sure I gave a few of my neighbors a chuckle.

Whether you’ve got a possum problem or hate chasing down the lids after a windy night, I want to help. Let’s find the best option for you!

My Best Garbage Can Storage Picks:

Other Good Choices:

Best Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Shed

Why Should You Get A Garbage Can Storage?

For different reasons, people decide to store their garbage cans in an enclosure. But one that I haven’t mentioned yet is the dreaded HOA.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with HOAs, they are boards of people who dictate the rules of a neighborhood. In many HOA neighborhoods, the sight of a garbage can from the street can result in a citation.

Even if you don’t have to follow the rules of an HOA, though, there are other reasons to hide or secure your garbage cans. You could be looking for aesthetic, practical, or even hygienic solutions.

If your trash cans clash with the color scheme of your home and you only want to hide them, you would do fine with a screen. If you have nightly visitors to your garbage bins, you need a shed (maybe even with a lock).

You could have plenty of room to store your trash receptacles in the garage, but it smells awful. So, for hygienic reasons, you want to start storing your garbage outdoors. There are countless reasons why you may need a storage solution for your trash cans.

Different Types of Garbage Can Storage

Garbage Can Sheds

Garbage Can ShedsSheds are the most secure of all the options we will discuss today. It does not mean that they are the best choice for your individual needs, but of course.

If you don’t have animals rummaging in your garbage, you can get away with a screen. But if you could relate to my possum problem earlier, then a sturdy horizontal shed is your best bet.

Mini-sheds also satisfy the demands of most HOAs. A small, horizontal storage container can serve multiple purposes. Garden tools, patio furniture cushions, and…garbage can storage!

But for which purpose are you using it? No one will ever know!

Trash Can Screen Enclosure

Trash Can Screen EnclosureIf you don’t have a lot of wind or an animal problem, then this is fine. A screen is like a fence of sorts, only there to conceal. It doesn’t offer much protection from determined animals.

Wind can also cause some trouble, as the top of the enclosure is still open. It’s also a problem because many models are lightweight. You will most likely need to secure the screen further when you set it up.

However, if your main purpose is to spruce up the appearance of your home, then this is perfect for you. A screen is there to avoid your trash distracting from the beauty of your home and landscaping.

Trash Can Hideaway

Trash Can HideawayNow, this is nice because it’s compact and functional. It’s a little more obvious what it might contain, of course, so your HOA might not approve it. But it does offer more protection than a screen.

The main idea of this garbage can storage product is to disguise the trash can. It’s kind of like one of those foam sleeves you’d use to hold a cold can in the summertime. Is it a soda? Is it a beer? No one knows!

What’s great about this particular option is that the lid latches, like the shed earlier. Animals and the wind don’t stand a chance!

What to Consider When Getting A Garbage Bin Storage

Design and Appearance

When choosing a storage container for your garbage cans, try to choose one that matches your home. You don’t want it to look out of place, but as if it’s always been there.

If the color of your house deviates too much from the norm, don’t worry too much about finding a matching shade. A lot of times, it’s enough to match the trim.

So, if you have a pea-green house with white shutters, you’re safe to choose a white trash can storage option. You only need to trick the eye from afar, so don’t stress too much if it isn’t an exact match.


The size of the cans you are planning to conceal will play a huge part in which storage option you choose.

For example, oversized trash cans that deviate from the standard could be troublesome. It might be difficult for you to find a shed or hideaway that will accommodate the trash bin. You might have to settle for a screen.

You also have to think of where you would like to keep your trash bins. Even if you have standard sized receptacles, they will take up more room when encased in a shed. That spot between the hedges in your garden bed might not be big enough after all!

Price-to-Quality Ratio

Everyone wants the most bang for their buck. But remember that the most expensive option isn’t always the best option for you as an individual. You don’t need titanium walls unless you’re trying to keep out bears, for instance.

When you’re looking for good storage space for your trash cans, take your own needs into account first. What size do you need, what problems are you trying to solve, etc.?

Keep in mind any restrictions you have to work within, such as limitations your HOA imposes on you. Yeah, that hideaway is perfect for your needs and within your budget, but are you going to rack up citations over it?

Types of Materials


Wood offers a great aesthetic to your property and can blend in easier sometimes since you can paint it. If you already have a treated wood home, then wood might be the only option that matches well.

There are some drawbacks, of course. From insects to rot to regular maintenance, it can turn into a lot of work. Unlike vinyl or plastic, you will need to re-paint a shed made of this material consistently.

Not everyone has the time for that, so you might want to check out other options.


Durable and low- (if any)-maintenance, this is the most popular option for homeowners. You don’t have to worry about re-painting it or defending it from wood-boring insects or rot. You can set it up and let it be.

Downsides to this material are a little more muted than the wood option. One of the biggest problems people have with plastic units is that they leak. It’s true, too. Some leak.

To store your garbage cans, though, you might not mind it.



Do you need your garbage can storage to be bone dry, or is a little water acceptable? Bear in mind that some plastic units will leak at the joints.


Do you need something that will withstand the test of time and the elements? Plastic holds up better against rot and insects, but wood stands up better against high winds.


A white plastic shed sitting in front of your idyllic log cabin is going to look a little off. Whatever you choose, try to make sure it pairs well with what you already have at home.


Possums. Rats. Raccoons! The occasional stray dog might even be raiding your trash bins after you set them out. If you need something that’s going to be animal proof, keep your eye out for a unit with a latch.

Low Maintenance

If you don’t have time to paint or stain or treat wood, stick to the plastic options. Even if it doesn’t quite match your house, a plastic unit always looks better than a rotting structure.


The dogs and possums can’t get drag your trash all over the street anymore, because you have a latch on your unit. But rats and mice can still get inside and make a mess if you don’t get a unit that’s sealed well.


You’ve decided on the type of material you want for your shed, screen, or hideaway. But you can’t plop it down in the grass and call it done, can you? It needs to be level and look nice.

You need a foundation. It all comes down to whether you want a concrete foundation or a wood one. Again, though, wood runs the risk of rot. Concrete runs the risk of chipping and cracking over time.

A concrete base will also take more effort to install. It not only requires several extra steps to put in place, but it also needs a whole week to cure before you can use it. If you have the time and handiness for it, then, don’t let this stop you.

But if you don’t, then a wood base is a much simpler, safer choice for you.

Popular Brands for Outdoor Trash Can Storage


Suncast has been in business since 1984. They supply some of the most durable outdoor storage products on the market today. Consumers know their products for their durability in the face of the elements.

They have a variety of horizontal storage sheds to store your garbage cans out of sight. Most of their products give you more than one neutral color option, too, making it easy to match your decor!


Although it’s changed hands a bit, Rubbermaid has been around since about 1920. Their horizontal storage units are maintenance free and most options are lockable. (Racoons are clever. They can even open sewer caps with their paws!)

Only one-hundred companies nationwide received the title of “Brand of the Century.” Rubbermaid was one of them for a reason. Their products are durable and represented with integrity. They promise no more than what they can deliver.


Keter is the only exporter to win the Export of Israel Award twice. They’ve been in business for over seventy years. They have won several prestigious awards for their durable, innovative designs.

Their plastic horizontal storage sheds come in more creative colors than their competitors. Instead of white or black, you can sometimes find a green one mixed in with the other neutral colors.

Some of their products are even paintable, so you can customize it to match your home!

Best Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Shed Reviews

There are a lot of options when it comes to storing or concealing your garbage cans. Choosing can be difficult, so I’ve reviewed some of the best ones for you.

1. Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed

Best garbage can shed Suncast BMS4700 storage shed is maintenance free! There are three locking doors on this resin storage shed to keep out the possums and raccoons.

Having three separate doors is super convenient, too. You can access the trash cans from above, which makes it simple to add a bag on your way to work.

Need to take the garbage cans out of the enclosure for some reason? Don’t worry. You won’t have to struggle to pull them out of the top since there are two doors that swing open for easy access.

What I love about this product are the gas shocks in the lid. I don’t have to struggle to hold open the lid when my hands are already full. It stays open for me until I’m done, which makes it a lot faster to drop off the bags and get back to Netflix.

The neutral white color of the shed makes it simple to match it to most homes. Anyone with a little white trim on their home should be able to make this look natural.

Check out the current price at Amazon.

2. Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed

Trash can shed Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed is another resin unit with three doors, but it does not have gas loaded hinges. Instead, you use an included metal rod to prop open the lid. Think of how you would keep the trunk of a car open and you’ll get the picture.

It does come with a heavy-duty floor mat, which could be helpful when it comes time to clean your unit. You can drag out the mat and power wash it for easy cleanup!

For the most part, it’s pretty durable. A lot of people have had this model for several years and don’t notice any signs of wear and tear. There have been a few complaints about leaks, but the general consensus is positive.

The bottom doors do not stay closed when the lid is open and will not open unless you lift the lid up, too. The three doors lock and unlock in unison.

It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to assemble this shed by yourself. The directions are straightforward and there aren’t a lot of small parts to lose.

Check Price at Amazon.

3. Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed

Trash can storage If you don’t have time to build a foundation and you have some pretty large trash cans, Suncast BMS3400 Horizontal Shed might be your solution. It accommodates a couple of forty-five-gallon trash cans without any trouble.

Some have placed the storage shed right on the grass and haven’t had any problems. If you’d rather keep it from direct contact with the ground, you can use some concrete pavers or blocks to do it, too.

This Suncast product is not “weatherproof,” per se, but it is rain proof. Its overlapping parts keep the rain from coming in, but the seams are not sealed. This means that this unit can still retain moisture from humidity.

The assembly instructions are thorough and detailed. Most people say it takes about thirty minutes to put the entire unit together. The customer service response appears prompt and headache-free. Most people receive any replacement parts they need right away.

This is another lockable unit but only uses a single hasp. That means that to lock the unit, all three doors will lock at the same time. The lid uses a prop bar, like the last unit I mentioned.

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4. Keter Store-It-Out MAX Outdoor Resin Storage Shed

Пarbage shed You want wood, but without all the extra maintenance? Keter’s got you covered with this beige/brown resin unit! It looks like wood, but it’s a durable, maintenance-free unit with steel reinforcements. It holds a couple of sixty-three-gallon trash cans.

My favorite part about this unit is the hydraulic pistons supporting the lid. There’s a lot to say about being able to open the lid and having it stay up for you. It’s a small convenience that makes all the difference when you’ve got your hands full.

One feature of this unit that totters the line between useful and useless is the linking system. You can attach the lid of your trash cans to the lid of the unit so that they open in tandem.

The usefulness of it depends on how you plan to use your garbage storage shed. If you intend to store the cans near the house and drag them to the curb each week, this could be helpful. You’ll never have to touch the trash can lids.

If you plan to leave the storage unit at the curb for the city workers to collect, you might not want to use it. It could cause unnecessary frustration for your trash person.

Check Price at Amazon.

5. Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

Garbage shed Suncast BMS2500 is one of the larger garbage can storage sheds I’ve covered so far. It can store a couple of forty-eight-gallon trash cans and one thirty-six gallon can. A ninety-six gallon will not fit, though.

Because of its size, it would be smart to install a foundation for this unit. If you don’t have the time or resources, then you could always find a clear patch of your patio or deck to set it up.

There is a built-in ramp for this shed to make it easier for you to load and unload your trash receptacles. This is helpful if you’re storing the cans near your house and must take them to the curb each week.

It comes in an off-white color that matches most homes without sticking out too much. It’s maintenance free and rain proof but is not sealed against humidity.

If you are expecting high winds, I advise you to lock the lid. There have been accounts of it blowing off otherwise. The lid uses a prop bar to keep it open, as well.

Check Price at Amazon.

6. Keter Store-It-Out Resin Storage Shed

Trash shed I have a personal weakness for Keter products. They always seem to do the most, both in visual and functional aspects. Keter Store-It-Out shed, in particular, catches my favor because the doors can open separate from the lid.

This shed can hold a couple of thirty-two-gallon cans. It is a little smaller than the units I already mentioned, but not everyone needs giant trash cans. If the size is suitable for your needs, the features of this shed more than makeup for the downgrade in space.

The neutral color scheme of beige and brown makes it easy to blend it in with most any home. It’s also got the faux wood look for that extra touch of elegance (without the maintenance). You also do not need a foundation for this unit!

The lid comes equipped with hydraulic pistons, so the lid will stay open until you close it yourself. The doors and top are lockable, too, in case you have a few smart, determined critters.

Check out the current price at Amazon.

7. Leisure Season Storage Shed

No products found.

If you have a ninety-six-gallon trash can or two that you need to store, this behemoth might be the solution for you. Since it is cedar, Leisure Season Storage Shed will require some maintenance as you go.

The unit does not have a floor and there’s a slight gap between the double doors and the ground. This means that mice can make their way inside unless you modify it to prevent that.

It does have a pneumatic lid, meaning that it will hold itself up without assistance, so that is helpful. If you are short, you may need to attach a rope to the lid to make it easier for you to pull it back down. It is a tall shed.

Keep in mind that wood can warp and rot if not treated for the weather. Most people who buy this unit paint it to avoid warping. Those who chose not to tend to notice problems with their product earlier than others.

All in all, this is a great looking product with lots of space, so long as you have the time to maintain it!
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Outdoor Garbage Enclosure

8. RubbishWrap Outdoor Garbage Enclosure

No products found. If you have larger trash bins and don’t want to go with the wood option, then you could always turn to screens. This garbage enclosure from RubbishWrap conceals two ninety-six-gallon garbage cans without a problem.

The setup is also super easy because you won’t need to worry about screws or tools at all. You take it out of the box, snap everything in place, and you’re done in five minutes.

It’s lightweight, so if you change your mind about where you want it, you can lift it and change location with ease. You can also order this as a single unit!

The panels of this screen are paintable, so you can make it match almost any decor. All you need is a little spray paint (Rust-Oleum is a safe bet for outdoors). The screen also resists UV damage and mold accumulation!

Since it’s a screen, though, you can’t expect it to fend off possums, raccoons, or bears. This is an aesthetic solution, a way to get your garbage cans out of the garage without it being an eyesore.

Check out the current price at Amazon.

9. Suncast FS4423 Outdoor Screen Enclosure

Outdoor trash can enclosure Suncast FS4423 Screen Enclosure is very open and doesn’t do great by itself in high winds. You will need to weight it or attach it to something to keep it from falling over. It does have ground anchors, but it is still lightweight and may need further security in a storm.

It is a strip of four panels on hinges, so it does give you the option to configure it in whatever pattern best suits you. If you only have one or two trash cans, you can conceal everything from all sides by making sure it backs up to a wall.

This Suncast product is more decoration than anything. It’s something pretty to cover up your trash cans, which is helpful if you live in a strict HOA neighborhood. It is less helpful if you have hungry critters rummaging in your trash, though.

It is steel reinforced, but most say that it still doesn’t take a beating all that well. It will hold up against minor mechanical damages, but don’t expect it to be invincible

Check Price at Amazon.

10. Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Outdoor garbage can holder This is a small, thirty-gallon trash can hideaway that you can use for your deck or patio. In HOA neighborhoods or only to keep your home looking neat and pretty, this is perfect.

It comes in brown and taupe colors and is part of a larger collection of other Suncast patio and deck furniture. Although made from plastic, it’s a wicker design that adds charm to outdoor living spaces.

The lid latches for extra security. You won’t have to worry about the wind blowing it open and scattering trash through your yard. It will also pose more of an obstacle for possums and raccoons, so you can leave the outdoor trash right where it is.

This hideaway doesn’t lock, but the latch appears to be sufficient to keep common pests out. It’s also weather resistant, so even if it’s left out in the rain, you will find little if any moisture inside.

If you like to spend a lot of time on your deck with friends and family, this is an attractive waste solution. You can entertain without anyone needing to go inside to throw away empty containers.
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Anchoring Garbage Can Storage

A lot of storage sheds for garbage cans recommend that you anchor the units, but why? Because they can blow away in high winds! Many of the sheds I mentioned are lightweight and will need extra security to keep it in place.

You can weigh a unit down with cinder blocks, of course, but anchoring is always safest. And a lot of the manufacturers and sellers for these sheds leave that part up to you! So how do you do it? Check out my article here for more in-depth instructions.

Most sheds have anchoring capabilities built right into the design. Check your manual to see where they have provided access for anchoring to the foundation. They usually indicate the locations for anchors with small indents on the shed floor.

Pay special attention to your foundation as it relates to the anchoring. Different types of foundations will call for other types of anchoring hardware. Concrete might require a different kind of bolt than wood, for example.

DIY Trash Can Storage Plans and Ideas

You’ve checked all the sheds and enclosures and none meet your specific needs. Why not build your own instead?

Dumpster Style

Nothing is big enough for your trash receptacles! You’ve looked everywhere and there’s just nothing that will fit your two 500-gallon trash cans. (Okay, exaggeration, but you get the point.)

Well, it’s simple enough to build this larger than life unit. All you need are a few handy tools (miter saw, circular saw, etc.) and a little lumber. You can even add your own hydraulic piston to the lid to make it more manageable!

Lean-To Trash Enclosure

You don’t need it to be enormous. And besides, who has all that extra space for a dumpster-sized enclosure anyway? No, a modest shed area is enough for you. But none of the wood ones you’ve seen quite fit your needs.

You can build this modest lean-to yourself with basic building tool, lumber, and a circular saw.


The clear winner of this roundup is the Keter Store-It-Out MAX Outdoor Resin Storage Shed! It holds two larger than usual trash cans (sixty-three gallons) and has the most features.

The hydraulic assisted lid and the faux wood facade won me over without much effort. In functionality, aesthetics, and capacity, it took home the highest marks.

And once you factor in that it’s rodent proof and lockable, there isn’t another shed here that can hold a light to it. No more possum surprises for me!

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