Best 8×8 Shed – Buying Guide and 10 Top Products for 2021

On the surface, getting a new shed seems like a very simple task. But when you start trying to decide on which one to purchase, you’ll quickly run into some questions about what size shed you need.

After filling the 4X6 shed at my last house, I decided I’d need a larger one at my new home. Following some careful deliberation, I finally settled on an 8×8 shed as the perfect size for my needs. It was time to pick a shed.

But I found several sheds that piqued my interest, making the decision difficult. I wanted the best 8×8 shed possible, and I wasn’t willing to settle. After many hours of study and comparison, I wrote the following ten reviews to help anyone who’s in the same situation, hopefully, saving you the time and frustration of all that research!

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Best 8×8 Shed

What Can You Store in 8×8 Shed

The reason I finally settled on an 8×8 shed for myself is because it’s the perfect size for storing all of your large equipment and extra stuff without taking up too much of the backyard. Even a riding mower will comfortably fit inside of an 8×8 shed with plenty of room to spare for your other gardening equipment, tools, and even those Christmas decorations that only see the light of day once a year.

Bikes and other larger sporting equipment can easily fit inside an 8×8 shed alongside your riding mower. If you add some shelves, then you can get multiple levels of storage for your smaller and medium-sized items. With some pegboard, your tools can be stored without taking up any floor space.

Another common use of sheds is extra storage. If you consider boxes that are 2’x2’x2’, you can line a single wall with 12-16 boxes depending on ceiling height. You’d still have 8’x6’ of open floor space; more than enough for that riding mower and those bicycles!

Is 8×8 Big Enough For You?

It’s great to visualize your new shed and imagine how you’ll fit the gear you need to store. But if you want to be sure that an 8×8 shed is a right size for you, why not go one step further and create an actual visual to use?

Using some basic sidewalk chalk, you can draw out an 8’x8’ space on any hard surface. Then, go and gather all of the large items you want to store in your shed and arrange them inside of your chalk outline.

When doing this, keep in mind that the outline only represents available floor space. If you add shelves or pegboard as mentioned earlier, you can multiply the amount of space available for storing small and mid-sized items. This method is best for determining whether 8×8 is big enough for your largest items.

Best 8×8 Shed Reviews

There are hundreds of 8×8 sheds on the market. Rather than spend time going through all of them yourself, I’ve tried to save you the time by thoroughly researching them and figuring out which ones are the best.

I’ve gathered 10 of the most impressive 8×8 sheds, which you’ll read about in the following reviews. We will compare their best features, assembly time, and even their warranties so you can be sure of how long your shed is guaranteed to last.

1. Keter Factor 8×8 Foot Resin Outdoor Shed

8 x 8 shed

Durable and strong yet simple, the Keter Factor 8×8 Outdoor Shed is a great choice for anyone who needs a shed of this size. It’s made from polypropylene resin plastic, which has some great features pertaining to longevity.

This shed won’t corrode, rot, rust, or peel, even after heavy rains, snows, or other adverse weather patterns. But since plastic isn’t the strongest material, this shed has steel reinforcements added to make sure that it can withstand whatever nature throws at it.

With two large double doors that span nearly the entire width of the eight-foot-wide front, you’ll have no trouble getting your largest items inside the shed. Even ATVs, UTVs, and riding mowers will easily drive right through the doors, parking inside and still leaving plenty of other storage space.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your equipment, this shed is fully lockable. Stick a padlock on the front door and you can be sure that no one is getting to your stuff inside.

Though there’s plenty of room for your larger items, not everything you need to store is going to be big enough to ride on. For the smaller stuff, two shelves are also included, helping to maximize the available space.

Unless you’re a large and strong person, you may need to enlist the help of another pair of hands to assemble this shed. The steel reinforcements add some heft, so this shed weighs about 350 pounds, making the panels difficult to move for most people.

Assembly Time: About 3 hours (for two people)
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Steel reinforced for improved strength
  • Neutral colors work with most homes
  • Polypropylene resin plastic is weather-resistant
  • Includes 2 shelves


  • May require two people to assemble


2. Suncast Tremont Storage Shed with Windows

8 by 8 shed

Another polypropylene resin shed, the Suncast Tremont Storage Shed is a great way to protect your belongings from all types of weather. It’s a bit smaller than some of the other sheds since it’s not quite a full 8×8. At just 8×7, you’re not losing much storage space, but it is easier to assemble, making it more likely that you can put it together by yourself.

To ensure there’s plenty of light inside, four skylights are built-into the roof. These effectively illuminate the entire interior of the shed, making it easy to see all of your stuff during the day.

Two small corner shelves are included with the Suncast Tremont. They’re adjustable, allowing you to place them however and wherever is most useful for you.

Most people are going to store something large in a shed this size, so this shed has a reinforced floor that’s meant for storing such items. It’ll have no trouble handling the weight of your mower or ATV, so feel free to drive it on in.

Of course, that means it will have to fit through the front doors. Luckily, these double doors are five feet wide when both sides are opened, offering ample room to drive inside.

To keep that equipment safe, you can add a padlock to the built-in hasp. With no windows to worry about, there aren’t any entry points for an intruder to take. The skylights are far too small to fit a person!

Assembly Time: 4-6 hours
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Reinforced floor for safely storing large equipment
  • Natural light from the skylights
  • Includes adjustable corner shelves
  • Doors can be locked with a padlock


  • Not quite a full 8×8


3. Reker White 8 x 8 ft. Steel Garden Shed Storage Kit

8x8 sheds

This spacious shed Steel Garden Shed Storage Kit from Reker is a bit larger than 8×8. The extra few inches work out to quite a bit of extra space though, giving this shed a total volume of 550 cubic feet.

Ironically, though it has plenty of floor space, what this shed is missing is the headroom! With a roof that stands just 5’8” off the ground and a doorway that’s just 5’1” high, most people will have to duck to enter this shed. That could get uncomfortable real quick, especially if you need to be in there for a while to organize or for any other reason.

The Reker shed is made from galvanized steel. This is a very strong and sturdy material, but it’s not the most weather-resistant material available. Since it’s metal, it’s much more susceptible to corrosion and rust. Plus, it can dent if it takes an impact.

Above the door are two small vents to ensure there is adequate airflow inside of the shed. But there are no windows or skylights anywhere in this building. If you need to see inside, you’ll need to bring a flashlight because there’s no way for natural light to enter.

Despite being a spacious shed overall, the Reker 8×8 isn’t the best choice for storing large equipment. The front door is just 2.9 feet wide, making it nearly impossible to drive something inside.

Assembly Time: 2-8 hours
Warranty: N/A


  • Very spacious; 550 cu. ft.
  • Precut and drilled for easy assembly
  • Made from strong galvanized steel


  • No information on the company or their warranty policies
  • The door is only 5’ tall


4. LIFETIME 60015 8 X 7.5 Ft

8 x 8 storage shed

LIFETIME offers a strong shed made from polypropylene. To ensure that it can withstand any weather, they added heavy-duty steel reinforcements. The final result is a shed that can easily withstand 65 mph winds, more extreme than most of us will see.

Of course, that can’t hold up to the brutal weather experienced in some areas. For those places, an extreme weather kit is also available that includes more reinforcement to make the shed even stronger and more weatherproof. You’ll have to purchase the kit extra, though; it’s not included with the shed.

This shed falls a bit short of the 8×8 mark. Because of this, it only offers 312 cubic feet of interior space, much less than some of the other models I’ve reviewed. But it does provide plenty of room for standing inside with a roof that’s 6’8” high. Even your stepladder will fit comfortably standing up.

Inside, five skylights and a shatterproof polycarbonate window provide plenty of natural light. A single shelf spans 90 inches across the back wall for keeping smaller items off the floor. Even a small peg strip is included to hang some of your tools or accessories.

Though it’s sized like some of the other sheds on this list, the LIFETIME shed takes a bit longer to assemble. This is mostly due to the poor instructions that are very difficult to follow. More care could be taken with the instructions, so this shed is easier to assemble for someone without much DIY experience.

Assembly Time: 8-12 hours
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Can withstand 65 mph winds
  • Nearly 7’ of interior height
  • Can add an extreme weather kit for improved reinforcement


  • Less interior space than other sheds
  • Poor instructions are difficult to follow


5. Goplus Galvanized Steel Shed

8x8 garden shed

While many of the sheds around the 8×8 size tend to shave a few inches off the total size, Goplus went the other way. They instead opted to stretch their Galvanized Steel Shed out to 8.5’x8.5’, offering a more roomy interior. Combined with the 69 inches of headroom inside, you’ve got one of the most spacious sheds of this size.

This shed is built from durable electro-galvanized steel, making it very strong and sturdy. But don’t worry, the assembly was made quite easy, thanks to the pre-cut and drilled pieces.

In fact, this one’s easier to put together than many of the other sheds because of its lightweight. It weighs just 177 pounds, whereas most of the polypropylene sheds weigh around 350 pounds. This makes the Goplus shed much more manageable for a single person to assemble.

More than just spacious and durable, the Goplus shed is also reasonably priced, so you won’t break the budget adding to your storage capabilities. But, you’ll be limited on what you can get inside.

Despite all the space, the door is pretty small at just 38 inches wide. Even the smallest riding mowers have a 42-inch cut width, making them far too wide to fit inside. This is a major bummer, especially for a shed with so much storage potential.

Another thing this shed is lacking is light. With no windows or skylights, there’s no way for natural light to enter, so you’ll need a flashlight or some electricity if you want to see in here!

Assembly Time: 6-10 hours


  • Larger than 8×8
  • Affordably priced
  • Made from strong galvanized steel


  • The door is too small for many driving machines
  • No sources of natural light


6. Lifetime 6411

8 by 8 storage sheds

Lifetime makes several sheds, and their 6411 model is another great choice. Like all Lifetime sheds, it’s backed by a 10-year limited warranty that can provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your shield will be around for the next decade at least.

This shed is crafted from steel-reinforced polyethylene that’s strong and weather-resistant. It won’t corrode, rot, or rust, and it offers great protection from wind, snow, rain, and even the sun.

You know your gear will be safe from the weather, but what about intruders? To that end, this shed has steel-reinforced doors that you can add your padlock to and make them extra secure. They’re also very wide, providing sufficient space to ride your mower inside with ease.

Inside, you’ll have plenty of floor space for that riding mower, a push mower, bicycles, and more. But for the smaller stuff, Lifetime has included some extras that multiply your available storage capacity.

With this shed, you’ll get one shelf that spans the full width of the shed. Plus, you’ll get two smaller shelves that are each 30 inches. If that’s not enough, also included are two peg strips for hanging tools and other equipment, and two corner shelves were even included to make sure that no space was wasted.

On the downside, this shed is very heavy at 445 pounds. You’ll probably need two people to assemble it just based on weight alone.

Assembly Time: 4+ hours
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Steel-reinforced polyethylene construction
  • Very secure with lockable, steel-reinforced doors
  • Includes multiple shelves and peg strips
  • Double doors open wide enough for a riding mower


  • Likely requires 2 people to assemble
  • Very heavy at 445 pounds


7. Suncast Cascade Shed

wood sheds 8x8

Another great shed from Suncast, the Cascade Outdoor Shed is a bit smaller than the other sheds on this list at just 7×7. But it still offers plenty of interior space for storing all of your gear and tools, including large compressors, riding mowers, push mowers, bicycles, and your faux Christmas tree.

To make sure that those heavier items don’t cause any damage, this shed features a heavy-duty, reinforced floor. It will handle your heaviest equipment with no qualms, even the riding mower.

Thankfully, the front door was made large enough to fit those bigger pieces of equipment. Large double doors both open up to allow nearly the entire width of the shed for entry.

Since those larger items tend to be pretty valuable, you probably want to keep them safe. Enabling you to do so, a padlock hasp is built into the doors, making it easy to add your padlock and ensure that no one can get to your belongings.

For natural light, several windows have been placed around the shed. Vents were also installed at the peaks of the roof, allowing plenty of airflow to the inside.

The biggest problem I can see with this shed is the assembly. This shed is a bit of a complicated one to put together, and you’ll need a helper at the least, though it’s recommended that you hire professional help instead.

Assembly Time: About 8 hours
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • The reinforced floor can handle your heavy equipment
  • Multiple windows for ample lighting
  • Padlock hasp lets you add security


  • Less space than other sheds
  • Hassle to assemble


8. Keter Oakland

Keter Oakland shed

With a slightly more rectangular footprint that spans 7.5’x9’, the Keter Oakland is a unique shed. Not only is it an irregular size, but it’s got a very interesting and attractive look.

Many of the polypropylene sheds attempt to mirror the look of natural wood, incorporating grains into the finish and everything. But most of them look like what they are; fake plastic wood.

The Keter Oakland, however, looks much different. It’s a resin shed, but it’s made from tongue and groove boards that look like the wood their imitating. The result is an awesome looking shed that appears to almost be a cabin rather than just a storage shed.

Though it looks like wood, you’re still getting the benefits of resin construction. This shed is much more weather-resistant than regular wood, and it won’t corrode or rust like metal. But the resin panels are steel-reinforced, making it plenty strong and sturdy for any situation.

While many of the other sheds feature panels that are entire walls, the tongue and groove boards of the Keter Oakland are much smaller. They’re manageable by a single person, but assembly is still best attempted with two or more people.

While assembling, you’ll likely come across holes that don’t quite lineup and pieces that don’t fit together as intended. This will increase the assembly time, though it’s still not a difficult build.

Assembly Time: 6-8 hours
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Looks like it’s made from natural wood
  • Offers the durability of steel-reinforced resin plastic
  • Ample storage capacity at 426 cu ft.


  • Some pieces don’t want to line up during assembly


9. LIFETIME 60042

8x8 storage shed kits

If you don’t need the full 8×8 of space for your storage shed, then the 7×7 Lifetime 60042 may be the size you’re looking for. It’s a well-built and sturdy shed, constructed from high-density polyethylene panels. For added strength, steel wall supports were added.

This shed is very weather-resistant. It won’t be affected by water since the polyethylene isn’t absorbent. It also offers protection against ultraviolet rays and the exterior will never crack or fade so it never needs to be repainted.

The floor is made from dual-walled polyethylene. It’s not reinforced with steel, but it’s still very durable. Even better, it offers a stain and slip-resistant surface that is resistant to the oil that your ATV or riding mower might leak.

To pull your riding machines inside, the front double-doors open wide to allow ample room for entry. A skylight spans the entire length of the shed at the apex of the roof, providing loads of natural interior light that illuminates the entire space.

If you decide to go with this shed, you’ll want to be aware of how difficult the assembly is. It’s not a simple project, and even if you’re very handy and have plenty of DIY experience, you’re going to need someone to help put it together. Particularly when it comes to the roof, which doesn’t want to line up properly, making its installation quite difficult.

Assembly Time: 6+ hours
Warranty: 10-year limited


  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • The floor is resistant to staining
  • Full-length skylight offers plenty of natural light


  • Only provides 7’x7’ of space
  • Roof panels don’t line up properly


10. ShelterLogic 8′ x 8′ Shed-in-a-Box

8x8 storage

If you’re looking for a non-permanent solution or just something that you can assemble in no time flat, then check out the ShelterLogic 8×8 Shed-in-a-Box. This is a unique shed that’s much different from any other shed on this list.

Rather than having solid walls, this shed features a solid metal frame with a very thick tarp that surrounds the entire thing. The frame is made from durable metal tubing that’s lightweight and easy to assemble. The entire shed weighs less than 80 pounds!

Once you get the poles set up, you need to attach the tarp to the outside of the frame. The easy-slide cross rail system makes this quick and simple, so even a single person can set this shed up with only minor difficulty.

You may think a tarp doesn’t provide the best protection, but it is completely waterproof and even offers UV protection from the sun. That said, it’s not the most durable option. Especially in climates with lots of harsh sun, the tarp is likely to breakdown and start to tear within the single year that the warranty covers.

The best thing about this shed is that you can disassemble it and reassemble it later. This makes it perfect for renters or anyone who only needs a temporary storage space.

Assembly Time: 1-3 hours
Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Very quick assembly
  • Can be disassembled and reassembled
  • Very lightweight


  • Not the most durable option
  • Doesn’t last very long in direct sunlight


How to Pick the Right 8×8 Shed for You

Now that you’ve seen some of the best 8×8 sheds you can pick from, you’ll need to narrow them down to a single choice. This can be a pretty daunting task since they all seem like great options. So, how should you make this decision?

When choosing a shed, there are several smaller decisions that can help you narrow down the field by eliminating those options that don’t fit one trait at a time. Let’s take a look at each of these important characteristics in more detail.


What do you want your shed to be made from? There are quite a few options, and this is one of the most important decisions to make.

The type of material your shed is made from will determine how it handles adverse weather, how strong it is, how quickly it can be built, how susceptible it is to corrosion and rot, and the price.

Moreover, the construction material will also determine how the shed looks. Sheds made from different materials look very different, so you may decide based primarily on the look you prefer.

There are three main materials that sheds tend to be built from today; wood, resin plastic, and metal.

The wood used to be the most common material used to build sheds. It’s still popular when used to build a shed from scratch, but wood isn’t often used for prefab sheds.

The biggest problem with wood is that it doesn’t offer great longevity prepared for other options. Wood can rot, mold, mildew, and more. It’s also a haven for critters like termites. Plus, sheds made from wood are much heavier and would be more difficult to ship and assemble.

Out of all the shed materials, wood is the one I’d least recommend. Other materials offer better longevity and protection from the elements.

Resin Plastic
Resin plastic has become one of the most popular materials for prefab sheds today. It’s very lightweight yet still extremely sturdy, making these sheds easy to assemble for one to two people.

More than just light and strong, these plastics are also very resilient. They’re essentially weatherproof, not being damaged by water, corrosion, mold, or UV rays.

These tend to be some of the more expensive sheds, but they’re also the simplest ones to put together and they often have many great features built-in.

Another popular option for pre-built sheds is metal. These sheds are very sturdy, able to withstand high winds and other inclement weather. They’re generally coated to prevent corrosion, but metal is always susceptible to corrosion, especially when introduced to water.

The metal sheds usually come pre-drilled and cut, making them pretty easy to assemble. But the pieces often weigh more than the pieces of resin shed, so the second set of hands may be necessary.

Metal sheds tend to be a bit more economical than resin sheds, generally costing less for about the same size space. However, they don’t generally have as many nice features available.

Though economically priced, they’re not the most attractive sheds. These sheds look more industrial than resin sheds and they may not look good next to every home.

Another downfall to metal sheds is that many of them aren’t able to have shelves installed inside. Some are, but not all, so you’ll need to pay attention to this if you plan on utilizing space-saving storage helpers like shelves and pegboard.

Tarp Shed
If you need a shed that’s more portable and less permanent, then a tarp shed may be worth considering. These sheds can be set up much faster than almost any other type of shed. They’re also the most budget-priced option available.

The problem with a tarp shed is that the walls are just covered in a thick tarp. This can provide plenty of protection for your stuff when it comes to weather, but it’s not going to keep out creatures or people.

These sheds are a great solution when you need a quick and cheap shed solution or a shed that’s not permanent. They’re also great when you need a shed on a small budget. But they’re not what I would personally choose for long term storage in most situations.

Assembly Time

Unless you have loads of DIY experience, assembling your shed might seem like a daunting task. To be fair, with some prefab sheds, it is. But some sheds make it very simple with easy assembly and clear instructions.

Are you going to have access to a helper? If you are assembling your shed alone, you may want to go with a resin shed since they’re some of the lightest and easiest to assemble.

If you know you have help available, then it doesn’t matter which type you choose. That said, some types of sheds are still going to take longer to build, so think about how much time you have to devote to putting your shed together.


Next, it’s time to think about the extras. There are plenty of cool features that you can be built into a shed. They may not all be necessary for you, but some of them might be pretty useful.

Shelves are one of the most important shed accessories in my opinion. They multiply the amount of available storage area in a small space like a shed, giving you several levels on which to place your items.

Obviously, your large items are going to have to stay on the ground. But all of your smaller items would take up a ton of floor space if laid out. Instead, placing them on shelves means maximizing the space you have, leaving the floor space open for those bigger pieces of gear.

Shelves don’t come in every shed, but they can be put in some that don’t include them. However, this isn’t possible with all sheds since not all sheds offer enough support in the walls. If you want shelves in your shed, either pick a shed with shelves included or at least find one that has support for shelves built-in.

Windows and Skylights

Think windows are just for the view and so your shed doesn’t need them? Think again.

Most sheds aren’t going to have electricity. So, how do you see inside? Even during the day, the back corners of a shed can be dark.

Of course, you can see everything fine if there are a few windows and skylights built-in. Thankfully, many shed manufacturers have thought of this ahead of time. If you want light inside of your shed, then you’ll need to prioritize this feature.


When looking for a way to safely store all of your excess stuff, including your large equipment, an 8×8 shed offers just the right amount of space. After thorough research, I’ve finally narrowed down the field to my favorites.

For the most storage versatility, I would recommend the Lifetime 6411. This spacious shed has wide front doors that you can ride a mower through with ease. Plus, it comes equipped with multiple shelves and peg strips, opening up your storage possibilities.
My second recommendation is the Keter Oakland. Though it doesn’t offer as many shelves and accessories as the Lifetime 6411, it does offer a lot more storage capacity. Moreover, it’s one of the most attractive sheds in my opinion, so if you want a shed that looks good while protecting your stuff, you can’t go wrong with the Oakland.

Feel free to share this article if you found it helpful. If you leave any questions or comments in the comments box below, I’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible.

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